Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello out there! This is Tyler. Can someone please help me! The following pictures document some of the things that my parents do to me!

They put banana stickers on my forehead when I eat bananas!

They swing me over and over until I see stars!

They are always telling me to "kiss monkey." It's getting real old!

Oh, and making me pose with the monkey too!

My mom even puts her headband on me...oh, the insanity! Look how upset I am!

They always make me play with toys I don't want to play with. You can clearly see I rather be sucking my fingers!

They make me read OK! magazine to keep up with the latest Hollywood gossip! (in a silly hanbok, of all things!)

They even wanted me to try some of daddy's drink! I knew better and shoved it away.

While they ate their glorious Thanksgiving dinners, look at the tiny meal they gave me! They even thought a little parsley leaf would fool me into thinking it was a fancy dinner.

Sometimes my mom puts me in the laundry basket! She thinks I like it, but I always hold the sides for my dear life.

Last but not least, people are always trying to take pictures with me!

Well, I just wanted to share with you some of the things that are happening to me at home. My parents are good folks, but I think they're having too much fun with me!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've decided that I much prefer teaching in a less affluent school. As most of you know, my current position is teaching third grade in Westwood. I find the parents pushy and overbearing, and the students ungrateful and extra whiny. I've learned a lot this year on how NOT to be as a parent when Tyler is in school.

What should you do as a parent of a child in school? Here is a list if we could give each parent a list!

1. Never bother a teacher in the mornings. (We hate this! We have too much to do in the mornings!)
2. Always ask if it is a good time to talk before starting a conversation. Ask if you should set up a appointment instead. Taking most of my recess is NOT GOOD!
3. Don't walk your child to class EVERYDAY in the THIRD grade. I understand kindergarten and first, but by third grade, come on now, it's time to cut the cord.
4. Give a good gift for Christmas and Valentines. Make sure it stands out somehow. I will honestly forget who gave me which candle. Give me a gift certificate and your child will be my favorite for at least the next month!
5. Don't act like you think you could be a better teacher. If you think you can be one, get a teaching credential and get your own class. I would like to see you try.
6. Don't complain.
7. Don't question.
8. Make sure your child brings in homework everday.
9. Make sure you've checked it.
10. Don't assume your child should be tested for gifted. I'LL let you know if your "genius who doesn't test well" makes the grade.
11. Don't question a grade on your child's report card. Geez, it's only elementary. It's not going to get him/ her into college. Save the complaints for high school, please.
12. Help with copying. I mean, help your teacher with xeroxing. Often.
13. Don't ever go to the principal with a complaint. (This one has never happened to me, but I know teachers hate it.)
14. Kiss butt! ("I'm so glad my Tommy is in your class" or "Tommy is so happy to be in your class" never hurt a soul!)
15. Don't be in your face. Meaning, I really don't want to see your face everyday.

I think I will end my list here. Make the teacher happy, and the teacher will be happy to have your child in his/her classroom. Annoy the teacher and the teacher will be annoyed to have your child in his/ her class. Comprende?

I don't regret this year. I'm glad to have gone through it because I learned a great deal. But I want out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh my, I got two emails today entitled, "I'm engaged!" How exciting! Jeannie and Brian, congratulations! If you need any help with anything Jeannie, let me know. I am so happy for you both.

The other email was from a student in my ESL class in Portland. She wanted my address because she wanted to send me an invitation. I really loved this one ESL class that I taught when I was in Portland. The class had only five students and they were SOOO kind and sweet. We really bonded during my semester there and I think of them often. I gave them my email address when I left the school and they still email me and ask about Tyler. I really miss them and wish I could see them.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

For the first time, we gave Tyler mac and cheese!

Half of it got on his face....

Think he really enjoyed it!

Tyler is starting to get up from a sitting position and walking. Also, he says "no" and repeats things that we say. Toooo cute!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Two of my favorites songs of the moment:
Ever the Same (Rob Thomas)
You're Beautiful (James Blunt)
I'm sure you've heard the first one but if you haven't heard the second, you have to!

I interviewed some people for a TA position yesterday and I asked one girl what bought her to our school and she replied, "My parents." haha...I had a good laugh. It's like, "Thanks for your honesty!...Next!"

Thanks to all those who sent birthday wishes... I miss you all!

I was just thinking, if they wrote a book about my life, it could be entitled, "Waiting for My Next Vacation" since it seems like I'm always counting down to the next one! Can't wait till June!