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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a couple of weeks ago, i wrote that jason and i had to make a difficult decision that will affect tyler. well, it was the decision to agree to tyler's movement into first grade after this winter break. we discussed. we thought it over and thought over some more. we heard every opinion our family members had- some for and some against. at the end, we had to go with our gut. so, our little baby will be going to full day school starting in january. i was ok with it. it was the decision we made and i know tyler will be fine. i was pretty calm and cool about the whole thing. that is, until now. i was just looking through some paperwork that the school gave to me and when i got to the monthly lunch menu, i started to visualize tyler in line to get lunch on his own and it brought me to tears. will he be confused and scared? will be have a friend who will be nice enough to show him "the ropes?" what if he doesn't? is he mature enough to understand and deal with the fears that he will undoubtedly feel in his new environment?

tyler, daddy and i know that you can do it...and do it with flying colors! we will always be proud of you.


Blogger Christine said...

tyler is so mature for his age and from what i heard, he should be further in school than first grade too. i am sure he will do very well and enjoy it more too. wow, so proud of him and you as parents. tough decision, but i am sure the right one. sorry for the 2nd grade level kumon reading book...knew he was advanced, but not THAT advanced. haha.

9:22 PM  

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