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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

man, being sick really sucks. the boys and i have been sick for a couple of days now. the thing that i hate most of all about being sick is that your life is kind of at a stand still until you are better. we can't do any of the things that are on our normal schedule and i just feel like we are wasting so much time...resting in bed...psh....what a waste of freakin' time! i absolutely hate it. i want to and need to do so many things but my body won't let me. what torture.

anyways, went to the ER for the first time last night. chase's fever wouldn't go down from 104 for about a good hour. i tried everything that is normally suggested- meds, wet towels, baths, having him drink cold drinks. man, to see your child so listless and feeling so hot, you just know for sure his brain is being fried- thought i heard some sizzling going on in there. of course, when we arrived at the hospital, he was feeling a wee bit better and i ended up hearing all the things i already knew and was already doing, but felt better to to know that his little body is fighting off an infection and he will be fine once the virus runs its course.

wish me luck today. i'm hoping, praying, and have every limb and fingers and toes crossed that today will be the last day of sickness in this house. i'm mentally so done with this...if only this body would listen!


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