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Friday, November 19, 2010

i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. you know when you have so much to do that you don't even know where to start? that's how i feel right now. just to get everything done, i will need at least five hours to myself...which i know i will never get!

some random facts/thoughts about me...

1. i have pretty sweaty hands. so don't ever hold my hand. :)

2. i met bill clinton once but didn't shake his hand because of my sweaty hand "problem."

3. i have regrets about that!

4. i hate going to the dentist.

5. i am totally ok with plastic surgery. i've never had any surgical procedures done but i know about 60% of my asian friends have gotten their eyes done. in the korean culture, getting your eyes done is like going to get your hair done- absolutely no big deal whatsoever. anyways, if it makes someone feel better about themselves and more confident, i think it's totally worth the money. i said that out loud one day, and someone said, "wow.." like she was amazed that i would think that or maybe she thought i was vain or something, but that's how i feel about it. if someone feels like surgery will make themselves feel happier or more confident, i say go for it!

6. someone cracked me up the other day. i told him that i was at home "surfing the web." he said that "1980's called and they want their phrase back. isn't it called 'on the internet' now?'" haha... is that true? need to work on keeping myself current! :)

7. i wish i could/would be more "green." i want to do more to save the planet and be more of a role model for my boys in that area. but, unfortunately, i drive a SUV, sometimes use paper plates, and use paper towels like nothing else. one day.

8. today, we were a tad bit late to drop tyler off and he had to run to his class to make it on time. i was walking behind him holding chase and seeing tyler from behind running to his class with his oversized backpack put a huge smile on my face.

9. tyler is currently in cooking class. please don't be like jason and ask, "oh god, WHY!?" well, i think cooking is a life skill and i want him to have some interest in it, it involves reading, math and other subjects...even geography!, and most of all, my answer to jason: "do you think he will really find someone as nice as ME to marry when he gets older?" haha... really, i need to end this crazy korean culture of "men don't do shit" in my boys' generation...the cycle must end here. :)

10. i really wish i could work out more. i used to LOVE working out. it actually feels so good to make your body move and push yourself to physical limits that you didn't think you were capable. what happened to me? well, let me tell you what happened.... i had kids, and i totally have "mommy" syndrome, where i think they must always come first. if i have some time here and there, i can't spend time at the gym and if i do, i feel guilty about it. isn't motherhood the damn best EXCUSE not to work out? :)

11. i'm not hosting thanksgiving dinner this year and i feel good about it! yay!

12. i'm still not feeling very festive about the holidays coming up. bah humbug.

13. i like the song "like a g6" but whenever i bop my head up and down in the car when the song comes on, i feel so damn silly and old. hehe.

14. tomorrow, my neighbor is hosting a neighborhood thanksgiving party. he hosts two parties every year. isn't that so cute and so "white?" haha.... i love it.

gotta run to moms group! for your listening pleasure... get up and dance, y''s friday!


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