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Friday, November 05, 2010

I shouldn't lie to my boys.
A couple of nights ago, I lied to the boys. They were hiding in Tyler's closet and wouldn't get out to go to sleep so I told them that there was a ghost in there with them. They quickly opened the door and came out, but as Chase was coming out, he accidentally turned on a toy piano that was in the closet with them and it started playing on its own. That freaked them out so bad, they were shaking. Then, for some unknown reason (maybe because it's running out of batteries), it abruptly stopped. I couldn't stop myself and I said, "The ghost is done playing the piano so he turned it off." OMG! Tyler's face turned white and TEARS started rolling down his face. Chase was wide eyed and sweat beads were coming down his forehead as he hugged me for his dear life. The whole time, I was laughing on the inside
Tyler and Chase, I love you so much. I love laughing WITH you (sometimes AT you...hehe) more than anything.


Anonymous susan said...

mean ol' mommy! but why couldn't i stop laughing reading this?! haha

6:35 PM  

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