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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Since I have a moment, I decided to work on Tyler's baby book (which I haven't touched since he was one! But Tyler doesn't have to know that!). At the same time, I decided to check his email address. And, I am so upset! Yahoo mail said that since Tyler or I haven't checked it in over four months, all the letters he has received cannot be retrieved unless I pay for it! Isn't that crazy! I've been writing him letters periodically so he could read about his adventures as a baby when he gets older and now it is all gone! I guess I could pay for it, but dang... that kind of sucks! I mean, who've heard of such craziness...paying for email!

Yesterday, I took Tyler to get a haircut and there was this mom who was getting mad at her 30 year old son for picking out his own haircut! It wasn't a radical haircut or anything, just a regular short cut and the mom was having a fit! He had to say to her, "I'll pick this time and you can pick next time." WTF? He looked like he was in his 30's! And afterwards, she huffed and puffed away looking all mad. I felt so bad for this guy. I mean, to have lived with that his whole life... I let Tyler make his own choics now! Will it be cereal or oatmeal, my king? Will it be the park or music school today, your highness? I say, let the kids pick and deal with the consequences!

There is one thing about pregnancy that is very hard for me. I can't eat sushi. Or I should say, I shouldn't eat sushi. If you know me, this is very hard for me. I can't wait for my first sushi meal after the baby comes.It will be a glorious day for me indeed. At this point, I don't care if it's Todai! Just get me some rice and let me dip it in nose burning wasabi!

So my second day of "vacation." What have I done so far? Gone to the bank, returned stuff I shouldn't have bought in the first place, went to the market, cleaned the place, got an oil change, paid pills. Gosh, doesn't vacation sound FUN! I knew I was waiting for Spring Break for a reason!

I wanted to get Souplantation for lunch today until I heard about the e.coli scare at a Souplantation on the morning news today. Scary. The Chinese Chicken is pretty good, but I ain't gettting sick over it!

We went to Universal Studios this past weekend and we're so dumb because we bought the Front of the Line Pass. You should have seen us Sunday morning, all giddy buying our tickets online. I had visions of us walking past long ol' lines for rides. So we went and picked up our Front of the Line Pass, thinking we so cool for having this dangling card on our necks, like we some VIP at a concert. And get this, we don't even use it ONCE!!! Did we forget that I am five months pregnant and can't go on most of the rides for which there are lines? Did we forget we have a toddler who can't go on the rides for which there are lines? All we did was go on the freakin' tram ride cause we lazy, eat greasy food, and come home! I even thought about asking for a refund since we ended up not using it, did I tell you, not even ONCE?! But I thought they would just laugh in our faces. So we came home. At least we got the annual pass. Wahoo. So we can go on the tram ride again, and see King Kong, and Jaws, and get Tyler crying again!

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