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Monday, November 15, 2010

hello. random thoughts this morning.

1. yesterday, my in laws came over, and jason and i were able to go to a restaurant on our own. even though i wasn't hungry at all, i went and ate because i hate it when i go to eat with someone and they don't eat....that's no fun at all! jason wanted to try out a new restaurant but i wanted to go to one that we always go to. i realize that in a lot of ways, i'm like a old grandma- i like going to places that i am familiar with and have very little desire to try new places. anyways, since jason was the one who was really hungry, we went to the new place and i ended up ordering lamb. never again. all i could imagine is a little lamb cooing and bleating at me while i ate the whole plate. i'm not a vegetarian by any means, but a little baby lamb is way too cute to be eaten.

2. i just found out that a student who came to my school all last year was tested in kindergarten last week and tested at the end of first grade level. i am so proud of her! neela, i am and will always be proud of all your accomplishments!

3. one place i don't mind taking the children to eat- chik fil a! what a deal if you go on kids night (usually when jason is working late and i don't feel like cooking!). i order an 8 piece chicken nugget meal with cole slaw and milk to share with chase, then i get a free children meal for tyler. they get to do a fun free art activity hosted by an employee, they get a free educational toy in their kids meal (usually an awesome book!) and they get to play to at the playground for a bit....all for under $7! what a deal! ;)

gotta get ready for school! have a great monday!


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