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Sunday, October 17, 2010

yo yo yo.... what a weird morning. i woke up and went straight to take a shower without looking at the time. i assumed that it was around 6:00 because that's when i usually wake up, but when i came out of the shower, i realized that was 4:30! kind of cool because i feel like i get some quiet time before the three monsters wake up but i think that's so weird.... here are some of my random thoughts this morning.

1. recently, i started writing without any capitals. people, don't ever start this habit because once you start, it's REALLY hard to break. now, it's so much easier just to write like this and i do it even when i know that i shouldn't... like when i write to the parents at my school!

2. i don't know why the bathoom in our master bedroom doesn't have a door. i just don't get it. i mean, it's not suppose to have a door...there is just a big opening. there are times i want to use the bathroom when jason is sleeping and i can't because i don't want to wake him up! for instance, i might even be doing my make up in there right now if i could close a DOOR so the light wouldn't wake him up! can someone explain this to me!

3. so, since i woke up SOO early this morning, i just curled my hair right now using hot rollers. don't laugh- it's been a LONG time since i last used them. everytime i use hot curlers, it reminds me of a conversation that i had with someone my junior year in high school. ok, let me start off by saying that before claud and i went to whitney high, we went to mayfair high where we were only two of a handful of asians. all the other girls would come to school with these beautiful curls and we quickly learned that they used hot rollers in their hair every morning. of course, claud and i started to do this too. so anyways, we moved and started going to whitney and we continue to curl our hair with hot curlers. if i think about it now, that's pretty crazy. i mean, i wouldn't study for a test, but damn it, i would take my time in the morning to curl my hair! haha... i didn't even think twice about it. actually, the whole process was so easy for us because we had done it for so long. you would be amazed. we would go from straight hair to bouncy curls in less than five minutes....that's how efficient we were! haha.... so going back to the conversation that i had with some girl. she was sitting next to me in class and said, "do you really curl your hair?" i was like yes and she said slowly, "oh, you really do curl your hair." ok, her words don't mean much but it was the WAY she said it, like in TOTAL DISGUST at it! she was one of those really smart girls and i am sure she couldn't believe that i would spend any time curling my hair. for some reason, EVERY time i use hot rollers in my hair, i think of this girl and how she asked me that with such disdain written all over her face and it makes me laugh. yes, even i can't believe that i used to do high school!

3. i love, love, love the look for painted nails but dude, it's so not worth the effort to me. i mean, i get my nails done and the polish will chip in ONE day. then, i get so mad thinking of the money i spent getting my nails done and vow never to walk into a salon again. oh, it only gets a little better if i do it myself at home because at least i didn't shell out twenty some dollars but i think about the TIME i spent on them and vow never to do it again. if someone could tell me how to make my polish stay on for at least a week, i'll get them done, but until then, i will have to look at my bare fingernails!

4. someone once told me that she can't be around people who complain about their lives- that it brings her down. that got me thinking of an article i read that said that some people LIKE being around people who compain about their lives because it makes them feel better about their own lives. that made me think to myself, "what group do i belong in? do i like being around people who complain about their lives because it makes me feel better about mine or do i like being around people who are so happy in their lives and never have a complaint in the world?" and i came up with an answer...i like being around people who are honest. if they have things to complain about, then sure.....go right ahead. if they have the greatest life ever, they don't need to hide that from me... i like being around people who are grounded in REALITY and tell me the truth.

5. tyler is so cute. he is really into doing math lately. i'm not kidding. yesterday, he brought me a blank sheet and asked me to write out math problems for him. nothing crazy- just simple addition and subtraction. he brought the paper back to me when he was done and on top he wrote, "math is the BEST!!!" haha...cracked me up...what a nerd! didn't get that from me!

6. i'm realizing more and more that i am a homebody. i love being at home more than anything. don't know what my problem is. when jason tells me, let's go here, i don't jump for joy. even to places that people would think would be make a vacation... i just don't care to go! i think of all the money we would spend on food, on hotel, and i would rather just stay home and use the money on other things. i don't find vacationing all that fun or worth the trouble. when i was younger, my family never went anywhere and maybe that's where my "problem" started. also, i always have this list of things that i have to do around the house and it kind of stresses me out to be away from these things that i have to do. not saying that i would even DO these things if i were to stay at home, but i feel stressed to be away from things that i have do or might do...does that make sense? just realizing more and more that some people love and look forward to going on vacations. i, on the other day, love and look forward to quiet days at home.

can't wait till thanksgiving and christmas! my favorite time of the year!
have a great monday. hey a and h, i will answer your questions soon! :)


Blogger Missy Krissy said...

hahha, you raised a good son! love the fact that he is so into math! i read part 5 to chris and he laughed. hilarious. i miss you!

7:52 PM  
OpenID hyoeun said...

cristina -i'm still here and reading. =) how are you? boston is good - meeting a couple here and there. no one as funny as you. hehe.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

1 - i know this feeling! started this about a year or so ago and haven't gone back to proper punctuation. at least we aren't writing in text. =)

2 - i always wondered about irvine homes and their reasoning behind this.

3 - isn't that why you just ended up perming your hair EVERY year in high school? hehe.

4 - it's called acrylic nails. haha. they chip in one day bc you do a lot of work! be proud.

5 - that's awesome. kids who love to learn.

6 - once in a while you have to enjoy yourself tho. i was the parents never went anywhere so now i love going places.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Cher said...

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top's so amazing and really works!! I still read and I love hearing about your boys. I'm glad you guys are doing so well!

8:15 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

so good to know that my girls are reading this blog! ;) cher, gotta try that sally hansen insta-dry top coat! thanks so much for the info!

5:14 PM  

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