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Friday, March 04, 2011

i had a really bad day today. it started off great. today is my day off so i got to work out in the morning, drop chase off at a preschool art class, came home to clean up the house quietly on my own. it was near perfect. then a friend asked if she could borrow some of the boys' snow clothes to go up to the mountains. of course, i told her. i had to leave at 11:00 to pick chase up and so i told her i would put everything outside my house before i left. i packed everything that i thought she could CHOOSE from- jackets, fleeces shirts, - i mean, things that they still wear now on a daily basis. then, i packed all of my own winter gear for her. she hadn't asked for this, but i figured she might want to wear a new outfit on the slopes. all in all, it took three huge bags of mittens, gloves, hats, three pairs of snowshoes, etc. i slapped a note on it for her and i put it outside my door without a inkling of hesitation- not one.

i picked up chase and we went to target and to eat lunch. all of a sudden, i got a phone call from my friend at 1:00 asking where the stuff was. i told her it was right in front of my house. she told me it wasn't there. oh my god, it dawned on me that someone had stolen hundreds of dollars worth of my stuff right outside my door. what a fool i am. i mean, let me repeat that i did not have ONE second of hesitation to put it there. who in their right mind would take something off someone else's front door, especially with  a note on the very top that read, "to________."

it could be worse. i know. it's all just stuff and stuff can be replaced, but i've been numb the whole entire day. partly, i can't believe that it didn't even cross my mind that someone other than my friend would take the stuff and partly because i'm so upset at the world. are there people like that- really? i mean, really really? come one, not here, right? takes something like this to make you think that not everyone is good, which in my heart, i want to believe so, so bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear. It was probably just a random act of badness from a passerby. Probably one of those people that leave flyers on your front door. Ugh. Shady. I wish I could ID the foo' for you so that me and Jason can Brazilian jujitsu his butt.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Brady's Dad said...

Oh that was me that left the last comment btw. See you tomorrow @ R's bday party.

8:55 PM  
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