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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Since I can't seem to sleep, I decided to post some fun pictures of Tyler that make me laugh. All of these pictures were taken in Portland. Tyler is about 1-2 months old in the pictures.

We thought it would be fun to put Jason's necklace on Tyler. He looks like a big pimp.

This picture makes me laugh. He looks like a marshmellow or something. haha.

Tyler trying to punch grandma in the face! How rude!

Tyler's hair in this picture makes me laugh. Geez, you would think we would have thought to give the poor boy a haircut!

Tyler showing the world his royal ass.

Is that mean? Cause I think it's funny!

Check out that cool do!

Haha!! Tyler is two months here. Look how big and fat he is! We were giving him a bath and I thought it would be fun to put him in this metal container!! haha...Doesn't he look thrilled?

Sometimes I think we have too much fun with him!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hello, I can't believe school will be starting soon. Ok, for those of you who don't know, my final decision was to work this year. And yes, I went back and forth on my decision a couple of million times, but alas, a decision was made and I can't turn back now.

I'm 100% confident of the person that will be watching Tyler. She is so amazing it is scary actually. I've been watching her interact with Tyler and the other kids in her care for four days now and I am totally impressed by her skills and feel so lucky to have found her. I know Tyler will be learning so much from her and that eases some of the pain of leaving him.

So in a couple of weeks, I will be back to being a working mom. I always thought that I would be a stay at home mom. Always. As a matter of fact, when I left my old school for Portland, I felt like a chapter of my life had closed. I knew I would have a baby and then I would stay home.

But,I had the baby, and isn't it weird? How the mind works? Cause after he was born, I actually wanted to work. I liked doing something outside the house, I liked having adult interaction, I liked making money. Yeah, it was hard sometimes, trying to do both things well, but it was like a challenge to me. Tired as I was, I trudged along to show myself I could work and raise a happy, growing child.

I think subconsciously I could see my mom doing in all. Raising us and working everyday. I don't remember my mom ever resting for more than a day. I don't remember the last time she went on a vacation. People tell me that she was a homemaker when I was younger, but I don't remember those days. For as long as I could remember, she worked, cooked dinner, had a clean house, and most importantly, she was an awesome mother to us.

Anyways, so back to work it is. It's true that you become a better teacher every year. Summers are great because you could reflect on what went right, what went wrong in the previous year and think of ways to change things. Looking back, I think I had a crummy year this past year. I really do. I got hired like a week before school started last year, leaving me very little time to plan. Plus, I was teaching a new grade and that always sucks cause everything is new. Also, I always had to leave so early to get home by 4:00..the time my mother in law expected me so I had very little time to breathe or do awesome things with my class.

This year, my goal is to take some time for myself. I'm not going to feel bad about working out afterschool or getting my nails done. I think mothers feel like all their time should go to the family or kids. All this year, I could never really have "my" time because that would mean that I would leave Tyler. But, I'm just going to have to get over that and realize that one more hour won't hurt him.

I think I'm babling here. It's kind of late and my mind is here and there. I miss my Brazil? I miss my Jen...fixing teeth in SF? I miss my Susan... though we talked the other day and we had a marathon phone conversation full of "deep thoughts." It's weird not to see their faces and be next to them. Sometimes the phone just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, it feels good to just let lose and go dancing until the wee hours of the night dressed in a crazy Halloween costume you know you will only wear once (Jen). Sometimes, it feels good to go dancing and end of at someones house and bang on someone elses glass table over and over (Jenn). Sometimes, I miss high school and being able to see the SAME FACES everyday (Susan). When does that ever happen? I mean, when do you get to see the same people day in and day out? Not in college. In the workplace? Maybe. But it is not the same as high school for sure.

Anyways, Tyler is so cute. I know every parent thinks that about their child. I know that. But, damn, Tyler is cute! He does these things, like give me perfect little kisses even when I don't ask for it (and I know he knows I like them). He gets this crazy look on his face when we are chasing him and looking back to make sure we're not too close. His laugh is so adorable it makes me cry. Can you imagine a laugh that makes people cry? It must be something special. And special he is. So, so special in every way. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for him. I would kill or be killed to protect my child. Ok, that might come across a little morbid, but seriously, you realize how much you could love someone else when you have a child and you realize the lengths you would go to to make sure he is happy and safe. Britney Spears was right. You need to have a child to realize the depths that your love could go. And it is different from the love you have with your spouse.

Ok, now I know I'm PMSing, rambling on and on like a crazy woman and making myself cry for no reason.

Time for sleep. Next time you check my blog, I will be my chirpy self. :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This past weekend I went to my first garage sale after reading in Pennysaver that there would be "teacher supplies." I figured that some retired teacher was trying to make some money from her old stuff. Well, I was right and I was excited to see most of the stuff there were things that I could use in my classroom. But one thing got me REALLY annoyed. None of the things on sale were marked so you had to ask this very old lady what the price was. Well, she would give me these outrageously high prices (by garage sale standards) and quote other people much lower. For example, there were this box of books. When I askd her how much, she told me $5 a book! I heard someone else ask her and she said $1 a book! For other things too. I didn't care enough to confront her. Plus, she was so old and so sweet. Jason told me to just dress down next time I go to any more garage sales. Maybe, if I ever go to one.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I bought Tyler this toy. He is suppose to take the bananas out of the bin and put it in the monkey's mouth.

I showed him what to do and I told him to sit on his chair and play with his new toy.

He enjoyed himself for a little while.

And when I looked at him again, he was trying to feed his bigger monkey! I got a good laugh.

The next thing he did was feed his frog! I thought it was so cute so I took a picture.

Tyler is wondering, "Why is my Auntie reading to me about D Day Landings?"

Here is Tyler at the mall. He was so happy with his first Happy Meal toy!

Jason got him a train set.

He had his first taste of sushi!

But he clearly preferred handrolls!

We went to Sea World again!

Tyler is learning how to drive!

Here is a picture of Kate!

I put Kate's bonnet on Tyler.

Tyler and Kate.

Tyler and Kate again.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I got summoned for jury duty for the first time today. It was a pretty interesting case. A convicted felon was arrested and charged with being in posession of a firearm. I might have even wanted to sit in the juror box just to see what it's like to be a juror. But then I would think of wasting "5-10 days" of my life in a nasty courthouse and away from Tyler, and thought made me quiver. So, basically, I did everything to get out of it when the lawyers and judge asked me questions and did my best to show bias towards the defendent. It worked and I made it out.

I found this online and it pretty much summed up my day for you.

Many jurors exit the trial process with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that they've performed their civic duty and participated in the judicial process that makes America great. Whether this is true or not, it's what the courts would have us believe. Let me make a confession to you: I feel no pride or sense of accomplishment for my two stints on a jury - only embarrassment at having my time stolen from me with no compensation given. I feel like a world-class sucker. If "performing your civic duty" turns you on, then by all means don't let me stop you. But see how far being a conscientious citizen gets you when they come to repossess your car or evict you from your apartment.
I've decided I'm never going to serve on another jury for the rest of my life, or at least until they start paying a reasonable wage. I'm serious about this. Now, I don't recommend ignoring the inital jury summons - although you might get away with it, the courts are beginning to use strong-arm tactics to force compliance. In Los Angeles, for example, violators can now be slapped with a $1500 fine, and although enforcement is reportedly spotty, it's probably not worth the risk of giving The Man ammunition to use against you. But it's the height of stupidity (or is it arrogance?) for them to think they can force someone to conscientiously serve on a jury who doesn't want to. During the voir dire (which is simply pretentious lawyerspeak for the period when the judge and lawyers question prospective jurors to determine their suitability), any of the following statements is almost sure to get your rear end booted from the jury panel. If in doubt, use more than one.

1. Tell them if either counsel makes a motion to limit or restrict certain evidence from being presented during the trial, you'll have a hard time maintaining your objectivity. Such a move will be interpreted by you as an attempt to hide the truth, and you'll be inclined to decide against the party making the motion. Since the lawyers for both sides are not really interested in determining the truth at all (not that anyone's surprised by this), but instead are trying to manipulate the jury's perception of what the truth is, such a statement is sure to drive them batty.

2. Tell them that if the law which was allegedly violated doesn't seem just to you, your conscience won't allow a guilty verdict even if the evidence proves it. Of course, this one only works in certain situations, but the judge and the prosecutor will more than likely team up to bodily heave you out the door.

3. Tell them you believe the mere fact the case has been brought to trial indicates there is sufficient evidence against the defendant to prove him or her guilty. Watch the counsel for the defense turn red and emit steam from his ears.

4. Tell them you believe the prosecution will stop at nothing to get a conviction, even if they knowingly condemn an innocent person. Cite all the death-row inmates who were later proven innocent by DNA evidence.

There are, of course, more options than just these, but you get the idea. I should caution you that it requires a bit of resolve to make such statements when you're in the hotseat. Often, the judge and lawyers will phrase their questions in the manner of "Do you possess the intelligence to decide fairly in such-and-such situation, or are you a complete idiot?" And in order to get off the panel, you'll have to boldly answer, "I, sir, am a complete idiot." This is something which is actually not easily done, particularly in front of a roomful of strangers. Also, you're bound to feel twinges of guilt when the other prospective jurors are answering questions honestly, and not trying to duck jury duty. But remind yourself that if you get stuck on a jury, hours and hours of your time will be carelessly squandered waiting around in the halls for no justifiable reason, and the only compensation they'll feel you're worth is a pittance somewhere south of the wages of a migrant farm worker. Envisioning this as your immediate future will help you to steel your nerve. Also, remember that a lot of those "conscientious" people will give helpful answers up front, but later squirm out of jury duty by consulting with the judge in private. Trust me, on the case I just finished, person after person who'd been selected for the jury "mysteriously" disappeared the next day and we learned they'd been excused in private. On that same case, one woman employed option 3 above during the questioning, while another used option 4. Both were excused. So it's your choice: feel embarrassed before a roomful of people whom you will never see again, or spend the following days/weeks/months being jerked around at the whim of the judge and trial lawyers.