Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Friday, September 28, 2012

random thoughts:

1. just went to the korean market today. when i was checking out, this is the conversation i heard between the korean cashier and korean customer behind me.

cashier: haven't seen you in awhile
customer: yup, i've been busy lately.
cashier: are you sick? you look sick.
customer: no, i'm not sick. why do i look sick?
cashier: yes, you don't look well. are you feeling ok?
customer: well, i've lost some weight lately. maybe that's it.
cashier: no, that's not it. you look bad. you look sick to me.

omg, korean people are so rude!!! and the worst part is, they don't even know they are being rude!

2. still a little under the weather. congested and a little dizzy mixed in with some lethargia. not a good combo for a mommy. yesterday, i kept telling the boys they could do anything (which means ipad) if they didn't make any noise at all.

3. about the convo with the pool person yesterday. the guy told me that all three houses are being charged (the other houses just didn't know it yet). that made me feel better i guess because my big thing was that i didn't understand why we were the only house being charged. it still sucks having to pay $1000 more, but i guess we did sign the papers stating that we would if they hit some "hard pan" rock- whatever that means. i didn't actually SEE the rock or even know what "hard pan" means, and they are asking for $1000 AFTER the dig is all over and the rocks have been hauled off, but i guess all of us have to just buck up and pay it. oh wells. sucks!

4. tyler is going on his first "date" today. well, actually, a group of kids in his class are going to see hotel translyvania today, but tyler has a little crush on a girl named maddy and he said this morning, "maddy and i are going on our first date." haha....

5. if you want something to laugh at... please look for or download "the onion: our dumb world, the atlas of the planet earth." i just found it at the library and listened to it and it is so friggin' funny. not PC at all so if you are easily offended by politically incorrect satire, don't check it out. but if you like that kind of stuff, you will be laughing so hard. boys, if you want to listen to what mommy found funny at this stage in her life, go find it and listen.

6. my dad is coming on monday and rich's wedding is next weekend! crazy!!! it'll be fun times. totally excited!

7. sorry about the lack of pics on this site. we don't have many and it's such a hassle to get it on here. well, for me, it's hassle. i"ll try to get around to posting some soon!

8. i wish i had some sort of amazing talent that could make me millions effortlessly. i was not so lucky in the amazing- talent- at-something department, that is for sure. it's ok. i'm ok with this, but i sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a complete genius at something, have a talent in which 99.999999% of the human race could not come close to. anyways, like writing, for example. i'm not saying writing a best seller would be effortless, but in the case that you had amazing talent in it, it would come very close to effortless and you could produce something so out of this world that people would want to spend their money on it and you could make a living like that! how incredible would that be? i don't know why i thought that right now. that's why this is called random thoughts!

9. i feel like i've been spending a lot of money lately and i'm feeling a bit guilty (maybe that is my talent? no, i kid!). it's just that, as a mommy, you are spending for FOUR, things for the house, lessons and activities, etc...and it seems like a hellava lot of money going on the window. i guess, my feeling was, well, this is a new house so i need new things or something asinine like that. so, gotta stop buying things other than food. that's all we really need anyways. well, next to paying your mortgage and i guess having some toilet paper around would be nice too. but that's all you really need. no more spending on this like deodorant for myself (girl, you don't even smell! don't waste your money!), drug store lipstick (that color ain't doing anything for you.), snacks upon snacks upon snacks upon snacks (don't you eat any meals? why all these snacky items?) anyways, i could go on and on and on and on.

gotta run and get some stuff around the house done so jason doesn't think all i did today was: dropped off the boys at school, got coffee from starbucks, went to walmart and got lipstick and deodorant, went to the korean market and wasted more money, came home, and blogged like an idiot!

good day, my friends. have  a great weekend. if you don't hear from me before rich's wedding, it will be because i need to take my dad around for his beauty treatments or that i'm at the gym desperately trying to lose my last five pounds before we take family pictures at the wedding, or just wasting more money. repeat with me now: heaven help me.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

i'm in such a crummy mood right now. first off, i'm sick with a cold. i NEVER get sick so this is a real bummer. secondly, i am waiting to have a nasty conversation with someone and not looking forward to it. dang, growing up and having to be a bitch (so necessary at times) is so hard.

i am so sad. it's about our pool. so, us and two of our neighbors are using the same pool company. i just got a message from the pool company saying that we will have to pay an additional $1,000 bcause they hit rock when they were digging our backyard and they had to use their jackhammer to break up that rock. but here's the thing. our two neighbors used the same equipment for LONGER than us and they are not getting charged. wtf, right?! plus, they NEVER brought it up to us the two days they were here, (never "we want to let you know we hit rock and you will be charged extra.") why tell us two days after they are done digging? i just feel like they are pulling a fast one on us. it pisses me off on so many levels. so i'm sitting here in "fight mode." i'm expecting a call at any second and the inner bitch will have to come out. i am sad. i am sick. i don't want to fight. i feel like an idiot because maybe it was our fault- maybe we didn't seem educated enough about the process to make them think they could pull a fast one on us. you live. you learn. you grow. i guess it's part of the whole process. :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

random thoughts:

1. saw jenny (think that is her name) on "flip out" wearing a shirt that read, "i see dumb people." hilarious! i want that shirt! not that i could wear it given the fact that i am usually with the boys and that wouldn't be very nice at all. but, that made me laugh. i wish i could wear it!

2. chase has a habit of taking off his pants or shorts everytime he uses the restroom and walks around the house with his underwear on. it's a strange habit and one i shall have to stop in the near future. however, it doesn't seem fair that chase will have to stop walking around in his underwear when he sees his daddy walking around in his underwear. need to talk to jason too.

3. just want to record here things that tyler doesn't like to eat: bananas, yogurt, whipped cream, avocado, cupcakes or cake. wonder if those things will change when he gets older. chase? he will eat anything and everything!

4. what makes me laugh? boys doing gangnam style.

5. i asked the boys, "what does daddy always say?" and their response: "go to your room." (jason will never raise his voice when the boys do something wrong. he simply tells them what they did and tells them to go to their room.) i asked the boys, "what do i always say to you?" and their response: "JUST EAT!" (in an ugly screaming voice.)

6. tyler saw jason and my engagement picture that we had blown up to display at our wedding and i asked him if mommy and daddy look different. he said, "daddy looks the same but i think he has a better smile in this picture than now. and mommy, you look younger and skinnier in this picture." haha!!! gotta love kids!

ok, gotta go pick up mi hijos (mis hijos? susan, help me out with my spanish here!)

I just texted Rich, "Hey, when  you get a moment, can you ask Jess if Claud and I could wear dark purple dresses like the bridesmaids so we could kind of like be part of the wedding party?"

OMG, of course, I was just joking!

We ARE psycho older sisters, but not THAT psycho!

Monday, September 24, 2012

random thoughts:

1. i am a morning person. usually. i can get more done in one focused morning than i can do in three hours after the boys go to bed. i can also talk a mile a minute in the mornings.  yes, even more so than nights. sorry to all the people who have had to endure my talking in the mornings. once, i met up with a friend in the morning and after a lond diatribe from me, she exclaimed, "girl, you can talk!" haha... that was a funny moment.

2. just got a time line from jess (rich's fiancee) for their upcoming wedding. can't believe my little squirt of a brother is getting married! suits have been ordered for the boys, hotels booked...just need to lose like five pounds and i'm good to go. haha... you know how it is, i've been working on the last five pounds for like 20 years. (there was a time in OC when i had a good 10 pounds to lose but i'm finally back to the usual 5 pounds. whew...)

3. we started breaking ground this saturday for our pool! so super, duper excited because as you guys know, i'm less than enthusiastic about public pools. i'm sure all our neighbors were thrilled to wake up to jack hammering this weekend (i feel sooo bad. didn't know it would be that bad.) anyways, it will be done just in time for.....winter! haha... at least we have something to look forward to for next spring/summer.

3. i accidentally left half an onion out on the kitchen counter last night and woke up to the beautiful smells of onion in the air this morning. how can something so small make the whole house reek of digustingness?

4. so i was talking to a interior decorator (a mom at school) and she gave me a name for the style i like....bohemian chic, she called it! i don't like too princessy or glitzy. i actually like the look of mismatched pillows, antique furniture mixed with things that seem a little romantic. when we were in sequoia this summer, we stayed in a cabin that had bits and pieces of what looked like garage sale finds and i found the look so cozy and cute. anyways, not that i'll be able to put anything like that together myself, but good to finally have a name to the style i like!

5. speaking of glitzy, i am kind liking the show "here comes honey boo boo child." ok, who am i kidding? i love it! the whole family cracks me up. i love how they are just themselves (no apologies needed) and i actually think that alana can be very cute at times (when she is not drugged on her go-go juice). so i guess i must confess: i made sketti for the boys yesterday. (if you know what sketti is, i am sorry.) they didn't really like it at all and asked for normal spaghetti sauce. anyways, i am proud to have tried a new recipe (haha). see all the great things you learn when you watch mindless, useless reality shows?

6. kids crack me up all day long. tyler woke me up this morning and said, "mommy, mommy, mommy, if you wake up right now, you will see the north star in the sky." this wouldn't have surprised me because i can acutally see a lot of stars where i live (i have no idea why). i woke up and tyler pointed out the window.... at a neighbor's backyard light that was on their roof. unfortunately, he wasn't joking. i will have to work on astronomy with the boys obviously. haha. i will tease him about this for many years.

7. something about this house that i like. i have no idea why or how or anything like that, but we get a nice breeze almost every night at our new house. like i said, i have no idea why. there must be some logical reasoning behind this (geographical, wind patterns, something scientific like that, no?) anyways, we open the windows and i swear i feel like i'm in hawaii or korea (it feels just like the wind that i felt in chechu island many many years ago). i might not like it so much once the temps fall, but for now, i'm enjoying it very much!

8. something that i think is funny to say. "I birthed you," said to tyler or chase or "I birthed you two beautiful boys," to jason. i don't know why that sounds funny to me. am i saying it totally wrong?

9. ok, gotta run. more of my ridiculously pointless thoughts at another time! don't feel like doing make up. might trek to the mall and try to find someone to do it for me this morning. maybe i will learn a few tricks and learn how to turn this old leathery face into a 20 year old again. then it would be worth the trip. however, if the lady (or gay man) has no idea how to work  eyeshadows on an asian face with no natural shadows to work with to begin with, i will come out looking like a china doll from hell and walk out to my car with my head hanging in shame. in that case, the trip to the mall would not have been worth the gas. what to do. what to do today. maybe i will go back to homegoods again and meet my friend ashley (a cashier there). not really my friend, but someone i've been seeing and chatting with often lately. hehe...

10. ok, really gotta run. i am a mommy. i have things to do. i don't have time to be on this thing!!!! get off, cristina!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do other moms do it?!!!! I drop off the boys at school, come home, and I can do "mommy" things around the house until pick up time: clean, get dinner ready, get uniforms ready, put things away, dishes, calls, etc....and it NEVER all gets done...ever! And even if MOST of it gets done one day, I have to do it ALL over again the next day!!! And, I'm not even good at it. I realized this morning that I forgot to put the clean clothes from the washer into the dryer.....from yesterday! Ewww....gross!

I went over to my neighbors house to ask her to sign something for me (neighbor awareness stuff) and I was asking her about her backyard (Since it is ALL done and we moved in at the same time! We just signed our contract for hardscape this past weekend.) and she invited me in to see her house and backyard...and it was PERFECT!!! NOTHING seemed out of place...AND she has a 2 year old daughter at home! Granted, she did say that her daughter had been watching Dora for two hours so she could get stuff done around the house, but still!

Also, I've been TRYING to do a lot of decorating since Monday. Trying, meaning just aimlessly walking around stores and getting one thing here and there. Decorating is kind of hard because I need Jason's help for it. I need him to put up pictures, I need him to move furniture around. I need him to pick up the heavy stuff from stores. It would be a lot of easier if I could just do it all myself.

Plus, everything is so expensive and I don't have the heart to spend so much money on anything. My problem is I can spend a little here and there on useless little things, but I have a hard time spending on expensive things even though all those little cheapy things I didn't really need ADDS UP to one more expensive substantial thing I did need. Problems. I got so many of them!!!

On the bright side, I'm feeling a little more confident in decorating, and I'm starting to think that it could actually be fun! Yay!

I am sure that I want to work soon. Once this school year over and the house is somewhat "done," then I'm looking forward to working. Where and what? I have no idea! Actually, I would love to go back into the classroom. I think I might sub for awhile and get my foot wet after so many years away from the classroom and then I'm hoping that a sub position might open up doors for me (as in contacts with principals, job opportunities, etc.)

Ok, gotta run. So much to do!!! Just a quick update of my vida aburrido!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I am so aggravated right now!!! The last two times I made appts for people to come to my house, they gave me a window 9:00-2:00. That's a huge window right? So, thinking that they would come late, I would come home at 9:10 only to find out that they came and left and I had to reschedule for another day! OMG!!! When are you given an appt of 9:00-2:00 and have people show up at 9:00!?? NEVER! It has been my experience that they come at like 1:45! This happened twice now since we moved here! I am soooo annoyed!!!! ...mostly at myself for not being here at 9:00!! Sorry to scream and vent on this thing. I am so frustrated right now! There are all these things I need to cross off my to do list and I can't believe that I need to reschedule these things when I don't even have time to stay at home and wait for their sorry asses on another day. CRAP!!! AHHHH!!! You know when you have to have something done around the house and it would just feel so good to just GET IT DONE?!!! That is how I feel right now. Today was the day to get this done and over with so I can move on to other things! AHHHH!!!!! I feel so defeated right now.

Today, me (screaming from upstairs): Tyler, you are almost eight years old. You don't have to call me for every little thing. You can do that yourself!

Tyler: Mommy, you are almost 35 years old. You need to have more understanding and control your temper!

Oh, snap. Thought that was funny comeback.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The boys keep asking for a dog so I was online searching for a dog and came across Boo! You probably know this dog as the"cutest dog in the world." I usually don't agree with things that start with "the best this or that of this world" but in this case, I have to agree. Boo, you are the cutest dog in this world!!