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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Still no pictures. Sorry, I don't know where to buy a new charger for my camera! I'm still looking so maybe I'll be able to track one down before Tyler turns three.

We had a party for Tyler's second birthday and I ordered sooo much food it wasn't even funny. It was to the point of embarrassment! You know it's bad when even the waitress apologizes at the end of the meal because she feels that she should have stopped the waste! I don't think I'll ever look at Buca food the same. Remember the children's book Stega Nona? Well, let's just say the pasta on our table looked like the pasta from that book, it was endless and kept on coming! Well, I learned two things from this: #1: Always wait till everyone gets there. Some people ended up not showing up at the last minute. #2: Always run your order with another GIRL. I ran it by Jason and he was like, "Yeah, yeah. That's fine." I'm sure another GIRL would have knocked some sense into me. Well, live and learn. Anyways, it was funny to talk about all things we could do with the leftovers. Richard suggested we go to skid row and drop off the spaghetti on the streets and run for our lives. We talked about how we'll have pasta for the next two weeks. And of course, conversation always turned to, "Cristina, what were you thinking?!" haha...

I'm about 18 weeks now (and looking 30 weeks!). I've gotta say this pregnancy is so much easier than my first. Other than my growing belly, I don't even feel pregnant! With Tyler, I was dizzy for 9 months straight! I remember driving in Portland half dazed and teaching in a haze. I thought that every pregnancy was like my first and that women who said that their pregnancies were easy just had a higher threshold for pain. Well, now I've learned that every pregnancy can be very different.

We have a name for our little boy, and it's pretty set in stone. There is this one person who keeps questioning our choice and that's kind of annoying. I understand mentioning ONCE that you don't like a name that's been picked out, though I think even that can border on being rude. Anyways, this person mentioned it twice and told me that my poor boy will be ridiculed in school. I told her that I'll raise my boy with a tough skin and that he'll have to learn to rise above any taunts over his name. And if he does get teased, I say it'll just make him stronger!

Well, two more weeks and then I'm on Spring Break! Wahoo! After that, it's smooth sailing until Summer Break!

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