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Friday, September 03, 2010

Today was Tyler's first day of kindergarten. I'm not going to lie, I became a bit teary eyed when he walked in to his classroom. Oh, where did all the days go? When did my baby turn into a kindergartner?

I have no words today. I just feel like crying. Don't worry- it's happy tears. Thankful tears.

Tyler, you bring me so much joy. I never want to forget the way you hugged me good night today as you were getting ready for bed. I never want to forget the feeling of your smooth skin touching my cheeks and the way you made me pinky promise with both hands to wake you up later to read to you (Are you serious?! Do you really think I would wake you up to read to you in the middle of the silly boy!) Oh, and the way you asked me to do a dance for you while you were in bed. I'm so excited for you as you start this new chapter in your life... you're such a big boy now! I love you! I love you! I love you!

Thankful tears.


Blogger Christine said...

ohh, so sweet. i know the days are long but the years are short...i can't believe he is already in kindergarten too!

9:09 AM  

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