Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! Only 35! Wow!! That's really over the hill! :)

landscapers working overtime in the backyard the last few weeks. i can't wait for it all to be over! we have this slight slope in our backyard and we bought trees to be planted there. the workers are jackhammering the holes and that gets me worried. trees can't grow and thrive in that kind of soil right? i will so beyond sad if the plants die! i signed the contract with this guy, and every day he brings over three guys and his 52 year old wife!!! omg, i feel so bad seeing her do all this hard labor while i sit back enjoying my coffee with kali on my lap. man, and does she work hard. she is so tiny (probably like 4'7) but that lady can work and use some heavy machinery too!!! can you imagine a tiny asian lady using a jackhammer? it looks like child abuse, i swear. i always try to hide out in my house and not come face to face with her. i just feel bad!

kali is doing well. she is really cute and still getting housetrained. jason and the boys love her so that makes me happy.

when the boys get in trouble, i always end up laughing. that's bad, i know. i laugh at their faces when they look at me. i laugh at the things they say when they are getting in trouble. just everything about it is funny to me. i have to fight back the laughter, but i usually end up busting up anyways. the other day, i was scolding tyler about something and he said, " really look like your mom right now." i don't know why, but i thought that was so funny and we cracked up together. they always know they can make me laugh and that's a big problem around here! they think they can charm their way out of anything....and they do!

i went out to pick up some thai food last night and while i was driving there, i texted jason, "tell the boys to write me a birthday card while i'm gone" haha! well, god knows jason wouldn't just tell them to do something like that and they need to get "trained!" if not for me, they need to get trained for their future wives!!! anyways, even though i think it is funny for me to tell jason to tell them to do that, i think it is a very necessary skill for them to learn! they better be writing birthday cards to people they love in the future (ok, i guess i am mostly training them for me! :)

so here is tyler's card to me:

front of card: "it's your birthday! toot! toot!

inside (with a pop-up heart)

"Dear Mom, Happy Birthday! How old are you? You were on task these few years and I want to thank you with this card. Firstly, I want to thank you for teaching me, taking me places, and much more. You are a highly special mom! With all my activities, how do you handle all of it? Oh yeah, before I forget, thanks for cleaning up Kali's poo last night. I love you. Love Tyler."

back of card: "for great character! for being plain awesome! for being a good mommy! because you are beautiful!"
then he wrote: "please sign and return that you like this letter." with a line for my signature

the funniest part of the card is the word "temper" written with a "just say no" sign around it. haha...he always says i have a temper, which is so funny  because i don't. he calls telling him what to do a temper. i'm like, "this is not temper, tyler, do you want to see REAL temper?!"

anyways, once again, happy birthday to me! haha... i am not big on birthdays at all.... just another day in my book! :) yup, i picked up my free starbucks coffee, read the bday cards that i had the boys write to me (haha). now i'm just hiding out in my house and trying to get kali to poo and pee on her pad! life is all good. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

random thoughts:

1. chase got in trouble the other day for admitting that he punched tyler in the eye on purpose. while he was walking upstairs to go to his room, he yelled, "i don't know why i'm getting in trouble, dad! i'm not suppose to get in trouble if i tell the truth! don't you know that? didn't you learn that in preschool?" haha.. they crack me up.

2. tyler said to me, "i like my words and sentences to be in muliples of threes." omg. he is such a nerd! haha... we were talking about something and he said that chase was born in "califorNI." i said, don't you mean, "california?" he said, no, i call it califorNI to keep it a multiple of three. so odd, i tell you.

3. tyler is very talkative, likes a lot of attention when he talks, is constantly asking questions, and has little comments and thoughts about everything. it is actually very exhausting to be next to him! haha... from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, he demands a lot of attention. jason says he knows where he got that trait from..hmmm..i think jason was hinting me. he is my tylie and i love him very much.

4. we might get our dog tomorrow! (i find out in a couple of hours after the breeder takes her to the vet and gets an okay.) she is a small white maltese and should not get bigger than 5 lbs fully grown. richard said that i'm getting a cute guinea pig because of her size! i am excited and scared at the same time. i don't know too much about dogs and i don't really consider myself a "dog person." i'm getting this dog for the boys because everyone and their mother tells me that dogs are good for kids. we shall see about that. i think we will call her kally since 1. that is what the breeder named her. 2. it's cute. 3. that's the only name all four of us could agree on. i am hoping and praying that kally gets housetrained asap or i will be so sad and mad at the same time.. i am going to give her a couple of weeks to know where to poo and pee...or we're giving this dog to richard and jess!

5. backyard finally getting done. yipee. at this point, i just want some grass for the kids to run around on and any plant would look better than dirt!

gotta run!! ttyl! cristina

Thursday, January 17, 2013

random thoughts this morning:

1. planning a weekend trip to LA in feb...all by myself! yay! i feel super guilty leaving the boys (i've never been away from them for more than a day!) but super excited too! :)

2. chase is at home, supposedly "sick." he is fine though and has asked me numerous times to go to the mall and target!

3. yesterday, i thought i would wear jason's sweater out of the house. i thought it would look cute, but i just ended up looking like a homeless person. remember when wearing a boyfriend's sweater or jacket looked so cute on girls in high school and college? guess what?! that look sure doesn't look cute in your 30s!! haha.... it just looks sad!

4. remember that one post that i wrote late at night about feeling like a bad mom because of something that happened to chase? (it was this month) i will tell you what happened. one night, when i was brushing his teeth, he grimaced in pain and i just knew he had a cavity, and nothing, i mean, nothing makes me feel worse than seeing tyler or chase at the dentist's office getting a cavity filled(which they both have had). i mean, if a young child has a cavity, it's solely the parents' fault and doing...and in this case, completely mine! and for some reason, like i'm a dramatic basketcase,i convinced myself that chase had an infection and that the tooth would have to come out. i was so convinced that i actually cried about it. i googled "infection of tooth" and read that some people DIE from having it so i stayed up with him and made sure he was breathing and then i fell asleep at like 4 AM after writing that sad, sad post on here. anyways in the morning, in my tired state, i said to jason, "i am sorry to share, but i think chase has an infection and his tooth is coming out." jason calmly said, "chase, come here so i can look at your tooth." while he was opening chase's mouth, chase cried in pain, and i said to jason, "no, don't touch it." jason said, "i need to look at it." then he looked at me after examining the inside of chase's tooth and said half amused "it's a canker sore!!!" OMG!! he showed it to me and sure enough, chase had a huge canker sore!! OMG!!! all that worrying, crying, and posting on blogger for nothing! things like this happen to me all the time. i was speechless. chase has healed completely since then and is completely pain free now! that's the good thing. the bad thing? i am still embarrassed! haha...

have a wonderful thursday! yipee!! i will mother of the year award. didn't send my child to school and he is playing games on the computer. oh dear.

Monday, January 07, 2013

this will be really quick because i have to leave to go pick tyler up from his new school at 1:30! another favorite song. this song totally "ages" me, huh? haha...classic. one thing that i LOVE and respect about jason is that he NEVER talks shit about anyone. I KNOW!!! i couldn't believe it either. someone like this actually exists! the worst thing he will ever say about anyone is, "what is wrong with her/him?" and that is IT! he NEVER goes on and on about how this person is wrong or has wronged him or how they are less in character, etc. basically, he is able to hold him tongue and for that, i admire him. having grown up with a dad who griped about everyone- the neighbors, the man at the store, his family members, etc. it is so awesome to see a man just shut up and keep his thoughts to himeself! he NEVER judges people. his motto is to just let people be who they want to be. more and more, every year, i realize what a lucky ass girl i am. (the word lucky always has to be followed by the word ass!) he is a man's man. he is a good husband, father to the boys and, yes, we are ying and yang, but we make a great team. :) jump around!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

random thoughts:

1. i always tell myself not to do anything with my hair, but then i get bored with my hair and want to change it! so i promised myself that wouldn't color it until i started getting white hair but don't think i can keep that promise. i want to color it! my natural hair color is jet black. think goth black. it doesn't look "friendly" on me. i think i scare children. i am going to go and get highlights this week!

2. there is one wish that i've had for a long time. i've always wanted a persimmon tree. i hinted to jason awhile back that that would be the ultimate birthday or christmas gift but he hasn't delivered yet (he probably didn't even get the hint!). maybe i will give him 3 more years to get his act together and then, i'm going to have to take matters into my own hands. i love persimmons! it's my favorite fruit, and one of the reason that i look forward to fall every year. i love that almost 99% of persimmmons are sweet and you can't go wrong by picking a bad one. and a fruit tree? what can be more lovier, more meaningful, and more beautiful than gifting someone a fruit tree that blooms and grows and changes with each season and bears delicious fruits year after year. i really can't think of a better gift. one day...

3. one time, at some school meeting, they were playing ice-breaker games and the question i got was : are you a beach bunny or snow bunny? i think during that time jen and i were running near the beach so i said beach bunny, but i'm totally a.....snow/mountain bunny!!! i actually don't like the beach at all.... being surrounded by harmful UV rays, little tiny pieces of sand that can and do hide everywhere, and being surrounded by bikinis and seeing boobs and ass, no thank you! i LOVE, LOVE being in the mountains, surrounded by huge trees, a brook bubbling near by, and birds singing their morning songs. glorious. if i could plan out one perfect day, it would consist of me waking up in a cabin, heated by warmth coming from a fireplace, eating a breakfast of a bowl of organic oatmeal with organic blueberries and ridiculously good coffee, taking a hike in a way traveled path with the boys and jason (well traveled so there would be no fears of running into any unwelcomed creatures like bears!). the weather would be crisp and we would see steam coming from our breath,  but it wouldn't be uncomfortably too cold. then we could come home for simple lunch and spend the day reading by the fireplace and playing board games. then as dinner rolled around, we would drive to the nearest town (couldn't be more than 20 minutes which is my limit to drive to get food) and we would get a great meal prepared by a famous chef who has opened up his newest restaurant in the area. then we would come back home, warm up with a hot bath, get into our comfy pjs (boys in matching ones) and i would read aloud to the boys as the snow would start falling. then we would fall asleep in our log cabin with only the sounds from the crackling fireplace to keep us company. sounds perfect, right?!!! ah man, i could have written, walden, or in the woods. haha... there is something so beautiful and alluring to me about living the simple life and enjoying the god given beauty that surrounds us. i don't know why i keep going back to this thought these days. (don't worry, jason still has a job and we're doing fine!) it just seems we want more and more, and we work so hard to get it but is it REALLY we want or need?

sorry to get all laura ingalls on you. i'm trying to help my mom see that she doesn't have to work. she stresses out every day, is on the road 2 hours a day, deals with clients (i don't know how they even communicate!), eats out because she doesn't have time and energy to cook real food, has to pay for gas to get to work ($500 a month), has to pay for dry cleaning for all her work clothes, etc...the list goes on and on. but what is all this "work" for? she is overly generous when she goes out with her friends, she buys herself $300 tory burch shirts that she will probably wear a hand ful of times and other items too.  all of her worldly possessions come at a HUGE cost, no? to her sanity and health! wouldn't it  make more sense for her to live SIMPLE life and not feel the need to accumulate so much stuff that she doesn't REALLY need?! my mom and i have been having conversations about this and i think this is where the whole "living simply" comes from. my mom is the HARDEST worker that i know and has worked YEARS, day in and day out, to provide for us. i know that with all her hard work, she feels like she deserves a few good things here and there...and she does!! i'm just saying that sanity, health comes before everything....definitely before a pair of shoes or bag!! i'm hoping that this will be the year that my mom retires!

i would write more but i have to go take tyler somewhere! more laters! :)

Friday, January 04, 2013

random thoughts:

1. i want to "like" things on facebook and add comments on facebook but is it true that my friends will see everything i like and every comment i make? i don't want to flood their pages with that! i'm kind of sad about this actually. can someone please tell me if this is true and what i can do (if anything) to change my settings so this doesn't happen?

2. last "official" day of winter break. sadness. tyler is starting a new school on monday. LONG story. i won't get into it here. don't think i am crazy, which i am a little bit. i'm just glad that i am confident that tyler will be fine, meet new friends, and have a great attitude about this huge change. (thanks tyler for making this decision easier. i only make such decisions knowing wholeheartedly that you will be 100% fine.)

3. winter break was great. it was so chill and quiet, just the way i like it. boys are growing up so fast and becoming each other's best friends. today, i think we might try out sacramento's fairytale town. it sounds kind of babyish so tyler might think he is too mature of it, but if he even complains one bit, i will take that opportunity to scold him and tell him he better be happy with all the experiences he gets...see, a mom is always one step ahead...even with future complaints and how she will respond to them. :)

4. the boys are such ...boys! they are sooo different from girls. i think this all the time. they just have this extra energy to be wild, to jump on each other, to play with balls in the house. tyler keeps his "toys" right next to him as he walks around the house. what are they? a malfoy's wand, a sword from the 99 cents store, a light saber that cousin eunhwa bought him years ago, a flashlight stick. i guess they are his weapons or something. it's so odd, but i love watching them grow and become big boys!

5. two dogs that i wanted were adopted by other families!! sad! there will be more so i guess we just have to wait until i feel like i have the perfect dog (perfect fit, i mean) for our family. i know very little about dogs actually, but maybe they are like babies...the learning curve is very steep? this is a 10-14 year commitment so i better get my act together once the dog arrives. we shall see how this goes. ;)

6. when chase thinks about his childhood and thinks of his favorite song that his momma used to sing to him, he will immediately think of "hush, little baby, don't say a word, momma's gonna to buy you a mockingbird, if that mockingbird don't sing, momma's gonnna buy you a diamond ring...." you know the rest. it has always been chase's favorite lullaby since he was a toddler. i was singing it for the millionth time the other night, and i literally gasped!...omg, that song is about fixing problems by BUYING things over and over again. i hate this song and what it stands for! what a horrible thing to teach kids...solve your problems buy spending money and buying things? this is completely opposite from what i want to teach the boys. i don't tell them so much in words, but i hope to teach them through my actions that money and buying things will not make for a happier life. i'm kind of sad that chase and my "song" is one that i don't love. i wish i actually listened to the lyrics a little more closely as i sang it to him every night for the last five years! geez!

don't worry, chase, we will have another "mommy and chasey" song soon, and though i don't want you to forget mommy's voice and hugs while i sang it to you, i do hope that the song itself holds no real meaning for you. life is what you make of it and your prospective and attitude about everything. happiness comes from within. it's not about how much money you make and how you spend it. trust me, it's easy for me to forget this sometimes too and if i ever forget in the future, please remind me gently in my old age.

7. babies are sooo cute to me lately! babies everywhere and they are sooooooo adorable, with their fat cheeks and their cooing and them smelling all babylicious! ohhh.... sometimes i think i could have had like five more babies! well, for sure, that ain't happening, but i just miss that baby stage lately! (it's all those baby pics on instagram, i tell ya!) i even looked at baby pics of tyler and chase last night to relive those baby years!

8. while i was looking at baby pics, i went down memory lane and looked at some high school and college pictures as well (too much time on my hands!) super fun to look at old pictures, right? i even took pics of two embarrassing pics and sent them to the people in them...that's always fun to do and i plan on embarrassing more people in the future! get ready, people!

9. looking at pictures of old friends made me think of how grateful i am to have made life long friends along the way. the one thing that i am thankful for in my friends is their ability to forgive me when i have done or said something stupid. everyone, i mean, everyone, is stupid in their own way. i have said things in the past that, i knew from the second it left my stupid little mouth, i shouldn't have said it. i have done (or not done) things that i knew i should do the exact opposite for but maybe i was too lazy, or didn't know how to go about doing (and didn't take the time to find out) to do what i knew was right. but i just think that if you know a person and you know that they have good meaning hearts and they are not evil, malicious people, then you can forgive them for the stupid things they say and do along the way. cause...we all do, right? thank you to all my friends for offering that to me. it means more to me than you know.

well, i better go and start my day! fairytale town, here we come! :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy new year, my peeps! it is 2013, baby!

for this first of the year, i thought i would share one of my favorite dances. it's not the tango or macarena or the waltz.

it is the...dougie! i don't know...if i see someone doing the dougie, i am instantly smiling and happy! it is such a fun/funny dance!

if i'm ever sad and you want to make me laugh, this will do the trick. :)