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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

there are so many advantages to homeschooling. i see it, yes, but i'm to scared to take the plunge. if i homeschooled, i would spend all my days doing what i love best- leisurely teaching and learning with my boys, NOT scrambling to find time to get everything done. what would my day look like? wake up, make a quiet breakfast, do house chores together, read together, do "school" which would only take about an hour and a half, look up an recipe online to make for dinner, go to local farmers market to pick up fresh ingredients, make dinner together, work on learning a foreign language, go play at the park, take sports lessons from  a professional, practice piano- which we never have time to do now, and so much more. i imagine my days would be so relaxed and less hectic and we would spend time as a family.

right now, i have so many things i want to do with the boys and so many things i want them to experience.  after i pick tyler up from school, we get home on average about 3:00 and he is in bed at 7:00 to read until 7:30. that doesn't leave much time at all for anything extra. basically, we can do one extra activity and homework- that's about it. plus, after a full day at school, he is so tired that i don't get the "best" of him.

where do parents find time to do things with their kids when they are in school most the day?! i'm trying to figure this out.


Blogger Christine said...

you're such a born teacher! you can just tell how passionate you are about teaching.

10:34 AM  

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