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Thursday, October 28, 2010

answers to sexy h's questions.

- Who is chinese oppah?
chinese oppah is my friend allen from college. he lives in the bay area with his wife liz so i haven't seen him in a LONG time. sad.
- Any wedding advice?

it's just one day. don't go overboard. :) sorry, i'm not much help here. i just think that some girls go too crazy thinking and planning their weddings. i really do admire people who have smaller, quiet weddings who don't get all sucked into the commercialism of it all. i just think, if two people love each other, it shouldn't matter how fancy their wedding is.

- Any idea how I can get a spot on reality TV like Snooki so that I may land my own gig, charge $20Gs to make an appearance and make $$$?
i could totally see you and p in a reality show...that would be so much fun to watch.
- Have you seen the new Jack in the Box commercial? The one where Jack visits his mom and his dad pops in? :). Its kinda gross but I love it!!! :)
no, i haven't seen this one. we actually got rid of cable awhile back (the best decicion ever!) but i'll try to find it on youtube!
- Would you like a cute pug puppy??? I cant handle mine anymore... :(
ooh, i saw your fb post about your dog...i don't think i could handle that girl. that is just too much for me. the way i see it, i have three kids already (if you include jason) and i don't think i could handle another child.
i can't wait to see you again. i felt so bad last time because p didn't eat anything! next time, he can choose the restaurant for sure!


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