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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The weather is warming up in Cali, and I am getting excited about lazy days at the beach and the park. I am all my beach chair, picnic cooler, sunscreen, beach towels, beach toys. Though I hate the sun and I loathe the sand even more I will make memories for my boys. I will, I will...

I have this love/ hate relationship with Costco. If you know me, you know I LOVE that place. I don't know what it is about that place. Maybe it's nostalgia. See, my family used to go there all the time when I was a child and it might bring back memories of childhood. Maybe it's the free samples. God knows that I like free stuff. I don't know why, but just love Costco! If I see something at Costco, I immediately think it's a deal! Man, those people have me brainwashed for sure. Like, if I see a book for Tyler at Borders and it's $5, I think twice about buying it. If I see a book for Tyler at Costco for like $10, I don't think twice- it just goes in the cart! I saw Shamwow at the mall and walked right past. At Costco, it just goes in the cart! Tubs of mayo? I just might need it one day! Cans and cans of salmon? I might be in the mood for a salmon sandwich, though I have never eaten one before! (If you ever get a gift from me and it's from Costco, please don't be offended, I just love the place!) Anyways, I also hate it because I end up spending so much money every time I go. Lately, it's been out of control. Like hundreds of dollars each visit. So, I've decided to go on a Costco diet. I'm not setting foot in that place for at least one month. I don't think I can do it so I am writing here about my Costco addiction so you guys can keep me accountable. I can do it. Thanks for your support and love and encouragement in advance. I will need it for the long, hard days ahead.

Monday, March 30, 2009

After 31 years of living with one double eyelid, I think the 2nd one has miraculously made its presence and has plans to stay. only took 31 years!

This morning, I said to Tyler, "I goofed." He asked me what that meant and I told him I made a mistake. Immediately, he asked, "Is that why Goofy's name is Goofy?" and I told him yes.

Fast forward thirty minutes. Tyler was not listening to me and, of course, I had to show him who is the boss. :) I put him in time out, which made him really mad. He yelled, "Your new name is Goofy. I change your name to Goofy. It's not Cristina anymore!" I was checking phone at the time and he yelled, "Are you calling your mom to tell her your name is Goofy now?" haha, he seriously cracks me up.

He is a sweet boy and I kind of feel bad disciplining him. But I have to remind myself that I am showing LOVE by teaching him right from wrong.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm feeling a bit better tonight. Man, that flu lasted a long time. Finally, a night without medication.

I wanted to write out our schedule here so I can read it later on. Since every week is a little bit different, this is a general schedule of what a week might look like.

9:00 Drop Tyler off
10:00-11:00 Chase class with the city
3:00 Pick Tyler up

10:00-12:00 Felicia comes over
Ikea sometimes with both the boys...they love it!
3:00-4:00 Gymboree Open Gym for both the boys

9:00 Drop Tyler off
Disneyland day with Chase when the weather is nice
3:00 Pick Tyler up

9:30-10:15 Chase class with the city
10:00-12:00 Felicia comes over
1:00-3:00 Tyler goes to Gymboree School Skills program, Chase and I go shopping during this time

9:00 Drop Tyler off
9:15 Mom's group at NewSong
1:00 Chase's Gymboree Class
3:00 Pick Tyler up

We're still trying to go to free art at Lakeshore
2:00-3:00 Gymboree Open Gym for both the boys

Church, sometimes Disneyland with Daddy

I'm looking forward to April. It should be a pretty quiet month. I won't believe it till we are in the air, but we're still planning on going to Korea sometime the end of April. It just doesn't seem real because we haven't gotten our passports and I don't think we even have our tickets yet.

Happy Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend!

What should I do with this pasta scooper in my hands?

Oh, I know! I'll use it as a back scratcher like my daddy does!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is a video of Tyler reading some words. He knows all his sounds and can put most words together by sounding it out or just guessing if the word cannot be read phonetically. Lately, he has been trying to read some books on his own. I'll try to post some more later because I am a proud mama! ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My boys eating their favorite....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here is the link to Jen and Vinh's December wedding. Honestly, I was kind of worried about how the pictures would turn out because the photographer was so dang young, but I had nothing to worry about because, as you will see, the pictures came out amazing. It truly captures the day... Jen looks gorgeous, and Jen and Vinh look so happy. All the pictures are great, but my favorite pic of us is in the beginning where I am fixing her veil. (A close second would be pics of Jen and her father.)

It meant so much to me to be part of their wedding day. I can't believe that Jen and I were RANDOMLY selected to share a room our freshman year (I emphasize random because it always amazes me that it was by complete chance and my good luck that we were roommates. It's like a blind date that ends up in marriage or something!). I've learned so much from her and my life would not have been the same without her in it the last 13 years.

Ok, so don't laugh at me because I know that I have to go to WeightWatchers (Give me a break! I have two young kids at home!) but just enjoy the pics. :)

I'm still sick. Wow...This is the first time I've gotten sick in over two years.

My favorite trend of the moment? LEGGINGS!! Can anything be more comfortable to wear? I LOVE leggings! Just throw a long shirt on to cover up my ghetto booty and fat thighs and I'm good to go! ;) Jeans are so overrated! They are not comfortable at all, especially with the low rise jeans that show your butt crack whenever you sit down! Anyways, I just have to do a shout out to leggings because I am so lucky they are back in style when I am in full time mommy mode. Most comfortable and stylish... LOVE IT!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been sick for the last two days. I mean, really sick, like shivers and chills going through my body even with five huge blankets on top of me. Not. fun. I think I'm a bit better today. Thank God.

I just wanted to share two things Tyler said recently.

1. I asked Tyler to finish this sentence, "Tyler loves...." and he said trains of course. Then I asked him "Chase loves..." and he responded bubbles. (Yes, Chase does love bubbles!) Then I said, "Daddy loves..." and he said Thai food. (Yes, that is true, too!) and then I said, "Mommy loves..." and he said "Alone time." I aked him what that was and he said, "When you have mommy time and you are alone." The funny thing about this is I rarely ask for mommy time or alone time, possible like once every two months if that, so it's not like he hears those phrases a lot. I guess he remembered it from the few times I asked for it and he picked up that I love it! ;) I just had a laugh at that. Yes, I do love my alone time! I wish I could get more of it! Actually, the past two day, I got the most alone time in the last three years because I was so sick!

2. At Tyler's party, he hung out most of the time with this girl name Natalie. After the party, I asked him if Natalie was his friend and he said, "Natalie is...." and stopped himself by covering his mouth with both his hands so the words wouldn't come out. I asked him what he wanted to say and he said that he didn't want to tell me. I really had to coax him to tell me. I thought he might say that Natalie is my girlfriend, but when he finally spoke, he said sheepishly, "Natalie is beautiful." Awww...that was so cute. It's the first time he has said sometime like that about someone outside our family. I wanted to write it down so I don't forget it. Later that night, I told Jason and the first thing out of his mouth? "Thank God he's not gay." Men!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some pictures from Tyler's party yesterday. (Sorry! It's in reverse order.)

Friday, March 13, 2009

To my dear dear Tyler,

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe that four years have flown by since you were born. Did I ever tell you what my first words were when I saw you? I told Daddy, "He is so cute. He looks just like you." You are the most amazing boy that a mother could ask for.

You are so funny, sweet, and good natured. You crack us up with everything you say. Yesterday, I asked you for my cell phone and you brought me your play cell phone and said jokingly, "You could use this. It works." haha. You little rascal! You are so cuddly and I love hugging you and being next to you more than anything.

Sometimes, you are just SO sweet that I am actually amazed! When we were in Palm Springs, it started to rain and you couldn't go swimming like we had promised you. I knew you would be disappointed because you were looking forward to it and I was worried about how you would react. Guess what you said? "That's ok. We can go swimming next time when it isn't raining." I was so proud of you!

When we tell you it's bedtime, you go into your room almost immediately. If you ask for a couple more minutes to play, we tell you that you will get five more minutes. After the minutes are up, you never ask for more. You know that was our deal and you go to your room. I always think that is amazing! When I ask you to brush your teeth, you NEVER whine about it. You just do it immediately. When I ask you to turn off the tv, you do! I think you are just the most amazing boy ever!

I never want to be away from you. You might have seen my previous post when I said that I want to homeschool you and Chase. Well, I'm not sure if this will ever happen but guess why I want to? Because I NEVER want to be away from my boys! I think it would be so sad that you two are away from me for most of the day. I just want to spend every second with you two... to see you two grow and learn is the best thing ever.

Tomorrow is your first big birthday party and you are so excited. Before you went to bed tonight, you said that you would wake me up by saying, "Wake up, mommy! Wake up, mommy!" (like Sarah and Julie from To Grandmother's House We Go) and I laughed. You asked if you would have to share all your new presents with Chase and when I said yes, you just pumped your arms and said, "I just knew it!"

Tyler, I love you more than anything. The last five years have been the best years of my life. (I say five years, because my life was changed from the moment I found out I was pregnant.) I couldn't have dreamed of two more perfect boys to call my sons and I thank God every single day for you two.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have an amazing day, one that you will remember forever. Alway remember that Mommy and Daddy love you and Chase more than anything.


I'm considering homeschooling the boys. Is that a crazy idea? Our society makes homeschooled families into such weirdos but the more I think and read about it, it totally makes sense. I don't think I know the curriculum past elementary so I would stop when they reached junior high! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks guys for voting! I've already spent the $500 in my head so I hope I win the prize! ;)

I am so mad at myself right now. I went to Disneyland with Chase today (Sorry, is important!)and I totally forgot to put on sunscreen! Oh, I hate myself! If the sun isn't burning hot on my face, I apparently forget that it exists. It was a cooler day today and I brought sunscreen in Chase's diaper bag and forgot to put it on. Now I am red and burnt! Might was well put a huge sign my on face that reads, "Welcome wrinkles and aged leathery skin. Come on over anytime!" Just so frustrated at myself!

Which reminds me. Do you know anyone who wears makeup one day and none the next? Does it confuse you? Like, you sometimes wonder who the person is. She makes you do a double take, and think "Woah, so that's what that girl looks like without makeup! I thought it was another person! Scary!" Let me tell you a story from college. In college, there was this one girl who wore tons and tons of makeup every day. Let's call her Elizabeth. One time this guy went over to her apartment, saw this lady with no make up on the couch. He looked at Elizabeth's roommate and asked her why Elizabeth's MOM was sitting on the couch and the roommate yelled, "THAT'S ELIZABETH!" So, this story proves that makeup can have transforming powers, right? With that said, I think people should be pretty consistent in the way/amount they wear their makeup. Are we in agreement? Well, I know this one girl who wears full on make up one day and not a lick of it the next day, and she is always confusing the heck out of me! I will tell you who it is and about this girl tomorrow (ooh...the suspense.) hehe.

Tyler is sitting next to me right now. He just asked me, "Mommy, do you want to watch the shopping confession again right now?" He is the joy of my life. I just read what I wrote out loud to him and he is singing "hip hip hooray!" :) We went to the doctors for his 4 years old check up and he was able to read all his letters for his eye test with confidence. So silly, but it made me so proud. Today after his art class, he waited patiently for Chase's Gymboree class to finish. I was so surprised at how good he was, we ate ja ja myun (black bean noodles, his favorite) for dinner. I know it's so bad, but he really loves the stuff! (Plus, I didn't want to make dinner!)

Gotta go. Tyler really wants to watch the shopping confession video!!
Write more tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please tell all your friends and family to vote for my video!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

I am getting some phony comments posted here. That's really annoying. I guess that is what I get for posting my website address on someone's fb wall. I knew that I shouldn't have! That's what I get for semi-"publicizing" my site against my own good sense.

Anyways, I just thought I would share two things today.

When Tyler was toilet training, I bought him some Thomas underwear and I told him that we did not want to get Thomas wet or dirty. Oh my, you wouldn't believe how fast this did the trick (cause of course, he LOVES Thomas!)! Of course, he still made had some mistakes, but I could see he was truly motivated. If he got himself dirty, I would hold the Thomas underwear up showing Thomas's face and say in a very animated voice something like, "Hi Tyler, that's ok, try next time. If you have that feeling you have to go pee or poo, tell your mommy right away." He would laugh. And then, if he stayed dry, I would hold up Thomas and make a huge deal about it. I would hold the underwear up again and as if Thomas was talking again, I would say, "Tyler I am so proud of you! You are a big engine! You kept me nice and clean!" He would feel so proud! Anyways, since he didn't want to get his beloved Thomas dirty, I think this really motivated him to use the toilet. Just one more mommy trick! :)

Another thing has to do with brushing his teeth. Once I was telling him about the tooth fairy and he got really excited that the tooth fairy would come visit him one day and leave some money for him under his pillow. I told him the usual; you know, lose a tooth, put it under the pillow, wake up, collect the money. He loved it! But I decided to take it another step. I told him that if the tooth fairy sees a clean, shiny, tooth with no cavities, he would get something really special- possibly a train. And if the tooth fairy gets a rotten tooth with bugs and cavities on it, he would only get a penny. Ever since then, he has been so motivated to brush his teeth! Sometimes, he even begs me to brush his teeth! I think this is so clever, if I say so myself! I don't understand why it isn't a part of the tooth fairy legend! All parents should add this when they tell their children about the tooth fairy! :)

Well, I hope you guys are doing well. I tried to post some more pics up on the site. Ya like? :) What's going on here? Um, I'm already my children's chauffeur. I take them here and there. haha.

Oh, which reminds me. I got this book, Raising Boys, from the library. To be completely honest, the title is The Idiots Guide to Raising Boys. haha, how fitting. Anyways, I didn't actually go to the library to get this book. I was getting Confessions of a Shopaholic (loved it!) and this happen to stick out when I was walking by the aisles. And hey, getting the book doesn't cost not a single penny so I borrowed it! So, I came home and looked through it and it got me so sad! Number one, I realized that I am ill equipped to raise boys! I don't know about how they build relationships by "doing activities" (What? No sipping coffee at a cafe and chatting?) and that "teasing" is part of boyhood (I would cry!). Huh? Number two (and this was a shocker to me!). Boys start puberty when they are 10! Oh my god, Tyler is already 4! I only have six more years with him before he starts pushing me out of his bedroom and asks for more privacy!! What am I going to do! Now that I know this, I actually think about it once in awhile throughout my day and each moment I spend with him seems more precious. So sad! I think I told Jason (either Jason or Tyler, not quite sure, but it makes more sense that it was Jason) about my fears, Tyler heard me and said, "Mommy, I will still hug you when I am 10." Ah, my cutie pie.