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Monday, November 22, 2010

i was talking to someone the other day and she said, "i had a friend  like you in high school." "oh really?" i replied. i was very curious to know what she thought about me since we know each other but not very well. she didn't have much time to explain herself, but she started off with, "well, my friend in high school was very passive...." and the first words out of my mouth, "i'm not passive!" this is how i see myself: i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. if someone "wrongs" me, i will tell myself that it was not meant to hurt me and i won't bring it up since i believe in the goodness of people and i also make mistakes. i am also very patient and give people way too much time to change their behavior, thus avoiding any tense conversations. there is one area of my life where i am "passive" and that is when finances come up. i HATE asking people for money, even if i am rightfully owed it and feel so petty asking for it. however, i am not passive. if i feel the need to bring up a subject with someone, i definitely will- when the time is right and i am clear thinking. i am NOT the person who will hold things in forever and be bitter about it....if that's what passive means. yes, i have had my share of not so comfortable conversations. my mom taught me to be nice and forgiving, but not stupid. she ALWAYS told me to say what i need to say and get things off my chest, and she also SHOWED me by doing the same.

just a fun, friendly post this monday morning! :)


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