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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

oh, wowie, wow, wow... what a hard day it's been. i have two extremely sick boys at home. as i play nurse here, i have self diagnosed myself with strep throat (dr. husband can't do that today because he is halfway across the world on a missions trip). BEING SICK SUCKS. wow... maybe before children, i might have enjoyed this little respite at home from my normal activites. now, i HATE BEING SICK. i am so miserable right now. i feel so helpless. i can't really help my boys get better. i feel like a horrible mom. i feel like we are wasting so much time, just doing nothing and waiting for our bodies to heal. i don't remember a time when a illness, mine or my children, lasted more than a day or two. this thing we have now...lasting us about a week, bringing with it vomiting, high fevers, and complete misery on the boys is downright disgusting- i can't bear it another day. i am ridden with guilt and sadness right now.


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