Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

i just thought this was funny. looks like something i would do in my old age. i know claud and rich are thinking, "yup!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

we survived legoland! :) no pics because i didn't bring my camera. :(

today, we will be staying home. what is on the agenda? first off, cleaning the whole place... spring cleaning!  my goal is to fill up at least two bags for donation. then, jason asked that i say home for his "important" package to be delivered. so annoying!! so we are stuck at home the whole day until this thing comes. i reminded him that this is my spring break and that i have things that i want/need to do and to please have important packages sent to his parents' home in the future! geez! then, i have someone from daycare licensing coming for an inspection.

that's my day!! ;) sounds fun, no?

hope you are having a great week! spring break is way too short... i kind of feel like it's already over!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hey there! feeling very lazy this morning. i better get my act together if i want to take the kids to adventure city and not get in trouble by ms. j.

saw two of my favorite peeps yesterday! :)


love spring break!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hello, hello, it's been awhile.

i don't know, kind of not in the mood to write lately. i was a little embarrassed (don't know if that is the right word) for my previous post. since i have a self imposed policy that i don't delete something that's already been posted, it's still there. anyways, a little embarrassed about my post to teach tyler this summer. i reread it and it comes off somewhat haughty. all i can say is this- like every mom, i do the best that i can do. i'm very honest and open on this blog, and it's sometimes hard to decide what to share and what to keep to myself. enough said about that.

this week is spring break! if you think about it, spring break is pretty short.... only five days to basically do five things! in any case, i'm happy to have some leisure time and think this rest week is much deserved! :) we'll most likely be taking another trip to the bay area next weekend and the boys are excited about that.

tyler lost two teeth in the last two weeks. his first letter to the tooth fairy read, "dear tooth fairy, i deserve it. love, tyler." i guess he thought he deserved the money he would be getting. cracked me up. the second letter read, "dear tooth fairy, take good care of my tooth. my dad took it out and smacked me on top of my head. love, tyler." because jason smacked tyler on top of his head as he pulled out his tooth. kids say (write) the darndest things.

tyler is turning into a big bookworm, or what jason and i call him behind his back- a big geek. :)  he takes books with him everywhere he goes. it is actually really cute to go somewhere and have your child's nose in a book. well, it's cute to me.

one morning this week, i was in a bad mood. chase just spilled milk everywhere and the boys were fighting and i was fed up! i was standing in laundry area and chase came up to me and said, "mommy?" i had had it and i yelled, "WHAT?!!!" in the loudest, nastiest voice. all of a sudden, chase started laughing, like in this, i can't believe you just yelled at me like that laugh. it kind of made me laugh and i said, "what is so funny?" and he said, " because you said 'WHAT?!!!'" and imitated me. oh, the way he did it...he sounded like a high school boy and the way he was laughing at me, you had to have seen it, but it completely made me start laughing. i love my chase. he is my BABY, but he has this way about him that makes him seem like he much older at the same time. the things he finds funny, the way he laughs- lights up my days.

yeah, a lazy sunday...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

aren't saturday mornings the best? i love waking up slowly and leisurely hanging out. no "drink all your milk, go find your socks, put your jacket on, hurry!!!....get in the car now or we will be late!" i feel like such a nice mom on saturdays!

1. yesterday night, we went to olive garden. i haven't been there in ages but thought the boys would like a new "experience" (if you could call it that!). anyways, i ordered the spaghetti and meatballs (which is like 1500 calories, but since i'm doing zumba, i think i can eat it. :) i'm seriously so cheap because when i am eating this $16 bowl of pasta, i'm thinking the whole time, "i can totally make this for less than $5 at home!" oh, when did i get so cheap?!

2. i love it when i am singing in the car and chase yells out from the backseat, "sing it, mama!" so cute!

3. i taught the boys to shake their collars just like justin bieber does when he sings, "shake me from this bad dream" in the song baby, so when they hear that song, they shake their shirts when that part comes on. it is too cute for words. hey, i'm not ashamed to admit i like justin bieber!

4. today, we have a ridiculously crazy day. it kind of makes me feel guilty for being online right now cause i have so much to do! crapola!

5. i watched two documentaries this week: "waiting for superman" and "which way home." both made me cry. it made me want to do something to help both causes...donate my time or money...just do something!

6. when i first thought about what tyler would do this summer, i made a long list of all the camps he would attend. when i showed my list to jason, he told me that i could teach tyler this summer. the more i thought about it, i was like, "hell yeah, i can do it!" so i thought up a whole curriculum for him, breaking down each week into different subjects. each week includes at least one very thought out art project a week, one easy recipe a week that he will have to make for the family, one song he will have to memorize and sing for us each week (i researched and looked for some kid songs he could LEARN something from, but also some very influential, popular songs as well, such as imagine by the beatles), and much more! i'm actually very excited. so happy tyler is at an age when i can just show him what to do in the mornings and he will be able to do 99% of it on his own during the day when my other children are here. tyler is a really good kid. if i tell him to do something, he usually will just do it without a fight or struggle. don't know how he got so obedient! i'm really not a mean, scary mom...i swear!

well, i really have to be going downstairs now and feeding the poor boys...they must be starving by now. they usually eat breakfast at 6:30 during the week!