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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yeah, I finally got my blogger back! I've tried to get on for the last few weeks but for some reason, the site wouldn't take my password. Tonight, miraculously, it works!

So, tonight I was in a pissy mood. Let me tell you why. I had dinner with some people and some of the ladies at dinner were telling me I am way too big for 13 weeks. One person asked me if I was ok and if I have seen the doctor for any "problems." I told her that I saw a doctor last week and that everything was normal. Pretty much, these women were telling me I was too big. I think one person even used the word "fat."One person said,"oh, I didn't show until I was five months." I was so stunned by this conversation and it was in front of other people so I didn't quite know how to respond.

But if I could respond to them now, this is what I would say:
I'm sorry you both only had one child each and don't know how your body could be different if you had another. I, too, didn't show with Tyler until I was 6 months pregnant. I am sorry that I had major surgery following the birth of Tyler, much of which I can't remember. I did wake up to feel doctors pushing down on abdomen where I had just been cut for a c-section It felt like they were punching me over and over again. I know this because I had to stay in ICU for two days where the doctors pumped the maximum amount of drugs they could in me, but I still couldn't cry or talk for a week because it hurt too much to do so. After that, I was on oxycontin for two months. I wouldn't even wish what I went through on ANYONE. I'm sorry that because of everything that I went through, my stomach does not and will not ever look like yours and all you could talk about is how my tummy looks "not normal" to you.

I wish you would THINK before you open your fat mouth.


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