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Thursday, November 18, 2010

hello, how YA doing? ah man, someone was suppose to come over right now and help me with something and i was looking forward to it, like, ALL week but she just canceled on me...damn! hate when that happens. not that i'm mad at the person- i mean, shit happens, right? but, i'm just bummed! some random thoughts...

1. someone was telling me the other day that stains on her childrens' clothes drive her crazy and i was thinking that stains don't really bug me at all. i mean, they are kids right, and kids spill and drop things on their clothes all the time. talking to this mom triggered a very early memory of mine. i had a friend when i was in 3rd grade who would get so upset when she stained her clothes with anything. i mean, she would literally cry and tell me that her mom would get really mad at her. i remember feeling so sorry for her and at the same time thinking that i was so thankful that my mom didn't get mad at me when i stained my clothes. i think subconsciously, i made a decision then and there never to get mad my future children about stains on clothes.

2. that conversation made me think of other things that might bug other parents that doesn't bug me and i realized one thing this morning. i don't mind at all when my boys jump on our beds at home as long as they are being safe and i think their feet are fairly clean. they look so carefree, laughing and having the time of their lives, and they look like.....well, kids!

more thoughts to come later! i'm kind of, sort of in the mood to write today and i know exactly what i want to write about! :)


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