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Thursday, February 03, 2011

i was just putting chase to bed and he said something that made me laugh. made me want to come on here so i could write it down.

chase is just naturally funny. i'm sure everyone thinks that about their kids, but i think chase is just a funny kid. his facial expressions, the way he tilts his head and moves his hands to talk remind me of an old man. tonight, when i was tucking him into bed, i was reminding him that he has to call me to wipe his butt after he goes poo (because he tried to do it himself today and it wasn't pretty). he said, ok mommy...but mommy...but mommy.... and i said, yes. and he said , why are you talking to me when i am so tired. the way he said it....just like an old man, made me laugh.

earlier today, he was crying and i was holding him in my arms. he looked into my eyes and abruptly stopped crying. he said, i see my shadow in your eyes! :) and laughed and laughed. man, kids are soooo cute.

tyler wants everything he has to have protein in it. he heard somewhere you need protein to build muscle. since he wants to be exactly like superman, this is a big deal to him right now. he will check the nutritional facts on everything and if it doesn't have protein, forget about it! he even made me buy, "eat brownies, get muscles." they are brownies that have extra protein in them. thought the name was so brownies, get muscles! catchy! have you seen it at costco? i have NOOO idea why i got this for him. the only thing i can think of is that i was a weak, tired mom at that moment and didn't have the energy to fight with a almost six year old in the middle of costco.

man, i was just thinking of this one family who started at my daycare when I first started and sent their two children to me. i don't know...i was just thinking that i am REALLY thankful that they trusted me and believed in me. i mean, when you come to someones house and they say, "i'm just STARTING this thing. i've been a teacher and am passionate about teaching, and the youngest i've ever taught are kindergartners. but i'm tealling you, i have a dream of what i think a preschool should be and what i think i could teach these kids, " i could understand that it would be hard for a lot of people to swallow. so thankful that they got "it." thanks to the michelsen family for making my dream come true and for sending their two beautiful children to me and for trusting me.


Blogger Christine said...

chase is too cute and tyler such a smartie! i wish i could send my two kids to you too...all three actually, because you ARE a wonderful teacher and incredible person to trust our kids with!

2:38 PM  

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