Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

random thoughts:

1. one of my favorite children's books: the empty pot. such a cute story. love it. can't believe it's not on more lists of "must read" for children.

2. watched a video on netflix last week that changed my life. it's called "change your food, change your life." i can't really call myself a vegetarian because it's only been a couple of days, but i'm trying really hard to rid myself from eating meat forever. you know, i think i just eat meat out of habit. i don't really crave meat or need to eat it. for now, i am  not vegan and will have some eggs and dairy products, but would love to cut that out too in the future if possible. wish me luck!

3. going to the beach today. not really yay because i hate the sun and sand but the kids will have fun!

three day weekends are great! ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

why do i drink coffee in the late afternoon when i know that it will keep me up all night?! damn, i'm dumb! haha...

one thing that i've thought of doing when we move to sacramento is...

ok, don't think this is crazy! i'm kind of embarrassed to share! haha...

i've thought about making youtube videos. if i get enough subscribers, i might make some money! don't die laughing now!

what would my channel be called? ktownmama. hopefully, that one is not taken!

what would be on my channel? well, every day stuff about my life! hmmm... stories about jason, the boys, and the in-laws, easy recipes that i have up my sleeves (which jason calls my ghetto recipes though i'm not quite sure why!!), womenly issues (beauty and weight, etc.) ways i teach my kids...things like that... things that i think would be fun to share and might help other mommies out.

why would i do this crazy thing? well, as i get older, i realize that i'm very odd. :) i laugh at things other people don't laugh at, i am scared of things other people are not scared of, i cry at things other people don't cry odd ball, i tell you!..... but mostly, i laugh at A LOT OF THINGS....mostly at myself!

it's just a thought.

 i would NEVER really do it, people. y'all know how private my husband is right? he would just divorce my ass! (see, if you know me, you would totally know i'm just kidding when i write that!! geez!) anyways, see what i think of when i think about my new life in sacramento?!! i picture myself so lonely and bored that i need to make youtube videos to have friends and have some sort of connection to people!

god help me in sacramento!

chase got in trouble for playing with his food tonight (because he was literally PUNCHING food off of tyler's fork with a fist!) and watched in horror as "ugly mommy" came out. after he was all done crying, i said, "don't play with your food again." and he said, "ok." and i said, "are you going to make mommy proud?" he answered, "yes." and then i aked, "how are you going to make mommy proud?" i thought he would say that he wouldn't play with his food, but guess what his answer was? "i'm going to plant tomato seeds and grow tomatoes for you." OMG! that kid. i swear. he is so off the wall sometimes! i love him for it.

my boys are such boys. i just watched in half horror/ half amazement as they attacked each other over and over tonight, laughing hysterically and having the time of their lives.

today was a rainy day and as i drove tyler to school, they used their umbrellas as swords and "fought" each other the whole time.

i don't know when i am suppose to intervene in these situations. they are laughing and having fun but i need them to know when it is appropriate to "play fight!" are all boys like this?!!! i am utterly speechless sometimes just watching them because i was NOTHING like them growing up!!


here are the two joys of my life! i hope they always remain the best of friends!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

after school, when i went to pick tyler up from school, he was talking to some other boy. when he got in the car, he said, "david had a bad day and i was trying to make him feel better." i asked tyler what happened and he said, "in our class play, david has to wear a white wig. he was embarrassed today because half the class laughed at him. so first, i asked him if he was alright. then,  i told him that we could switch parts in the play if mrs. raney will let us."

tyler, i am so proud of you. you always have a big heart and make sure everyone else around you is ok. you are such a sweet and happy boy.

what a cold rainy day. want to just curl up in bed with a book.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

random thoughts:

1. had a half off starbucks frap last week and thought to myself: that is what the price should be every day!

2. ah man, i feel so bad for sandra bullock. jesse james is straight up jerk. it's like, he is doing these interviews now to promote his book... it's like adding salt to the wounds. i feel her pain.

3. tyler has a big project due this thursday. i was talking to another mom about it at a birthday party yesterday and she told me that she doesn't help her children at all with projects- as if helping is a bad thing because it should be completely, 100% made by a child. i don't know.... i just think that in first grade, a child is going to need some sort of guidance from his parents. and also, i think that working together as a family on a project is a good thing. when i was a teacher and saw projects being turned in where i could tell a parent helped out (not completely doing, of course!), i saw it as a good thing. the family bonded and the child learned while working with his parents. even if it's something like how to make a poster look better, i think those are all skills that a parent should take this great opportunity to teach while doing a project together. hmmm...just my two cents.

have a great sunday! my weekend to do list is only half crossed out! gotta get to it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

my beautiful nieces! i'm posting more pics of them here because i found an easy way to steal pics from claud!

hello! happy friday. as tyler always says, "TGIF!!"

random thoughts.

1. just got back from zumba class. damn, i don't think working out once a week is cutting it. i need to do at least twice a week, don't you think? maybe when we move and both boys are in school, i'll be able to work out. what else will there be for me to do, right? cook meals?! negative. meet up with friends? don't know a single soul up there. :(

2. zumba was kind of annoying today. the teacher took a two week break and came back with 90% all new songs and routines....right when i was just getting used to the old songs! well, of course, i understand that she has to change it up once in awhile, but not 90% at one time...maybe one or two new songs a week would be nice. oh wells...felt like such a newbie today!

3. oh another thing from class today. when i was getting water from my water bottle at the back of the room, this lady would move up to my spot. this happened twice. don't know if she thought i would just stand in her spot, but she was in the way back! so i had a split second decision to make. go back to my spot and kind of uncomfortably make her move or stand in the back of the room in her spot. so i made my way back to my spot and just nudged her out of my way. i don't know the proper etiquette for this and i suppose she was annoyed at me...but whatevers! ;)

4. a couple of weekends ago, jason went to seattle for work and when we dropped him off at the airport, tyler was a big mess. cried for a good fifteen minutes, wailing "i miss him. i want him to come back!" chase, being chase, looked at tyler and said, "i love daddy too, but i'm not going to cry!" like he was making fun of tyler for crying! oh, that was so funny.

5. the boys are so ready to move to sacramento because jason promised them a about bribery! chase is like, "can we move to sacramento right now?" haha... if only it was so easy, dude.

6. don't know the exact moving day yet. jason is so nonchalant about all of this, while i'm like, "i need to know and mentally prepare myself!!!" i'm hoping that it doesn't have to be in june. ideally, i would like to move in august so we could get settled and tyler could start school in september.

7. where will we be moving to? have no clue! rent or buy? that is the question. renting would be a pain because then we would have to move again later and that would suck! however, if we rent, we could really take our time buying a home and we would know the different areas better. don't know what will happen with this either. see, i'm going crazy! so much to think about and we don't even have a moving date set!

ok, i better get off the internet. i have exactly two hours of alone time on fridays and gotta return a whole lot of crap! have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

good morning! didn't go work out last. i was so tired, i just ate dinner and went to bed at 8:00!

after picking up tyler today, we're going to ikea to pick up a few things and for some reason, i am really excited about it. maybe because i can take advantage of ikea's free babysitting and walk around by myself for an hour! :)

chase said to me today, "mommy, when am i going to grow up?" :)

i have to give a shout out to christine for the best birthday present ever! i love it! now why did i wait 5 months to use my gift card?.... should have done it sooner!

have a great wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i have a feeling it's going to be a great day! now, i just wish i could go work out. it's just one of them days when i feel like sweating up a storm! (possibly because all i did this weekend is EAT!) jason better get home early so i can make the 6:30 zumba class. anyone want to try it out with me?!!! let me know!

now, where are all my kiddos? school starts at 8:30!

Monday, May 09, 2011

this song is so beautiful.

dedicated to heidi and jenn. so happy for you.

is this really going to happen?

this whole time, i've been pretty numb about the whole thing. but as i cleaned up for "school" to start, it hit me. if this happens, what am i going to do?  what if we move and we hate it there. what if i don't meet any new friends? it's so far from here...what am i going to do?

i'm going to miss it here so much. i'm going to miss everyone. tears....

Sunday, May 08, 2011

hello, everyone! happy mother's day to all you mothers out there! being a mother can be hard and stressful at times, but there is nothing better in the world. i love being a mommy more than anything in the world.

a couple of random thoughts:

1. yesterday, i hosted a bridal shower for jenn at my house. it was the first real party that i didn't have catered so i think it was a huge accomplishment! thanks to all that helped me with was definitely a group effort and i couldn't have pulled it off without many of you!  i couldn't find my camera so i don't have any pics of the festivities (think i left it at a restaurant on friday...crap!) hopefully, i will get some from other people and will post some here. jenn, it was great to see you surrounded by people who all love you so much. i loved hanging out with your mom and your grandma....can't wait till the wedding!

2. i really shouldn't post this yet because it's not 100% finalized but there is a great chance that we will be moving to sacramento soon. crazy, right? i will know for sure by tuesday, at the latest, after jason gets the contract in the mail and signs the thing! it all happened so fast. as many of you know, we were in sacramento during spring break so jason could check out the hospital and we went to check out different neighborhoods with a real estate agent. when we drove up north on thursday, we were 99% confident that we WOULDN'T  be moving. i told jason we are just going for a free trip! but as we drove back home on sunday night, we were about 90% sure that jason would take the job. can't believe we went from a "no" to a "yes" in a matter of days. anyways, the latest he would start his new job is september but the earliest he could start is july. i know- that's like in two months! i'm totally ok with the move. i'm ready and think this is a great oppotunity for jason and our family, but i do think it is all happening way too fast. if jason said, we have 6 more months in orange county, that would be perfect. i feel like i could finish things up here, get to say "bye" to people, places, and things, and have "closure" here. however, if jason does start in july and that means we would move in june...i'm totally not ready for that!! not ready at all. i would feel like i'm being uprooted when i'm not completely ready to say bye. don't know how things will pan out- there is still a small chance it might not happen, but if it does, the next few months will be crazy and hectic for sure!

side note: if you know someone who is looking to rent in irvine, tell them about our place! :)

have a great day!! love, cristina

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

we did a lot of things during spring break but here are some pics of our trip to sacramento and san francisco. we stayed for three nights up north. on friday morning while jason was at work, i took the boys to a breakfast buffet. nothing like a buffet to remind you of how little kids eat. i wanted to get our money's worth and tried to get them to eat as much as they possibly could, but a you could see on chase's face...they couldn't care less about my pleas!

our walk to the capitol. some bushes supposedly shaped like people. never seen that before!

with the sisters of mercy.

sitting in front of the capitol. i'm not a photographer by any means but was i suppose to zoom in for this shot?!

as we walked into the capitol, some man came out of his office and gave the boys some stickers.

waiting for the tour to begin.

think this was the senate room. don't know if the boys learned much on this tour, but i learned a ton of stuff! if you want to know how laws get passed in california, i'm the person to ask! :)

cafe in front of the capitol.

california state library. i love libraries and thought we would take a break, but it wasn't really a library...more like offices. are the boys posing in this pic? i had no idea until now.

afterwards, we walked to the leland stanford mansion. it was a pretty uncomfortable tour because we were the ONLY ones on it! the man was speaking directly to me the whole time! haha... we weren't allowed to take pics inside the mansion but when we were outside, i was about to take a pic of the boys and the tour guide told me to get in. that was nice of him and i really appreciate that because this is my ONLY pic from spring break!

afterwards, we walked to imax to watch born to be wild in 3D. chase liked it and tyler had an expensive nap.

when we were leaving, i thought i would take a pic of the consession stand. such hams.

in sf, at the restaurant we went to last time. we went to the same one because the food was great last time. we ordered the exact meal but it wan't so great this time around. isn't that always the case?

met up with auntie jess and uncle rich for a HUGE american breakfast.

oh, the other days we were there? all we did was sit around and drink starbucks.

like really..... what a vacation! :) (thanks to auntie jen and uncle vinh for letting us stay at your place. you guys rock!)

some spring activities. the boys are going swimming at least three times a week. one day, after swimming lesson, the boys were eating dinner. i turned around and this is what i saw... had to take a pic of chase's cute butt cheeks!

decorating spring time shirts! it came out a big ol' mess. i don't know what i was expecting, but the boys loved it!

tyler ready to decorate his ONE egg. yup, i don't allow more than that! :)

spring gardening! they planted some sunflowers.

chase planting his seeds.

they were shocked to see what the easter bunny left for them!

a neighbor threw an easter party and chase was very happy to see a bunny there!

tyler's first tooth came out! well, it was yanked out by daddy! it's on the table! :)

look at my new smile!

glad i had chase there next to me the whole time!

easter egg hunt 2011

 love this pic of chase! a gift card to anyone who can tell me where chase's green shirt is from!

tyler's 6th birthday party with neighborhood friends.


tyler and bella. whenever they see each other, they give each other the longest hugs!

love this pic of jenny and ethan.

tyler, hope you had a great party!

random thoughts this morning:

1. damn vacuum is broken. it's less than a year old. :( so sad! this is what i get when i go against by myself and buy from someplace other than costco.

2. i am so much more interested about the details surrounding osama's death than about the royal wedding! i think kate makes a beautiful princess, but i would much rather learn more about the six SEALS who raided osama's compound...can you say muy, muy caliente?! too bad they are not releasing any information about those six. i think they are about the gutsiest men on the planet! i imagine they are not only physically in the best shape but they must be really intelligent too. i can't get enough information about how they train, how they are chosen, what they do, etc.  since there are no real specifics about the actually six who were involved, i've totally made them up to be good looking as actors with bodies of steel, and harvard type brains in my mind! oh, and since they can't come out and talk about what they did...they are so modest and humble too...which adds to the hotness! :)

3. woke up an hour earlier than usual and it feels damn good.

4. wish i could go work out today. 10:30 zumba! :( not that i can ever go on wednesdays, but wish i could!

5. some big changes might be happening for our family in the next coming months. will post here once it is finalized. scared- yes. excited- a bit. changes are always a bit daunting, no?

6. oh, have two weddings in the next two months. what is the fastest way to lose five pounds? as jason would answer, "it's so easy. don't eat."

happy "hump" day everyone!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

some pics of claudia, kate and sara.

sara at 3 months old. she was so chubby!

how time flies because look how much sara has grown!

kate at 3 years old.

kate now. she has the sweetest face.

love them!