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Friday, November 05, 2010

Two things I like to do/say to the boys.

1. I tell one of the boys that they are in big trouble and they better come and see me right away. I use my sternest voice and wait for them to find me. When they come to me, they often look confused and then I say very nonchalantly, "It's nothing. I just want a hug." and raise up my arms and give them the biggest bear hug. I love seeing their faces when they realized that I've "tricked" them.

2. I tell them to come up and get their medicine that the doctor prescribed for their illness. They come up to me very confused and I tell them to open their mouths and plop chocolate chips in them. I love seeing their eyes light up when they realize their medicine is chocolate.

Tyler and Chase, remember when mommy used to do this to you when you were little? I love, love, love joking around with you, seeing you smile, watching you grow up, and being your mommy.


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