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Thursday, February 10, 2011

it is almost 10:00 and the boys are down for their morning naps. yes, in times of sickness, we revert back to our infant routines. so, even though my head is spinning, it's quiet here in mi casa, so what do i do? check fb, peruse the internet, and write on this site. you know how many more posts i would have on this thing if i were sick all the time?

some very random thoughts. when i say random, i have a feeling this will be very random.

1. i was on and read that republican rep. christopher lee of new york resigned his house seat after a report that the married congressman had tried to meet a woman on craigslist. two things caught my interest. christopher lee...sounds asain...could he be? also, anything with a headline as salacious as that one will catch my interest! then, i clicked on the article to see the picture that lee sent to this woman and i felt so embarrassed for him. i mean, how embarrassing for a half naked picture that you sent to a woman you want to meet up with from, of all places, craigslist is being paraded on every news show. so sad for his wife and son, but also for him too! i mean, i'm not saying what he did was right, but for now, all we know is that he had PLANS to meet up with this lady. not saying that he did or would have in the future. anyways, what he did is nothing  near what depraved and despicable as john edwards did to his ailing wife and i just feel for the guy.

2. kids are so cute when they look at pictures of animals and say it is a girl if the animal is drawn with eyelashes, or when they draw pictures with long lashes when they are drawing a girl and no lashes if they are drawing a boy.

3. jason got me a kindle for my birthday. i love it but i see some of its drawbacks (no color, for one) and know for sure that something better will be coming out soon. there were two reasons that i was very interested in kindle. 1. their text to speech option. if you get tired of reading, you can have the book read to you. (albeit, in a strange, robotic voice) i just thought this would be great for the boys. tyler is at that age that i want him to have books read to him as much as possible. he is a proficient reader for his age, but i want him to "hear" how words sound when put together in to make great sentences. i think the best writing sound rhymic, even musical, and i want to hear how the classics sound. another reason i got it is because i could click on any word and get the definition right then and there. i also thought this would be great for the boys. SAT prep, anyone? man, these kids today live in a day in age when they don't even have to look up words in a dictionary!

4. jenn got me the blueprint cleanse for my birthday present. it's coming today and i'm starting it tomorrow morning. i am super excited. i've always wanted to try a detox cleanse. thanks jenn! i'll let you know how it goes. supposedly, you don't get hungry drinking juices all day, which is hard to believe. i can only imagine i'll feel like i'm a hungry prisoner and will want to go foraging for some berries in our neighborhood, but we'll see...maybe i'm tougher than i give myself credit for.

5. speaking of jenn, i'm so super excited for her wedding. jenn is everything i'm not and i admire all the things in her that i wish i could just have a morsel of. i can't wait to see her beautiful self walking down the aisle.... oh, my dear friend has found her prince charming and i can't wait to celebrate with them.

6. i love 100% pure natural coconut water. the taste is alright but mostly, i love it because i makes me  feel like i have more energy...placebo effect for sure. this magical coconut water was put to the test this week when i drank it for extra energy in the midst of my weakness. FAIL! it didn't help me one bit. i'm back to water.

gotta run, chase is up and asking for a bath. here comes nurse cristina! :)


Anonymous susan said...

hope you guys are all feeling better!

12:12 AM  

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