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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I remember once when I worked at this advertising agency, there was this older lady with two young boys. I asked her if she wanted another child so she could have a girl and she answered, "Cristina, who would guarantee me a girl? In life there are no guarantees. The sooner you realize this, to better it will be for you." For some reason, her words stuck with me. When I felt entitled to something, I would remember her words. There are no guarantees. What made me think something was mine or that something would happen the way that I thought it should?

You have this idea of what your picture perfect life would be. But who is to guarantee any of it for you?

"I'm going to get married by the time I am 28."
What if you don't meet the one till your 30?

"I'm going to have three children."
What if you can't have children?

Her words were especially true for me while I was giving birth. I had thought it would be so easy. "I am young. I am healthy. What could go wrong?" But it ended up being nothing I had expected and I had to tell myself while I was going through it, "There were no guarantees that it would be easy."

Also, I have always said that I wanted four children, like it would be so easy and they would be handed over to me. Now I think, "If it is meant to be" and I'm ok with that.

No guarantees. Take life as it comes. Cause that is the life God meant for me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A lot of people have asked me why I don't post pictures of me and Tyler. This is why! Look how tired I look! I need to get my hair done and get new clothes... obviously!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have come to terms with the fact that I have a pooch and that I won't be able to wear most of my hoochie tops from here on out. So sad. So sad that I went out and spent massive money on clothes today. Retail therapy is great. Thank God that tunics and loose fitting tops are the shirts of the season. Gives me some time to deal with my pooch!

There is nothing better than a CLEAN baby, smelling like baby powder and in a new outfit. Cause, even if I haven't brushed my own hair and have been in the same sweats for days, darn it, my baby is going to be the sweetest smelling in the bunch!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Two pictures from yesterday.

Tyler playing in his activity gym.

"What up homie!"

Tyler doesn't suck his thumb. He always sucks his knuckles! We say he is eating his knuckle sandwich.

I was looking at the picture below and it looks like Jason has man boobs but really, it is the back of his knee. Also, he is not naked. He was wearing shorts. Thought I would share.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Jason and Tyler playing together.

This morning Jason woke up and said, "Wow, Tyler was a good boy last night." I was like, yeah. And then he goes on to say, "He only woke up once." WHAT! "Once?! What are you smoking? He woke up every two hours!"

Oh, I wish men had mammaries. I mean, Jason really does do his part to take care of Tyler. Washes him. Plays with him. Changes him. But wouldn't things be a lot more fair if men could FEED their babies too? Just a thought. I mean, cause who is really waking up every two hours? The moms! What is the point of the men waking up in the middle of the night, right, when they don't have to goods to help out with things? Just not fair!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tyler was a very bad boy last night, waking up way too much. I think he had major gas. (BTW, if your child has gas issues, there is nothing that sounds better than farts. When Tyler farts, it is sweet music to my ears.) I think it had something to do with what I ate, but who knows?

Is this totally wrong? Every morning, I set Tyler down on a towel in the bathroom. He loves it in there! I turn on the lights, the fan, and the heater. There is something about the noise from the fan and the red lights coming off the heater that entertains him for at least 30 mintues... 30 minutes of sweet freedom. Even though he seems to enjoy it, I always feel guilty. It can't be too clean in the bathroom.

Darn, it's raining all day today and tomorrow. I am so bummed! That means Tyler and I can't go out for our walk. And trust me, my ass could use the exercise! So I guess were stuckd here with my best friend, Samsung.

Yesterday we went to the mall and bought our turkey some new clothes cause the ones he has are too small. I got Subway while I was there and I gotta say, subs are pretty good if you have them once in a great while. I am not a sandwich/sub girl like Claud but there are times when it is yummy!

I want some Mother's iced oatmeal cookies.

Who are all those losers lined up to see Star Wars? Who are all those losers dressed up in Star Wars characters? Don't they have jobs?! (Well, who am I to talk about jobs, but come on now!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

(Written yesterday)

Tyler is taking his 2 month old pictures today. Some lady is coming over to take great is that? They bring everything, the background and all so you don't have to leave your house with a baby. So Tyler is looking very cute right now in a striped rugby shirt and green pants that make him look like a little man. There is something so irresistible about baby clothes that look like shrunken adult clothes. Wouldn't you agree?

Did anyone watch Britney's reality show last night? How pathetic was that? I used to love Britney! I used to know all the moves to Sometimes and trained for the marathon to Slave For You. I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes before I got a headache from the amateur videotaping. She just came off so dumb!

I can't believe that it is already May! It just dawned on me that Jason and my first wedding anniversary is coming up! Has it already been one year?! How time flies! (Happy Anniversary to Jenny and Charlie!) People ask if having a baby has changed things between me and Jason. Not really, but when I see Jason being so good with Tyler, taking care of him and playing with him, there is an added dimension of love, if that makes any sense.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Did anyone watch Contender last night? It was my first time watching the show but it brought tears to my eyes.

Also, on Survivor...what the hell was Ian thinking? What a freakin' idiot.

I watch too much TV.

It's hard to lose weight when your husband brings you McChicken sandwiches like he's giving you a delectable treat!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Call me a major sap, but I love the new Chase credit card commercials.

A couple of days ago, Tyler and I went walking to the market. While we were in line, two old grannies looked into the stroller and asked how old he was. After I told them that he was two months old, one of them said sarcastically, "Wow...he is really malnournished!" Now you know he is big when people make comments like that!

The very next day, we took another stoll. This time to Trader Joes. A lady near the strawberries looked inside the stroller and said, "I hope you have strong arms." I showed her my wrist brace and we had a good laugh.

Something that I've noticed. All the clothes for Tyler that were given by people who do not have children are newborn size and clothes that were given by people with children are 6-9 months old size or even 12 month size. People with children know that newborn size means that the baby will wear it once and then grow out of it. I think about all the newborn size things I gave to people at baby showers before I had Tyler and chuckle. Now, I would never give someone something smaller than 6-9 months size clothes as gifts so the baby could wear it at least twice! (Thanks to those who gave newborn size clothes..he did wear it!)

Jason is back from LA and we are going to Costco to buy diapers..I love Costco trips!

While rocking Tyler in my arms for an hour two nights ago while the whole city slept, I thought, "Wow..did my mom do this for me when I was a baby?" Becoming a mother makes me love and understand my mom more.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tyler slept until 8:30 this morning! Yay! I usually have to wake up at 6:00 but today he just slept and slept. I'm getting a little bit worried about his size. He is 2 months old and weighs 16 pounds. At the most recent doctor's appointment, the nurse told us that he is now in the 98% in weight and 90% in length for babies his age.(Alice, if you love fat babies, you will LOVE Tyler!)Haven't you heard that childhood obesity leads to obesity in adulthood? I don't know what we are doing. I just feed him when he wants to eat! It's not like we're stuffing his face with anything other than milk. Oh, and at the doctor's appointment, the doctor told us to take off Tyler's mittens from now on so he can "he can feel the world with this hands." Well, now he has found his thumb and is sucking on it. It is actually very cute.

Jason is going to LA tonight and will be coming back on Saturday. Before we left for Portland, we left a lot of our stuff in storage. Well, we got a phone call this week saying that there is water damage at the storage facility because a pipe busted and that our stuff got all wet...great. They don't have insurance so none of it is covered. We just found the contract, and sure enough, it states that they will not pay for ANY damage that might occur while our stuff is store there. They basically told us to come and move the huh? So if you ever store anything, make sure they will pay for any damages that might happen to your stuff while its stored there. We were dumb and went with the cheapest place we could find. Not sure about the expensive places, but they might have insurance.

I want to go to LA so bad! I'm getting really sick of this place. I want out!

Yesterday, I walked past a boba store but it was on the 2nd floor and there were no elevators. Well, I couldn't possibly hold the stroller with Tyler in it all the way up the stairs so I couldn't get the boba! Now that I think about it, I could have just left the stroller on the first floor and asked some people to watch it for me. Oh wells, it should be a nice day today so I might go back.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My right wrist hurts. Everytime I move my thumb, I feel a popping sensation near my wrist. Can't be good. I've had it for over a month but of course, like an idiot, I ignored it and now it really hurt. This wouldn't be such a big deal since I don't have a job and I stay home most of the day, BUT it is a big deal now since I have a baby to take care of! It's so sad. I try so hard not to move my thumb when I pick Tyler up and hold him which makes me pick him up all jerky. He must think I'm crazy. It's just a huge inconvience at the moment... for me, Jason and Tyler! Jason bought me a wrist brace the other day so I'm hoping it will heal soon. Since the wrist brace is bumpy with straps and I still have to hold Tyler, I decided it would be best to cover the brace with a sock so I made Jason cut up one of his white socks. It's pretty funny looking. Jason kept calling me Michael Jackson and I moonwalked around our place yesterday.

Watched National Treasure yesterday. Very, very poor writing. Like I could have written it.

You know which shows I like on TV? Well, of course, there are the reality shows: Apprentice (still my favorite!), Amazing Race (not rooting for Amber and Rob), and any of the shows with super bad children and super nannies. I also really like Talk Soup on E (think it is hilarious) and Cold Case. If you haven't seen Cold Case, I would recommend it. I like the fact that cases can still be solved after so many years. It makes me feel like there is some justice and criminals can't get away with crimes.

Yesterday I walked to Rite Aid with Tyler and I ended up buying ALL this chocolate cause it was on sale. If you know me, you know I LOVE chocolate. I eat it almost everyday and I always have some on hand because I never know when I will have the craving for a piece. It's quite a fattening addiction. Anyways, when I got back, Jason was like, "What is all this chocolate?" I told him that I couldn't help myself because all of it was on sale. (Now that I think about it, I probably saved like a few coins.) Then Jason responded with, "Sale doesn't mean it free!" I don't know...retarded story but I thought it was funny. It's such a "husband like" statement.

Dude, I'm getting hungry. Which reminds me, I had fajita left overs that I spilled all over the kitchen last night (I blame my thumb!). Imagine little rice and beans splattered all over clean white tile...not a pretty picture. Now imagine my fat ass on my knees with a damn sock/ brace thinging on trying to pick it all up while cursing at the left over container for being retarded and not closing properly (Though it was I who had closed it!) Anyways, it would have made a perfectly good meal today so I mourn it.

Have a happy happy Monday! Tomorrow Tyler goes in for shots...poor thing. I think I will stay in the waiting room. I'll feel so helpless hearing him cry.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day! Tyler is so sweet! He didn't forget and bought me roses!

Tyler in his stroller. This picture shows how big Tyler is...and he is only 7 weeks old! We bought an infant car seat which we thought he would use for at least 6 months. We only used it five times but now he is too big for it! Oh, and those are socks over his hands. When I run out of mitten, I use cruel!

I love it when Tyler makes this rascal face!

Mr. Chubs is all smiles lately...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

His nickname is officially Mr. Chubs.

Tyler is such a BIG boy now! I took him to my doctor's appointment yesterday and my doctor was amazed at how big he is! Tyler weighs about 14 pounds now and is wearing clothes for 6 month olds! He doesn't quite look like a sumo wrestler yet, but he's getting there!

I'm so glad that I purchased Baby Einstein's Learning Gym before he was born. I'll lay him down and he'll play for twenty to thirty minutes...glorious minutes of freedom I tell you!

We got another blanket for Tyler in the mail. Quilts/blankets must be exremely popular baby gifts. We have received one from: my mom, Jason's grandmother, my aunt, Deanna and June.

Guess what?! Claudia is going to start tutoring Rumor Willis! Does that name ring a bell? Yes, Bruce and Demi's kid! Claudia has been tutoring the daughter of the president of Warner Pictures and I guess her name has been going around. She also tutors Sally Field's kid too. Cool or what?

Well, not much going on other than feedings, cuddling, and diaper changing!