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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Play date!

Chase with his buddies.

Tyler with his bud, Braydon.

Thanks for visiting us!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something that Tyler said to me that I want to remember:

T: Mommy, you're pretty.
M: Really? (Giving him a goofy grin.)
T: You have a nice grin. Here, let me take some pictures of you. (Makes a "camera" with his fingers and starts making clicking noises.)

I just thought that was really cute, him taking pictures of me with his little hands and telling me I have a nice "grin."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here are some pictures! Yay!! They are not in order. Everytime I post pictures, I think that there must be an easier way. Hey, I tried.



Happy Birthday Daddy! Tyler is singing happy birthday to daddy.

Chase waiting for Tyler.

The boys watching TV. I try to dress them the same to church. Tyler thinks this is a "church thing." On Sunday mornings he asks if they will be twins that day.

Chase enjoying nature in Yosemite.

Tyler and Chase at Yosemite.

Coming back from Yosemite. Thanks to Heidi, Erica and Tiffany for the dinosaur. He insisted he take it with us!

Smiley Tyley!

Tyler and Kate at Westside Pavillion.

With Uncle Rich for Family Day at Westside Pavillion. Yes, we take random pics underneath the Panda Express sign at the mall, but don't take pictures at Disneyland. We are a strange family! Thanks Rich for helping me with the boys this Sunday!

They love going under Tyler's desk!

My free stuff from Vista Print. I will have to explain all the things I got for free! Thanks for telling me about this Jen!

Playing in the car.

My boys are weird with stickers. Tyler put stickers on Chase's head.

Tyler put stickers on himself.

Helping daddy put up the tent.

At a doctor's appointment. So, that's my tummy!

No caption! Just funny!

Tyler, that is not funny! Stop dragging your brother!

Opening gifts from Auntie Helen!!

Tyler got his orange belt!

Panning for gold.

He loved marshmallows!

Loved it!

Thanks for the shirt, Patrick!

Tyler was so excited to get this microphone. He is a ham!

Noodle face!

Laughing with grandma!

I just like this pic because it is colorful!

Eating samples at Costco!

Went to see Walking with the Dinosaur with Heidi, Erica, and Tiff! Thanks for the tickets!

At gymboree.

Happy Birthday Rich!

My business card. Yes, I have one! I had to cover the address but I am the CEO of...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to beautiful Giselle!!! I took Tyler and Chase to a party today and I am so sad that I didn't bring a camera! I didn't know the party would be THAT nice!! (Maria, you went all out! Please send me pictures so I can post!)

I told myself that I'm going to try to make more of an effort with taking pictures. It's so hard if Jason is not with me and I have both boys to take care of. Who has the energy to whip out a camera when you have a crazy walking one year old to chase after? I think Tyler has about double of pictures when he was one, compared to Chase. Sad!

Wow...I am looking at my schedule for this week and it's totally blank this week! I guess my days will be spent taking Chase to Gymboree and walking around Target and the market! The week after that, things will get a bit hectic since Tyler will only be going to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and spending Tuesdays and Thursdays at home with me. It should be fun though!

Well, hope you have a great week!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tyler went to a jumphouse for a party. He had so much fun!

He went down this slide about 50 times.

I love this pic of Jeannie and Tyler. He was so comfortable in her arms. She is going to be an awesome mom! (Two more months!)

Jen and Chase at the Discovery Center. Thanks Jen for watching them when I had my little problem!

Tyler LOVED room service. We got it one morning in SF and he wanted it every day! If you look closely, you will see Tyler's "leaf pillow." I will blog about this pillow later but he will only sleep if he has this pillow so we had to take it with us! Funny guy!

Tyler with Daddy. Doesn't Tyler look just like Jason?

Welcome Matthew Jihoon Jung to the world! We can't wait to meet you!

This is hilarious! (Maybe only to moms.)

She has a song for dads too...but it only has four words: "Go ask your mom!"

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I finally did it. After four years of waiting to be done with pregnancies and breastfeeding, I finally colored and highlighted my hair. And I gotta say, what a complete waste of money and time. I don't think it looks any better than my natural black. It just looks different. This is what girls do when they are bored and have too much time on their hands. I just think, now that I've done this ridiculous thing to my hair, I have to go back at least every two months to get my roots colored to match my new hair. What mother has the time to waste half her day on her hair, in the name of beauty? A bad one, I say!

There is one thing that really bugs me about hair salons. I hate how you don't know exactly how much the work being done will cost until it is over and you have to pay what they ask for. I just know the price changes from person to person. I totally think I got had because my haircut, color and highlights cost way too much. I would post here how much I paid but I'm actually embarrassed by it. Dang it...does it say SUCKA all over my face?! Now that two days have passed, I'm actually kind of upset by what the lady charged me. I don't even love the color. I specifically told her I hate any hint of orange or red but I see orange when the light hits it. Urgh....

For some reason, it reminds me of something my dad said to us (mom, Claud, and me) once when we were getting to go out. We were all in front of the mirror, checking and rechecking ourselves, and my dad said in Korean, "Looking in the mirror won't change the way you look." haha! I thought that was so funny!

Yes, women do some crazy things to themselves, but does it really change us? Not really. Underneath the two coats of mascara, the highlighted hair, and the four inch heels, we're still the same.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What is the saying, "When it rains, it pours!" It sure does because I've written in here for the past four nights! Once I get started, can't no one stop me! ;)

I went to Micheal's the other day to get ideas for future bridal showers and there is something that I always want to buy every time I go there. Sometimes I fight the urge and don't get it, and other times, I am weak and buy it.

I always want.... JORDAN ALMONDS!!

You know, the pastel candy that people give out as favors at showers, weddings and other celebrations.

They are actually kind of disgusting so I'm embarrassed to say that I spend $7 for a small bag of them. I know they've been on the shelf forever and the almond inside the outer shell that tastes like a slightly sweet egg shell doesn't even taste like an almond! When you get to that part, the almond kind of just disintegrates in your mouth...gross!

So, yes, I'm embarrassed that I like them and I'm embarrassed that I would spend $7 on something like that when there is $1 candy in the next aisle.

It's just an embarrassing thing to say you like. Kind of like saying that you like Spam.

Monday, September 01, 2008

When we first arrived in SF for our little trip, Jason was accosted by a homeless African American man asking for money. It was really late and I was kind of scared by the whole situation because the man wouldn't leave even after Jason said no many times. Tyler was watching what was going on from inside the car and I could tell he was confused and scared. I was thinking from inside the car, "Jason, just give the guy a buck so he'll leave us alone!" Finally, security came out from the hotel and told the guy he wasn't allowed in front of the hotel. After he left, Tyler asked us who he was, so I told him that he was a homeless man asking for money. That was the end of that.

The next day, we were in our hotel room watching the news when Tyler yelled, "Mommy, look! The homeless man who was asking for money is on TV!" I looked up and laughed. Barack Obama was on TV.

Now, whenever Tyler sees an African American man, he says it is the homeless man from SF who asked for money. Even after we tell him that the man is not, he will insists he is. He said it yesterday at church. He said it at Target. I just hope no one ever hears him!