Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving is over. Some family members came over and we feasted on turkey, ham and all the trimmings until we all felt like overstuffed turkeys ourselves.

Finally, after much anticipation, my family went to watch Elf last night and it ended up being a big disappointment. All, and I mean all, the funny scenes were on the previews. This one could definitely have waited until it was on cable.

After 7 years of crystal clear vision thanks to Lasik, my eyes are getting exponentially worse. It’s happening so quickly, I could actually see the week to week progression, if you could believe that. Two days ago I went to workout, and I couldn’t see my own face staring back at me. Not that my bloated, huffing puffing, cherry red face would have been a sight to see, but it was very upsetting nonetheless. I mean, I was at the exact spot I was at just months ago! Very very upsetting.

So, I thought we were going shopping today, but everyone is still sleeping! I am hungry and want to raid the frig for leftovers but the little ones are sleeping downstairs and I don’t want to wake them up! What is a girl to do? Can’t go shopping. Can’t even eat!

I am thinking of going to Europe during my winter break (again!…Not “again”….like GO again, but “again”…like THINKING about it again.). Anyway, the only thing holding me back is the temperature during this time of year. If it is too cold, I know I will spend all the time indoors, frightened to go outside, complaining that it is too cold. Nah, maybe it is better if I hold off until the summer.

I’ve been pretty restless lately. I feel like I should take some classes. I want to read, learn something, write a paper...something. Now that I am out of school, I want to be back in school! The grass is always greener....

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2003

Susan's party was a blast and the "ambiance" was beautiful, if I do say so myself. Her turkey was muy delicioso and all the other side dishes were so great that it inspired me to get my lazy ass into the kitchen and make something this Thursday.

Susan's friends are soooo great. They are some of the best people I know. Seriously. They never fail to be encouraging, to make me laugh, and make me think that all is right with this world.

Then, on Sunday I hung out with Kelly, someone I have not seen in ages, but was reunited through good ol' friendster. We had dim sum. Dim sum never fails to amaze me- so so good, yet so so so cheap at the same time.

On Sunday, I also watched Lost in Translation. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend it. It's a little slow throughout, but hits you smack in your heart at the end. I was near tears. It made me think of being in Korea, having to leave, finding special qualities in someone that you know in your heart would never work out at the end, and definitely reconfimed my belief that NO MAN should ever go away on a "business trip" or "conference" without his woman by his side. Watch it and let me know what you think.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Susan is having some precooking jittters about cooking her bird and I wanted to give her some public encouragement!! You can dooooo it! Yes you can! You can do it! Believe you can!

That reminds me: "Be aggresive. Be be aggressive! b-e-a-g-g-r.... how do you spell it again?"

On occasion in the past, I would tell my mom that I would just die if I couldn't have children. She would tell me to stop saying such horrid things and be a level headed girl. Well, I've always wanted a big family and just the thought of not being able to have children would bring tears to my eyes. However, lately, it has occurred to me that if I couldn't have my own children, I would know that that would be in God's hands and I would adopt without hesitation or any remorse. This is a 180 degree change from before. Praise God!

I am having my first Thanksgiving meal today (courtesy of Susan and company!). It is sort of a potluck but since I can't make one good dish, I told Susan that I would bring the "ambiance." I hope that my candles and golden birch branches will look good!

I went to the Glendale Galleria today and they were having this fragrance party at Nordstorms. Well, servers were walking around handing out chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple cider in champagne flutes. I thought it was pretty cool.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

The squeals heard around the world. Or, at least from Jen's apartment.

Last night, five girls gathered to watch the finale of The Bachelor. It was too much for Weikuo to bear and he had to leave the apartment. haha. I have to say that I hate Bachelor Bob. I loathe him. I can't believe that he would completely fool a girl into thinking that she could be the one and then dump her on national television. I know that the other bachelors and Trista did this as well, but I felt that Bob was the worst. He was totally making out with the girl the night before he dumped her. What an complete F-er.

Well, I can't wait for the tell-all show tonight.
And Trista and Ryan's wedding next week!
(dude, I need to get a life, for sure.)

Happy Birthday Susan! I can't wait for this Saturday! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

This morning, I was driving to LA on 5 South and had to switch lanes. I looked in my side mirrors and saw that it was all clear, signalled and went in. Then, the car behind me starts honking at me. It wasn't just like a you-cut-me honk, it was a you-ran-over-my-first-born-and-you-are-going-to-pay honk. Scared the shit out of me. After awhile, I was getting pissed and I just wanted him to stop. I didn't know what to do, so I ...gave him the finger. I am not proud of my juvenille actions, but damn. Well, I tried to get away by switching lanes, but he caught up to me and starting screaming and giving me the finger. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but his face looked like he would be ring my neck if he could. I was a little scared and let out nervous laughter which I think pissed him off more. Damn, the roads are a dangerous place.

Moral: Everyone, be safe out there.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Is it just me or does "Hey ya" by Outkast sound like a cheesy, happy go lucky Korean song?

I saw Jen last night and she told me that I look "more asian," like someone on the cover of an "Asian magazine." I think she is right. It should tell me something when the only people who like my new do is all older: my mom, the dude, Jason's mom, and Jason's older sister. Hmm... I'm glad hair grows.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

I got my hair done yesterday. Don't be shocked when you see me. It is really dark and I have bangs. It looks like I am wearing a wig but I'm not. I'm scared to go to school tomorrow and hear the brutal honest comments from my kids. "It's ugly, Ms Park!"

I am doing the laundry right now and I just realized that I accidently used chloride beach instead of regular detergent. (Don't ask.) I am scared to see what comes out when the wash is done. Stupid, stupid me. If my new pink pajamas turn into tie-dyed pajamas, I am just going to die.

You know what excites me? Like, really excites me. When I am watching TV or a movie, and I see places that I've been before. You know what I mean. You're watching Blind Date, or Mismatched (the new show with Alicia Silverstone), Terminator 3, or any other show, and you see a place where you stood, or sat, or passed makes me feel cool to live in LA- just a little.

Yesterday, when I was getting my hair done, I ran into an old high school friend who was getting married that day!! How exciting. It reminded me of little moments that we had shared and I couldn't believe how much time has passed.

Christmas is coming! I really want to watch Elf, but I am waiting until December so I could feel even more Christmasy.

Ok, I just checked my laundry. My pjs were fine, but my new black pants wasn't so lucky. Another casualty from my attempts to be domestic. rats.

Friday, November 14, 2003

I am a "big spoiled brat" by most accounts and I am fighting the urge to walk across the street to get a caramel machiatto. Truely, it is a hard battle to be won. It's not that I don't think I shouldn't indulge myself to a cup of coffee now and then, but I am trying to reprogram myself to understand that I just can't always get what I want when I want it. Food, books, clothes, and junk. And of course, that includes getting my way. Someone once told me that my motto is "It's my way or the highway." Was kind of funny at the time and we let out big ol' laughs, but now I am thinking that is a horrible motto to live by.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Veterans' Days. No school. Perfect weather. It all adds up to one thing- shopping! Lately, I must confess, I've been shopping a lot. Like every chance I get, I want to go to the mall. I have these long spells of not going shopping at all, then I go crazy and want to go all the time. I don't know why, but, unlike me, I'm really excited that Christmas is coming up and I feel I need to get an early start on picking the perfect gifts! Usually, I hate the whole hustle and bustle of it, but this year, I have succumbed to the Christmas spirit! So, off I go...

Happy Birthday Cher!! I have your gift but I will have to hold onto it till later... Hope you have an awesome one!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

So, reading Susan's most recent post, we did the same thing last night. No, not studying...we both watched The Bachelor! And I must agree with her that it is pretty obvious that Kelly Jo will be the last women standing. And, I must also boast that I predicted this the very first night when all twenty five women first arrived a the villa. (Jen is my witness!) I will be pretty shocked if it isn't Kelly Jo, but The Bachelor has never failed to shock me before, so maybe it won't be. In any case, I am excited for the weeks to come!!

I miss watching TV with Jen by my side. It is much more fun to scream, yell, and cry with someone next to you who shares the same emotions while watching a show together. And, I can't quite get Jason to join in my excitment over The Bachelor. Well, we should all get together for the season finale, and make it a estrogen filled night! (Comparable to Super Bowl for the men!)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Rainy day schedule. Which only means one thing- heads up, seven up! I use to love it as a child. Now, I think it must be the most annoying game ever. All the kids cheat and peek when they shouldn't. They whine when they are not picked. Students lie and say that they have been picked when they haven't been. Urgh.

Funny how students act like they've never seen rain before when they are at school. You should see them screaming and running in the rain like it is the best thing on earth.

This weekend was packed. Family time. Jason time. Jason's family time. It went all too fast.

On Friday, Jason didn't have any candy at home for trick or treaters so we handed out trail mix bars. Don't know if the kids were happy, but at least they got something..and it was healthy!

I also went shopping with my mom and bought the best pajamas and socks to help me through this cold weather. It was pricey but my mom knew it would pay off not having to hear me whine about the cold!

Hope you have a great week! I am so excited that Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner!