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Thursday, December 29, 2011

best invention of the last decade? by far, hands down- the kindle or any other electronic reading device. (a close second- gps device)

are you serious? i don't have to carry all my books anymore? i can keep all my books for a lifetime?

it's pretty damn amazing if you ask me. like claudia and i like to say- the kids from this generation? they are a bunch of "lucky mo foes."

so i thought i would start a new segment on this program, kids! it's called "cristina's book club." get it? like oprah?

i'll review and recommend some books that i have read in the past past or the near past and maybe if you feel so inclined, you could read it too. (yes, tyler and chase, that means you.)

so the first book that i would like to recommend  is entitled 'two kisses for maddy" written by matthew logelin.

because i can't do a better job at writing a summary a of it, i will just cut and paste a short book description from amazon:

"Matt and Liz Logelin were high school sweethearts. After years of long-distance dating, the pair finally settled together in Los Angeles, and they had it all: a perfect marriage, a gorgeous new home, and a baby girl on the way. Liz's pregnancy was rocky, but they welcomed Madeline, beautiful and healthy, into the world on March 24, 2008.

Just twenty-seven hours later, Liz suffered a pulmonary embolism and died instantly, without ever holding the daughter whose arrival she had so eagerly awaited. Though confronted with devastating grief and the responsibilities of a new and single father, Matt did not surrender to devastation; he chose to keep moving forward-- to make a life for Maddy.

In this memoir, Matt shares bittersweet and often humorous anecdotes of his courtship and marriage to Liz; of relying on his newborn daughter for the support that she unknowingly provided; and of the extraordinary online community of strangers who have become his friends. In honoring Liz's legacy, heartache has become solace."

sounds heartbreakingly tragic? it really is and i was crying throughout the whole thing. this book hit too close to home and i just think of what could of been if i wasn't at, as my doctor succinctly put it, "the right hospital at the right time." there is not a day that i am not thankful to be here. honestly, there are days when i will look at tyler and cry and thank god that i'm here to experience this journey with him. i don't take my days with the boys lightly. i am beyond thankful to be here....

beautifully written love story of tragedy and hard earned triumph. it speaks of the human spirit. yes, i'm a sap and i loved reading this book.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hello, i got online right now to write smack about my in laws and decided to check facebook (which i do too often, in my opinion). then i noticed that i had a picture up on my profile that i didn't want anyone to see! crap!!! my stomach is in knots right now. ahhhh!!! i accidentally uploaded it last week when i was trying to put up a new profile pic and thought i deleted it immediately afterwards but i guess that i didn't and it's been up for a week! oh, the damage is done and i feel like a damn fool. it's karma for wanting to write smack about my in laws.

so onto the real reason i wanted to get online... onto the ....smack! :)

i'm making breakfast in the kitchen and my mother in law comes  into the kitchen and asks, " is what you are making from scratch?" is it just me or was her voice a bit condescending? "of course," i answer, "who buys prepared POTATOES?" then, as soon as she walks away, i promptly throw away the frozen potatoe bag from trader joes in the trash and hope she didn't already see it. i'm sure she could taste the mushy, "not fresh" taste of the premade potatoes and think of me as liar. a rude question begets a rude answer. who cares if the potatoes are from the freezer or if i dug them up from the ground myself? i say she should be happy eating any pototoes at all- mashed, cut up, dried, baked, fried, hand battered, tossed, pickled,  or FROZEN. that's my thought on it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i forgot to move the elf on the shelf last night. what kind of horrible mommy forgets something so simple? i'm hearing about all the grandiose things that other mommies are having their "elves" do and i can't even move it to another location! the kids were so disappointed this morning. :(  i had to lie and tell them that i think that claus frost, our elf, liked where he was so he went back to the same location after flying to see santa. tyler yelled, "but he didn't even move AT ALL because his arms and legs look exactly the same as last night!" i had to tell him that our elf memorized how he sat to "throw us off." oh goodness, where do i go to claim my bad mommy award?

so my in laws are here. as many of you know, they are very sweet, unassuming people. they are kind and don't expect much from me, but as you also know, there is one thing that i HATE doing- cooking for other people- so i'm already anticipating that the next ten days will be hard for me. i HATE cooking with a passion. sometimes, i will be making dinner, chopping some vegetable or something like that, and i wish i could fling the knife at the wall...that is how much i hate it. i just think that everyone should eat for themselves! i barely cook for myself so why should i cook for other people? i don't mind cooking for the kids because kids will eat just about ANYTHING- hot dogs, spaghetti, mac and cheese, some easy sandwich, but to cook, cook COOK, i can't do it. i mean, i will- sometimes,  but i hate every stinkin moment of it. i hate trying to mind read what these people might WANT to eat. i don't past lunch time and i guess a good daughter in law should have be in the kitchen the last HOUR making something that they would gulf up in TEN MINUTES, maybe fifteen minutes tops, but i haven't been in the kitchen. so now, the stomach churning, guilty feeling arises, and i'm doing the last thing i should be doing right now- writing on this blog. what is one to do?! i'm at a lose. so please tell me- where do i go to pick up my horrible daughter in law award?

Monday, December 19, 2011

random thoughts.

1. first official day of winter break = lazy day today! yay!! my parents in law are coming tomorrow and staying for 10 days so i guess i should spend today cleaning up and stocking up the fridge. those are the two main things for the day and i'm feeling lazy, lazy, lazy! :)

2. for my whitney peeps, i had dinner with jane r. last night... we whitneyites are everywhere! i was so thrilled to find out that she lives IN roseville! first question to each other, "what are YOU doing here?!" haha  it is always great to see an old friend and i am so happy that it is jane. she is still the same sweetie from hs! conversation was full of squeals and laughter talking about old all know i love hearing names from the past! jane, you are stuck with me, girlfriend! :)

3. did i ever tell you guys chase's nickname? it's kangy! :) it came about like this: i have this huge light blue robe that i wear on cold winter days when i'm feeling today. and whenever i would wear it, he would crawl into the robe and stick his head out like a kangeroo so we started calling him kangy. chase, you will always be my kangy!

4. this reminds me of one thing that i like to do with the boy. it's kind of odd so bear with me. i like to stand behind them when they are walking, support them in the armpits and say, "oh, you can do are walking!" like they are little babies just learning how to walk. like i said, i's very odd! but when i do it, they act like they can't walk and waddle about like little babies and i think it is the cutest thing! :) i wonder how long i can pull "this" on the kids. there will be a day when i do this and they look at me like i've gone crazy. oh, that will be a very sad day!

5. tyler just came up behind me and said, "i know what you wrote. 'chase you will always be my kangy.'" he pretended to be sad when he said it, took a bite of my see's chocolate and walked off smiling. love that kid. he has the best attitude.

ok, better get to being productive! i can't really call myself a morning person when i feel lazy in the mornings. god know that i'm not a "night owl" because i always say my energy goes with the sun. so what does that make me? not a morning person. not a night person. a damn lazy person.

some pics from thanksgiving. here is a pic of chase and my beautifully manicured feet. haha...

it was so sunny and beautiful in OC on thanksgiving day!

we actually hung out at the beach that day!

a pic of me and tyler. i'm smiling like this because my theory is that the less you smile, the less your wrinkles show up!

sara turned two! everyone says that sara looks like me when i was younger. i love katie's smile!

claudia got sleeping bags for the kids. they were so cute watching christmas cartoons in them.

checking out out of the hotel. tyler poses like this often in pictures and i think it makes him look like a big boy. we had a ton of fun in OC!

Friday, December 09, 2011

claudia recently sent us two cds for me and the boys. tyler and chase LOVE, absolutely LOVE, the cds and have memorized mostly all the songs on them. here is one that we like to belt out in the car when we are on the road. i am notorious for changing lyrics to songs so when the words "i hope you know somebody loves you, " i change it to, "i hope you know your mommy loves you." they get a kick out of that. so this song is dedicated to my sweeties....always remember that your mommy loves you!!!

second song is also from claudia's cd. who knew country could be so much fun!!! :)  instead of saying "make up, " i like to say, "make out!" that makes the song much better! :)

i love music. any type of music. country, rap, pop...something about listening to a great song. makes me want to jump up and down and shake this money maker! haha...

sidenote: (written after initial posting) OMG!!! i just saw the sugarland video for the first time and i am dying laughing here! that is sooo hilarious...totally something up my alley. i LOVE it and makes me like the song even more! i swear i'm going to do that exact same dance for jason one day! it's too funny not to!

i really should not be on this right now bc my dad is visiting this weekend and i should have a clean house for him, right? well, he IS my DAD...he won't really care about the mess, will he?

two things i like to say:

1. "oh, snap!" it's so much fun to say. if something bad happens and i can't say the f word, i just say, "oh, snap!" it's fun and so much cleaner than the f word!

2. if someone comes close to me, i like to say, "leave me alone" in the whiniest voice possible. AND, i like to say it when the person hasn't even bothered me at all! for instance, jason will come into the room that i am in and go about his business, not so much even talking to me or breathing on me or even looking at me and i like to say, "leave me alone." he will be so perplexed and might say something like, "what?" and i like to repeat it again, "just leave me alone...." he will usually just shake his head and walk out and i just laugh to myself. it's so much fun to say to someone. it's all in the execution and by that, i mean, it's all in your voice- it must be said in your most annoying, drawn out, tired, whiniest voice possible....try it girls and annoy the crap out of the men in our lives! haha....

happy,  happy weekend to y'all.

jen wu- it is always so much fun to talk to you. i swear, you are one of my best friends because i can tell you ANYTHING and i sure DO tell you everything!  and, you never judge. (well, maybe a little.  :) i love you for putting up with my fat ass the last 15 years (?? you know i'm not good at math!)  miss you, girlfriend!

Monday, December 05, 2011

saw this on and thought it was so funny. imagined being promised this cake...

and receiving this one.
haha... rich  and jess, i think we found the perfect cake for your wedding!

good morning, my peeps.

yesterday, we went and cut down our christmas tree. i thought it would be easier to just get one from loews or home depot but jason insisted that we drive to a christmas tree farm and cut our own. i guess it was for the best because the boys had a great time sawing the thing down! timber! i'm not too big on christmas trees. i always pick the smallest trees because they are so adorable...kind of like in charlie brown christmas. it is so much easier to decorate initially and discard later when you get a smaller tree... i'm just trying to be practical! well, jason, on the other hand, is really into christmas trees. he likes big ones and will pretty much decorate the whole thing himself! he strings all the lights and will put up the majority of the ornaments. seeing him act like a little boy, all giddy and waiting for santa on christmas eve, amuses me and makes me love the holidays even more.

also, we went to a see's store yesterday to pick up a box of assorted chocolates because i can never have a holiday season pass without a box. this "tradition" started when i was a classroom teacher because inevitably every teacher gets at least one box of sees every year, right? well, i don't have any students buying me chocolates anymore so i had to pick up my own box. it's so fun to tear open the wrapping paper and have that familiar white box staring at me. it was a yummy, calorie filled day yesterday!

another thing we are doing a lot of lately is driving around looking at houses. amazingly, after seeing tons of different types of homes, jason and i both like pretty much the same kind of house. if we get what we want, we will try to buy a ranch or farm style house, one with more land. basically, we both want something very country and "woodsy." we also want to have a chicken coop where we could get our eggs from and a pony would be a dream come true for this country bumpkin! oh, how times have changed, right? you move to the country and you turn county! haha... i don't know..we'll see what happens. we haven't found anything that we love yet. oh, and we're trying to sell our house in oc. we just found out that someone we know is renting the exact house down the street for $800 more a month than we are collecting in rent on our house. make us mad! so now, we just want to get rid of the dang thing! any takers out there?'

guess that's it for this morning. gotta clean up!

Friday, December 02, 2011

claudia just sent me this pic. the first thing i said to claudia is, "where is katie?!!" she told me that they would take another one with katie later but she happened to be at the mall with sara at the time. another thought? doesn't sara look just like claudia?! she is a mini claudia for sure! i think it is pretty crazy how katie looks just like david and sara looks just like claudia.

here are two pics of my nieces. katie's smile is so funny. it is that "crazy young kid smile" you know, when you tell them to smile and they force it too hard! haha...

wow..the last two hours was a whirlwind. moms, you know what i'm talking about, right? wake kids up, make breakfast, make sure the kids eat at least half of it, wipe butts (in my case, one butt), pick out clothes, dress kids, pack lunches, shoes and jackets on, get in that car with backpacks and all the other crap! on top of that, today i was in charge of bringing snack for chase's preschool so fruit had to be cut up. on top of THAT, tyler had a big project due today and i had to have him practice that. on top of THAT, we had to drop off something off before school started this morning. was rush, rush, rush!

now, i'm back at in my quiet house with my well deserved caramel macchiato. amen!

i've totally had pms the last two days. i think it is dwindling down this morning- thank goodness (or i obviously would have been a crying heaping mess this morning). what does pms look like? well, for one, the first thing that came into my mind when i woke up yesterday was, "why doesn't jason hug me more? wah! why doesn't be tell me he loves me more?!" haha.... that is sooooo pms talking, right? then, i've been eating non stop...have the total munchies and nearly finished my bag of my fav-wheat thins. also, my body was really cold all day long yesterday and it's not because it was in the 40s here. no, this kind of "cold" feels different. it's like in my BONES kind of cold. anyways, another symptoms that my monthly friend brings? my right eye hurts! either i have an infection or something is in it or i have dry eyes...or something. whatever it is, i blame it on pms. pms is quite convenient in that you can blame it for anything. eyes hurt? it must be pms. feeling bitchy? it's not me! talk to pms. feeling like you don't want to cook, clean or do anything productive. well, by darnit, what do you expect?! i have pms! you wouldn't man, you!

sorry about the lack of posts here. i realize that this house is not very condusive to me typing on the computer. let me explain. i think i would write more once the boys were sleeping but we have the two computers placed right now in earshot of jason's tv watching. i don't know why but i don't like to make too much noise when jason is relaxing. i know he has had a hard day at work and once he is done with his dinner, has taken off his work clothes (oh, i wish i could elaborate here) and has placed his huge body on the couch in his "spot" to watch his beloved csi shows, i turn myself into a quiet as could be. no dishes, no banging around putting away toys, no typing sounds coming from the computer...i usually go into our bedroom and read. anyways, so this is my excuse for... not having the dishes done, not having the toys put away, and not writing on this blog more often...and i'm sticking to it!

have you tried starbucks hot apple cider with cream and caramel sauce. it is divine and i recommend it on a cold windy day when you want to be transported to the east coast in the fall. well, i've never been to the east coast in the fall, but if i could bottle that feeling up and drink it, i would think that it would taste like this drink.

the next two weeks will be kind of crazy for us. we have tyler's school performance, chase's school performance, tyler's piano recital, the boys' korean school performance, and one more thing, but it escapes me right now. then, we have two weeks of vaca-shion. yay!!! i can't wait to torture my children into reading more, practice their instruments more, write in their diaries, and force them to memorize their spanish and korean words! haha.... i kid. not really. i half kid. hey, i'm asian. it's in my blood to torture my children this way. they will thank me later. haha..

ok, think that is all for now. i'll try writing more later! wishing you the best holiday season and a merry christmas to all. ho ho ho.... who you calling a ho? :)