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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i have so much to do but i really don't feel like doing anything right now. jason is not home and the boys are asleep. sitting in silence, here are some of my random thoughts tonight.

- we had to make a pretty big decision on behalf of tyler today, and it reminded me of how difficult parenting could be sometimes. you do the best that you can do, make the best decisions you can at that moment and hope that your children don't come back to you one day and ask, "why did you do that, mommy?" wouldn't that just break your heart? well, i know that it would break mine. just thinking about it brings me to tears.

- i can't wait to get a week off the last week of december. i feel like my life right now is about making schedules and following schedules. i am going to relish just BEING and not having a list of things to do and get done. i really can't wait...

is it thursday tomorrow? already? man, the days go by fast, huh? hope you have a great weekend!


Blogger Christine said...

luckily tyler has loving, caring and wonderful parents who have his best interest at heart. i'm sure you guys made the right decision for him.

10:29 PM  

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