Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Monday, April 30, 2007

I was looking through some old pictures and came across this one. It was taken the day we moved back to Los Angeles from Portland. I think this one will end up being one of my favorites with Tyler because it's shows such a real moment, me with no make-up, hugging Tyler with all my love, being so happy to be back home.
I can't believe that two years have passed and that Tyler has changed so much!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Here are some pictures of Tyler that we took at a studio. I had to scan them so the quality ain't so great. Since I have ALL the time in the world now, maybe I'll post a little bit each day!

"We thought we would spend a relaxing weekend in Cambria. I must say, my daddy and mommy are not very good at taking pictures. Half of this picture is the parking lot!" "It was beautiful and very peaceful!"
"Let me try this red wine."
"Ok, now, time for the white wine!"
"White wine wins! Cheers daddy!"

Monday, April 23, 2007

We had a big scare this weekend so I'm back on two weeks of bedrest. Crazy. At this point, I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and calling the school year over. Obviously, God is trying to tell me that I have to take things easy and I'm starting to think that it might be better for my students to have a permanent new teacher for the next two months, instead of having different subs and wonder when and if I will be coming back.

Now that I found my charger, I can't find my camera! I think I left it in the hotel at Cambria this weekend. Great. I had pictures of Tyler enjoying wine and cheese that I wanted to post! Hopefully, it will be found somewhere. At this point, I think this camera/charger is jinxed and I wouldn't mind starting fresh with a new one.

What will I do with myself the next two weeks to four months? I would totally take some online classes or get some work done on this computer, but the doctor told me that I shouldn't be sitting for more than a couple of minutes..just to eat! Can you imagine the boredom that will set in? At least this time around, Tyler is in daycare so I don't have to worry about taking care of him, having another adult in the house (my MIL), and stay off my feet. I felt like the biggest lazy ass being on my ass all day while my MIL took care of Tyler last time. Four months of feeling stressed/ sad for my students/ bored/ unproductive so my son will be born healthy. Four months is really nothing in the big scheme of things.

I really got a second chance with this one. On Sunday, we thought we lost him for awhile so I shouldn't be complaining at all. Ok, now I feel guilty! Anyways, if you have a second and would like to keep this bored woman company, give me a ring! I'll pick up. That is, if I find my phone charger...think I left that in Cambria too. Nice!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here are some pics for the day. Tyler asked me to "uh boo ba" his teddy bear on his back and walked around our home. I love this cute little picture of Tyler. He looks so sweet.

"I want to go to the conference with daddy!"

We do this thing called a "burrito" on Tyler. We wrap him up like a tight burrito and sing him the burrito song. He often requests "burrito" so I think he likes it!

Picture with Christine and Brady. I can't believe that Christine and I are mothers!

My Spring Break is over. (sad face) I can't believe I have to go to school tomorrow. I'll be having nightmares tonight for sure. Where did the time go? I had a great break and got a lot of stuff done. I enjoy being near and around my house so that is exactly where I stayed! Three more months and then it's summer!

Can't believe that I'm going to have another baby in four short months. Crazy! This pregnancy is just flying by. It's totally different than my first pregnancy, not only the symptoms but also how we're acting towards it. With Tyler, every little thing was so monumental, every kick and jab recorded, and ohhed and ahhed over. With this one, I haven't read one pregnancy book and time just seemed to have flown by.

Lately, Tyler has become a little parrot and mimics everything we say. It's been fun telling him things to say to Jason. For example, when Jason said he was going to go work out to lose a few pounds, Tyler said to him, with a little coaching from me, "Dream on." When Jason doesn't do what I want him to do and I feel inclined to do the "u-g-l-y, you don't got no alibi. you ugly. you ugly" cheer, I have Tyler join in and say, "You ugly." I know I shouldn't be teaching him things like that, but it's really funny!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Since I'm obviously in the mood to avoid being productive and just blog, I have a story that I've been meaning to share.

A couple of months ago, I said to Jason, "Oh my God, our neighbor just bought a lamborghini!" He looked at me and said in a voice like I should know, "That's a Mustang."

How am I suppose to know! They both have horses on them! Isn't there copyright laws and stuff on things like this?!

Just for kicks... Richard said that the caption for this pictures should read, "Sit down and eat all your chicken! We have 2 orders of it!" Remember how I ordered too much food?! haha...

The other day when I was cleaning out our frig, I found this awfully shriveled up skinny carrot and when Jason got home, I made him close his eyes, look away and feel it while telling him my fingers have been really dry lately. He shook his head and gave me that look he always gives me, and I went on guffawing at my clever self.

Since I have a moment, I decided to work on Tyler's baby book (which I haven't touched since he was one! But Tyler doesn't have to know that!). At the same time, I decided to check his email address. And, I am so upset! Yahoo mail said that since Tyler or I haven't checked it in over four months, all the letters he has received cannot be retrieved unless I pay for it! Isn't that crazy! I've been writing him letters periodically so he could read about his adventures as a baby when he gets older and now it is all gone! I guess I could pay for it, but dang... that kind of sucks! I mean, who've heard of such craziness...paying for email!

Yesterday, I took Tyler to get a haircut and there was this mom who was getting mad at her 30 year old son for picking out his own haircut! It wasn't a radical haircut or anything, just a regular short cut and the mom was having a fit! He had to say to her, "I'll pick this time and you can pick next time." WTF? He looked like he was in his 30's! And afterwards, she huffed and puffed away looking all mad. I felt so bad for this guy. I mean, to have lived with that his whole life... I let Tyler make his own choics now! Will it be cereal or oatmeal, my king? Will it be the park or music school today, your highness? I say, let the kids pick and deal with the consequences!

There is one thing about pregnancy that is very hard for me. I can't eat sushi. Or I should say, I shouldn't eat sushi. If you know me, this is very hard for me. I can't wait for my first sushi meal after the baby comes.It will be a glorious day for me indeed. At this point, I don't care if it's Todai! Just get me some rice and let me dip it in nose burning wasabi!

So my second day of "vacation." What have I done so far? Gone to the bank, returned stuff I shouldn't have bought in the first place, went to the market, cleaned the place, got an oil change, paid pills. Gosh, doesn't vacation sound FUN! I knew I was waiting for Spring Break for a reason!

I wanted to get Souplantation for lunch today until I heard about the e.coli scare at a Souplantation on the morning news today. Scary. The Chinese Chicken is pretty good, but I ain't gettting sick over it!

We went to Universal Studios this past weekend and we're so dumb because we bought the Front of the Line Pass. You should have seen us Sunday morning, all giddy buying our tickets online. I had visions of us walking past long ol' lines for rides. So we went and picked up our Front of the Line Pass, thinking we so cool for having this dangling card on our necks, like we some VIP at a concert. And get this, we don't even use it ONCE!!! Did we forget that I am five months pregnant and can't go on most of the rides for which there are lines? Did we forget we have a toddler who can't go on the rides for which there are lines? All we did was go on the freakin' tram ride cause we lazy, eat greasy food, and come home! I even thought about asking for a refund since we ended up not using it, did I tell you, not even ONCE?! But I thought they would just laugh in our faces. So we came home. At least we got the annual pass. Wahoo. So we can go on the tram ride again, and see King Kong, and Jaws, and get Tyler crying again!