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Monday, April 23, 2007

We had a big scare this weekend so I'm back on two weeks of bedrest. Crazy. At this point, I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and calling the school year over. Obviously, God is trying to tell me that I have to take things easy and I'm starting to think that it might be better for my students to have a permanent new teacher for the next two months, instead of having different subs and wonder when and if I will be coming back.

Now that I found my charger, I can't find my camera! I think I left it in the hotel at Cambria this weekend. Great. I had pictures of Tyler enjoying wine and cheese that I wanted to post! Hopefully, it will be found somewhere. At this point, I think this camera/charger is jinxed and I wouldn't mind starting fresh with a new one.

What will I do with myself the next two weeks to four months? I would totally take some online classes or get some work done on this computer, but the doctor told me that I shouldn't be sitting for more than a couple of minutes..just to eat! Can you imagine the boredom that will set in? At least this time around, Tyler is in daycare so I don't have to worry about taking care of him, having another adult in the house (my MIL), and stay off my feet. I felt like the biggest lazy ass being on my ass all day while my MIL took care of Tyler last time. Four months of feeling stressed/ sad for my students/ bored/ unproductive so my son will be born healthy. Four months is really nothing in the big scheme of things.

I really got a second chance with this one. On Sunday, we thought we lost him for awhile so I shouldn't be complaining at all. Ok, now I feel guilty! Anyways, if you have a second and would like to keep this bored woman company, give me a ring! I'll pick up. That is, if I find my phone charger...think I left that in Cambria too. Nice!

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