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Sunday, November 20, 2011

ahhh! i am so annoyed right now. i was going to order photo calendars online for the grandparents right now and i just realized that all the pics that i have been taking this year were in low resolution! i can't even make a simple 8.5 x 11 calendar because all the pics come out blurry! ahhh!! that is just sad...was i suppose to change the resolution on the camera or something?!

so i'll post some pics on here. the first picture is of colorful fall trees. isn't it so pretty? the trees in roseville actually change color! imagine that! it is so beautiful here.

weekly storytime at barnes and noble. i just thought it was funny that a store worker decided to join in when i was taking the picture! i don't mind at all...just thought it was funny!

at a birthday party.

pony ride at the pumpkin farm.

tyler on his pony. i'm such a great can't even tell he is riding a pony! haha...

thought this was a cool picture on top of a haystack pyramid thing they had there. it went up really high and i kept thinking that a kid would fall off and someone would get sued. thankfully, that didn't happen on my watch. :)

hung out with susan and annie! sorry chase for pushing you down so hard!

annie and chase in a tea place.

susan and naomi in a toy store.

my mom came to visit and we walked around downtown roseville and had a "proper" tea lunch with scones and small sandwiches. cute but dang expensive for nothing!

thought this picture was cute.

mommy and chase.

lots of time at the ice rink. here is tyler waiting for his class to begin. isn't that sweater so ugly that it is cute? i love things that are ugly enough to be considered cute. haha..

this is how chase and i spend the time waiting for tyler to be done with his ice skating lesson. playing with his leapster and taking sad pictures of ourselves.

apple of the best places around here.

we went apple picking. chase showing off his harvest.

"there's more over here!"

"didn't know apple picking was so much fun!"

of course, there was stores everywhere selling apple butter, pies, strudels, cider, wine, etc. we had apples pies there and bought some to go. soooo yummy!

jason taking a pic of tyler with his phone. i don't know why he takes pics with his phone. god knows those pictures will never see the light of day.

if you didn't know this about me, i can be very "country." i really would love to live on a farm one day. i'm not kidding, so don't laugh! i dream of having fruit trees and a vegetable garden. one day..... one day....

my weakness: wheat thins! can't get enough of them! it's made from wheat and makes me thin, right? in any case, i can eat a whole bag in one sitting.

Friday, November 04, 2011

It's Fall... my favorite time of the year. The weather is cooling down, trips to the pumpkin farms, Thanksgiving gluttony, Christmas all of it! I read this poem the other week and I liked it so I thought I would share here. It's all about perspective, right? When I feel like complaining about anything, I will try to remember this poem. I've learned a lot about NOT complaining from Jason. He rarely complains about's pretty amazing actually.

Miss all of you very much. Hope to see you soon, Cristina

I Am Thankful For...
...the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

...the taxes I pay because it means that I am employed.

...the clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat. shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.
...a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means that I have a home.
...the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.
...all the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech. huge heating bill because it means that I am warm.
...the lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means I can hear.
...the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby.
...the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I'm alive.
...weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.