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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There is one picture that was taken by Jason that makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Imagine the scene. Your wife just gave birth to your second son. You mother, your mother in law and your first son are cooing over the newborn. This is the perfect photo op. You want to perserve this special moment forever so you hold up your digital camera and tell everyone to look up for a moment and say cheese and you take the picture.

Here is the picture taken by Jason right after Chase was born.

This picture makes me laugh for various reasons. First of all, we have SO many pictures like this, where Jason just snapped when no one was ready. You would think that he would look at the horrible picture he just took and want to take another one. NOPE! Not my husband. He will only take ONE picture. That's all we get. One shot. If you're weren't looking, too bad. If eyes are closed, better open them next time.

I have now resorted to having Tyler take my pictures. Even if there is a blur of his little finger, at least he'll keep taking as many as I want him to take!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Some random pics... yay!

Chase and Tyler playing together.

Tyler and Chase like to make a tent and sit under it.

Tyler, come out now!

Playing with Grandma Park.

Me and Kristen...can't wait till the big day!

Chase and Kristen.

I finally downloaded pics from when I saw Posh and Beckham at Disneyland and, sadly, this is my best shot!! Ok, so everyone is turned the other way but, hey, you can see Posh's profile!

Not the best pic of Tyler at TKD...but so cute right?

Tyler at Chuck e Cheese! I hate it in there but Tyler seems to love it!

Fourth of July family picture!

My dad (Tyler and Chase's grandfather) is going through a midlife crisis. He thinks he is a young teenager and dresses like one.

We call this Chase's sad, huh? He hates being in his playpen so we rarely put him in here. I only put him in when I HAVE to do something with Tyler and this is the safest place for Chase to be.

Tyler looks like such a big boy in this picture. He is talking to his best friend at his old school.

Tyler insisted on being carried around in the baby bjorn!

Chase eyeing his baby bjorn!

Chase waiting patiently in his carseat.

I should be sleeping or packing. We're going to SF for the next five days. I'll come back thinking:

a) I'm so glad we went to SF! What a lovely trip filled with memories to last a lifetime.


b) What the heck was I thinking?! That wasn't a was torture and the kids won't even remember any of it!

Hopefully, it won't be so bad. Can't wait to see Jeannie and Jen!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some pics I stole from Claud...

Must have been around Christmas Knotts.

Another Christmas picture...Katie is our best present!

Auntie loves Katie! Tyler saw this picture and said, "Emily, don't kiss Katie. Only Thomas." Emily is me and Thomas is Tyler.

Happy 2nd Birthday Katie!

Tyler and Katie sharing ice cream together. We asked them to smile and this is what we got from Tyler. Boys!

Mom and Claud taking pics without me! Where was I?!

Grandkids with Grandpa Park.

Grandpa with just the boys.

I love you Katie!

Just the girls.

Chase with Uncle Rich

Tyler and Jason on a boat. Where is Jason's life jacket?

Some random pics. I know I always say this, but I need to find an easier way to post pictures.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. When you've been a teacher, it's hard to throw anything away because it can be turned into something else! For example, I was about to throw this empty envelope box away and then I had an idea. Make Tyler a mailbox! So I just put Tyler's name on it and taped it to his bedroom door. He loves getting mail from mommy and daddy and anyone else who happens to stop by! It encourages reading too because I will write simple sentences such as, "Dear Tyler, I sat on your bed. Love, Mom" Kind of ghetto, but fun, right?

Another example of me still thinking like a teacher. I was at Ace Hardware when I saw paint swatches. I took some home, talk to Tyler about shades of dark and light. Then we cut them up and glued it on construction paper! He loved it and it didn't cost anything! Lovely..anything can be turned into so called art!

Chase at the Korean market...Hmmm, what should we pick up for daddy tonight?

My growing boy... He turned 11 months today! (This is an older pic though..I'm always behind with my picture postings!)

We planted a flower and Tyler was excited to see it grow!

Tyler and Chase playing before going to bed. I love my kids in pajamas. Mostly, pjs are skin tight...what else is cuter on a kid?

Chase cruising around his toys!

Favorite snack...cheerios!

My mom makes me do art on the sidewalk so there is less to clean up!

We love each other!

Doesn't this just bring a smile to your face? I love it!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

After rereading what I wrote about my new bangs I realized that I totally contradicted myself. One hand, saying that it was good for me and then saying that it didn't help the forehead situation at all. Folks, I just write what comes to me and I am a very fickle girl!

(Side story about my fickleness. When I was in high school and Rich was in elementary school, I was a very fickle girl. I would say something like, "Rich, let's go get some McDonalds." He, getting all excited, would get dressed while dreaming of his Big Mac and fries, and then I would say to him, "Oh, forget it. I changed my mind." This would drive him so crazy! And then, when he got a bit older and a bit wiser, he wouldn't even waste a second to run out the door if I even so much as suggested that we go somewhere. He would be like, "Hurry. Hurry! Get out the door before you change your mind!" haha. Oh, that reminds me of a time Rich and I decided to drive to South Coast from Cerritos. On the way there, I totally changed my mind and didn't want to go anymore so I think we went to Westminster Mall instead. So fickle, right?! Gosh, I don't know how people used to put up with me and my everychanging whims! I think even I would get irritated at my old self!)

Funny thing Tyler said to me the other day: He said, "Mommy, Popcorn is popping in my butt." At first I was confused. Then I realized that he just farted!

So I'm starting to workout again and it feels good. Ok, I'll be honest. It's only been two days but still... I'm motivated and think I can make it a habit. In the last four years, I've hit the gym ONCE! Yup, isn't that crazy and disgusting all at the same time? Well, when you're pregnant and you have a husband who acts helpless to be alone with babies, that's what happens. Maybe I'll post some stuff in here about how things are going. Will be kind of embarrassing when I stop after a week, but maybe if I make my desires to be more healthful (who am I kidding- my desires to stop the jiggling as I walk!) public, maybe I'll be more diligent and committed to working out.

Ok, I have so much paperwork to do. Don't laugh! Yes, stay at home moms have paperwork to do too! Fill out Tyler's preschool forms, pay bills, write birthday cards, organize receipts to return useless items, etc. I truly do have a full plate sometimes. I don't know how people work and get all this stuff done at the same time!

Good night!