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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, I came out from of the bedroom after checking my email around 6:30 tonight and saw Jason feeding Tyler ice cream. At first, I didn't think anything of it until I noticed it was coffee ice cream! Now, who in their right mind would give a toddler coffee ice cream at 6:30 at night, or any time of day for that matter?! I knew, if Tyler inherited my crazy sensitivity to caffeine, I would be up until 3:00 in the morning. Well, thank God he fell asleep at around 10:00, about two hours past his usual bed time. Of course, the whole time, Jason was snoring in the room while I was the one trying to coax Tyler to sleep! Men!

So, after Tyler fell asleep, I watched Oprah's special on the opening of her Leadership Academy and of course, there is nothing like Oprah to bring me to tears. How does she do that every time! So tears poured as I heard story after story of girls in African living without their parents, or mothers, or fathers. I know some people criticized Oprah for building a school in Africa instead of in the US, and I also heard criticism for it being an all girl school. Why do people always have to knock people down? I mean, it is HER dream. She could do whatever the hell she wants to do. If you feel like criticizing, go build your own damn school somewhere!

So, I thought for about a good minute- yes, one whole minute- after the doctor told me that I had to be on bedrest that I would be on vacation of some sorts. Oh God, how wrong I was! This is not a vacation, this is more like torture! Like Maya Angelou, I feel like a cage bird. I can't go anywhere, I can't even watch TV (Tyler's obession with Thomas the Train is out of control at the moment.). All I do when I am not resting "horizontally" is I'm on the computer checking every website known to man. I'm like a crazy stalker or something and, like a person with a horrible addiction, I get a momentarily high when someone updates their site. If you are reading this and have some sort of xanga, blog, even a friendster page, I've seen it. Twice. Maybe more. Yes, I see all the "L" fingers moving up to your foreheads. Hey, when you're stuck at home and can't watch tv, what else is there to do? Read?!

Good night!

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