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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ok, so I was a bit hormonal during my last post. But dude, whoever utters the words "fat" and "too big" to a pregnant woman is an idiot. I mean, come on now, we're already feeling a bit alienish for having a growing being inside us!

So I had another doctor's appointment today and...she put me on two weeks bedrest!! I guess it's true to be careful what you wish for because I remember saying just the other week, "I wish I could just quit!" Well, I sort of, kind of got my wish! Two weeks is a long time for a teacher to be gone. I already feel guilty, like a loserish bad teacher, but like my doctor said to me today, "Oh, you feel guilty, huh? Think of the guilt you will feel if something happens to your baby and you didn't take any preventive measures. Priorities, Cristina!" She is right.

So I've also been feeling a little guilty/bad about something for about a month. For the last month, I haven't taken a SINGLE picture of Tyler!! Can you believe that?! That has to go in the worst mommy of all the time hall of fame. Well, I can't find the charger for my camera! I've looked and looked and the little rascal must have hidden it somewhere! Every time we go someplace or Tyler does something cute (which is always, of course!), I feel this tinge of guilt, like I should be recording every breathing moment. Well, maybe it's time for me to just go buy one right? Do they sell chargers for specific cameras at Best Buy? I don't even know!

So, Tyler is growing bigger and bigger by the day. He is amazing, actually! Tonight, our neighbor boy came over so Jason could take a look at his ears and Tyler got out his toy medical case and kept saying "doctor, doctor" over and over again. Where he learns these things I will never know!

Another thing he does that just melts my heart is he prays or he wants us to pray together. He will come up to me with his hands together and say "amen." I will tell him to put his head down and close his eyes and he will tell me who to pray for. He says "appa" first. Then "harmoni. harabuji." Then "emo (which sounds like elmo) and baby kat (kate)." Always in the order. Funny kid.

I miss Claudia so much, especially when I have something to tell someone and of course, the first person I think of is Claudia. (I KNOW Claudia is crying reading this because she has turned into the biggest sap as she gets older!) Family dinners are just not the same without the Wanger Bangers. I wonder when they'll be back.

Well, long enough post for one day. Can I handle two weeks laying down?! I think I could totally manage if I didn't have to worry about Tyler all day. Even with my mother in law here helping me with Tyler, I don't know if I will be on complete bedrest. I mean, if Tyler wants me and he knows I'm in the house, I would never NOT hold him or HIDE from him!! Can you imagine! We'll see how the next two weeks unfold. Maybe I'll end up getting more rest at school!

Happy Friday!


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