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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this cracked me up!!! love conan! i actually think the song friday is catchy! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

some pics that i finally uploaded from my camera. tyler and his bff, conner.

tyler and chase visiting grandma and grandpa. we told tyler to go upstairs and get dressed and he came down in this suit. he said he wanted to dress "fancy" that day. :) oh, and that was the day he combed his hair so he could look like clark kent.

redondo beach with grandparents. crab and's the best, isn't it?

i'm ready to eat crab now!

in palm springs. they loved their superman and batman drinks!

this pic to show the world that i have eyelashes now! so amazing! hehe.

in palm springs, we were at this starbucks and we got hushed by an old grandpa sitting next to us. it's not like the boys were being loud at all! we were just sitting, eating and talking, but i guess he didn't want any noise at all while he read his newspaper. if he did it one more time, i had a whole speech ready to tell him off!

while daddy was at conference working hard, we were at chuck e cheese!

chase at the park.

tyler with his t-ball team. how cute are they?

practices are always fun.

tiara cookie from lily's party. it was too cute to eat!

almost every friday, chase and i go to this sushi place so i asked the waiter to take a pic of us. chase, do you remember coming here with mommy? don't tell tyler because he is in school! :)

the boys with their presents for tyler's birthday. it's a responsibility chart! haha...i give them the worst gifts. did i tell you guys that i gave the boys a working vacuum for christmas? it's the best gift ever!

cupcake in the morning for chase. do you see that tall boy is tyler's class? found out he is 7 1/2 years old. this picture was taken when tyler was 5!

i love him! actually, this picture look a lot like me when i was little.

i love how it looks like chase is missing some teeth!

tyler's 6th birthday. poor guy. he was sick and had a fever. you could tell on his face that he was a little miserable.

thank you auntie jenn for my giraffe! i love it! seriously, can you believe that huge thing got delivered in a box to our front door. i wish i recorded chase's reaction when he opened the box. it was a squeal of delight. he loves it, jenn! and tyler loves all his superman stuff!

Monday, March 21, 2011

this song has been getting a lot of play lately. it's really beautiful and the words, "children get older and i'm getting older too." really hits home, cause ain't that the truth? anyways, just think this is a beautiful song.

now, i'm going to force myself to sleep!

oh, i just figured out why i can't go to sleep..chocolate ice cream...wretched caffeine!

oh, i can't go to sleep. i'm going to be hurting tomorrow!

what a beautiful song. video is alright, but was the cleavage totally necessary?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

as you can see, i am a little bummed about this dreary weather and have been doing "work" online (aka. go on facebook, watch  pointless youtube videos and write in here!)

i love jon cryer's response to charlie sheen calling him a troll. i just like it when people use humor! in a tense situation, laugh people!

i usually never post pics of jason at work, but i thought this pic came out really nice. jason is currently doing robotic thyroidectomy at uci. i really wish jason told me he was taking this pic so i could have ironed his dang scrubs! his wrinkled scrubs just yells "bad wife!"

so today, my gym didn't have a zumba class so i just tried just a regular cadio class this morning....BORING! it was so 1980's with "grapevine....hamstrings..." all to boring cardio music. i was waiting for jane fonda to come out in a leotard!

a funny thing that i've heard people say:

(looking at a picture)
"oh, wow. you look so, so, so, so good in this picture!" (with a voice of amazement)


"it doesn't even look like you." (with a voice of complete honesty)

hahaha, isn't that just rude?!

Friday, March 18, 2011

after five long years, i finally joined a gym and i'm trying to work out regularly. i joined an all woman gym and i absolutely love it. i would NEVER go back to a regular gym again- it's so comfortable being around all women. i think i'm starting to become a zumba addict. it is so much fun. i was looking for some zumba videos on youtube so i could share one for those of you who might not be familiar with it. it's like a combination of dancing and cardio. the hour goes by so fast and, seriously, it's so much fun. if you haven't tried it, you should! :)

this video made me laugh because the comments that people left were kind of funny (just watch the girl in the white tank and green capris, and you can guess what most of the comments were about). missed my class this morning but can't wait for the next class!

here is chase when he put his underwear outside his pants and said he was superman!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's so funny. i'm so tired when the boys are awake, but bam! once they are asleep, i usually get second wind and i get this sudden surge of energy! so weird, right?

just wanted to write down some stuff that i don't want to forget.

- on this one particular day, i was praying out loud for tyler before school. chase told me to pray for him too. i asked him what for and he said, "for my yellow teeth." haha...

- chase put a smile on my face when he said to me the other day, "mommy, i'm a big boy now. why do i still have chubby cheeks?" :)

- we were in the car listening to some sad song on the radio and tyler said, "mommy, is this taylor swift?" i said no, and he said, "oh, i thought she was singing it to jake." and then i realized that he had seen some old covers of my us magazines!

- i was hugging tyler on his 6th birthday and he said, "mom, you are a good mommy."i asked why and he said, "cause you always give me hugs and kisses."

- tyler said to me the other day that he was "sorry about your stomach." i said why and he said that he kicked me so much when he was in my tummy and that made my tummy "ugly." then he continued, "i told daddy to fix it and he said he would later, but i think he was just tricking me and he thinks that we will just forget about it."

- chase ran out of his room with his underwear outside his pants and said he was superman. you know how superman kind of looks like he is wearing underwear outside his tights? then chase told me that i needed to buy him red underwear.

- chase and i do this "cheek to cheek." we touch cheek to cheek and then we kiss and then we touch cheek to cheek on the other side. we just rock our faces back and forth! :)

- chase is reading fairly well now! i am so proud of the little booger!

- tyler says his favorite thing to do right now is soccer.

-i'm telling myself that the next 6 months is ALL about swimming. i am putting most of our activities to the side and concentrating all my efforts in taking them to the pool. i hope tyler is completely swimming by the end of the summer!

- i told tyler the other day that i can't wait till he can do everything by himself. i listed some things he'll be doing when he is older. then, he thought and said, "but you need to tuck me in forever. even when i am married, you have to tuck me in every night." i thought that was so cute that i made him repeat it while i recorded him. i'm going to have to show his wife one day!

- chase's favorite song is "hush little baby."

- i love watching chase eat. something about the way his chews his food reminds me of a little bear cub.

- tyler's current obsession- horses! he LOVES horses. he wants coloring pages of horses, reads only books about horses, wanted a horse theme birthday party. man, when tyler likes something, he is kind of obsessive about it!

- tyler was sick on his 6th birthday. poor guy. promised him a big 7th birthday party. tyler, did you like your two presents from mommy and daddy??  remember what they were? a responsibility chart and a collection of horses!

they are just the cutest. tyler's smile melts my heart and the way chasey talks always makes me happy.

MY favorite thing to do in the whole world is to hold them and touch their beautiful cheeks to mine. will they really grow so big one day that they will cringe at my hugs? oh, i'll be so sad when that day comes. boys, please don't let that day ever come.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

we had three bushes stolen from in front of our house! what is this world coming to?! for those of you who didn't know, jason loves his plants and is inconsolable. he swears he will have surveillance cameras installed by the end of this month. don't really  know what that will do. so what if we have something like that on camera and we take it to the police? what would they do? waste their time searching for the plant stealing bandit? i'm sure they have bigger things to worry about, honey.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mature people truths

Mature people truths

it is 3:00 and can't go to sleep. this list cracked me up!

i haven't had coffee since my detox a couple of weeks ago. i'm not craving it but i really do want to drink some! i know i shouldn't cave in, but i really like drinking coffee!!! something about it makes me feel all warm and cozy.

thought i would post the boy's current schedule so the boys could see what they did at this age. i really feel like a chaffeur half the day!

3:15- 4:15 chase my gym
3:30-4:30 tyler sports class
4:30-5:00 both boys swimming
5:20-5:50 tyler piano

4:10 tyler jiujitsu
5:00 tyler t-ball practice or game while chase plays at the park

3:15-4:15 chase my gym
3:30-4:30 tyler chess
4:30-both boys swimming

4:10 tyler jiujitsu

( 8:30-12:00, i consider MOMMY time. i look forward to this every week.)
10:00-12:00 chase art class
3:00-5:00 chase at gymboree school skills
3:15-5:15 tyler art class

9:00 tyler jiujitsu
10:30 tyler's t-ball games about the begin
11:00-12:00 chase sports class

Friday, March 04, 2011

some picture of the boys from my cell phone. chase at my gym. whee!!!!

both the boys had ear infections and daddy had to take a look. here is my chasey, laughing at any dicomfort or pain.

 here is my tyley. his true feelings show on his face.

tyler on a lunch date with momma. isn't he looking like a big boy now?

i had a really bad day today. it started off great. today is my day off so i got to work out in the morning, drop chase off at a preschool art class, came home to clean up the house quietly on my own. it was near perfect. then a friend asked if she could borrow some of the boys' snow clothes to go up to the mountains. of course, i told her. i had to leave at 11:00 to pick chase up and so i told her i would put everything outside my house before i left. i packed everything that i thought she could CHOOSE from- jackets, fleeces shirts, - i mean, things that they still wear now on a daily basis. then, i packed all of my own winter gear for her. she hadn't asked for this, but i figured she might want to wear a new outfit on the slopes. all in all, it took three huge bags of mittens, gloves, hats, three pairs of snowshoes, etc. i slapped a note on it for her and i put it outside my door without a inkling of hesitation- not one.

i picked up chase and we went to target and to eat lunch. all of a sudden, i got a phone call from my friend at 1:00 asking where the stuff was. i told her it was right in front of my house. she told me it wasn't there. oh my god, it dawned on me that someone had stolen hundreds of dollars worth of my stuff right outside my door. what a fool i am. i mean, let me repeat that i did not have ONE second of hesitation to put it there. who in their right mind would take something off someone else's front door, especially with  a note on the very top that read, "to________."

it could be worse. i know. it's all just stuff and stuff can be replaced, but i've been numb the whole entire day. partly, i can't believe that it didn't even cross my mind that someone other than my friend would take the stuff and partly because i'm so upset at the world. are there people like that- really? i mean, really really? come one, not here, right? takes something like this to make you think that not everyone is good, which in my heart, i want to believe so, so bad.