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Thursday, February 10, 2011

another day cooped up at home. me and the boys. my mom was suppose to come and help me out but i thought that if there is even the slightest risk of her getting sick, i shouldn't have her come into this germ infested home. i mean, i feel horrible. why would i want her to feel this way?

so, tyler is watching a superman movie downstairs. chase is on the computer and i'm here on the laptop. not usual for all of us to be doing different things but at least there seems to be some calm and order in the house!

here are some of my random thoughts this morning:

1. so richard read yesterday's post and texted me the sweetest message this morning about how my body needs rest. he is completely right. the first week jason was gone for the philippines, i was on a one woman mission to do everything. on top of our already crazy schedule, i joined a gym and i intended on using it as much as possible. so for that first week, after the kids left from my school, i would pick tyler up, get home around 2:30, have afternoon snack, do homework, do one or two extra activities or lessons per day usually lasting one hour, get my ass to the gym while the boys hung out at kids club over there, come home, get something together for the boys to eat (or get something on the way home) and eat, baths, sleep, plan for the next day. really, i was exhausted, but like i said, i was on a mission. it went like this for that first week- every day. i knew the boys were tired. heck, i was tired but i just trotted along, planning my days to the last minute and rushing about every second of the day.

and then, come this week- doctor appointments. ER visit. baths at room temperature. wrapping the boys in ice. meds. snot. vomit. more meds. it hasn't been fun. just my body telling me to slow it down, for my sake and, by golly goodness, the boys' sake.


Blogger Christine said...

aww, hope you and the kids are feeling better! you told me your mom was coming so i didn't bring over dinner! you should've told me she wasn't anymore! tell me how the cleanse is. i hate coconut water!

3:28 PM  

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