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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here are some pics for the day. Tyler asked me to "uh boo ba" his teddy bear on his back and walked around our home. I love this cute little picture of Tyler. He looks so sweet.

"I want to go to the conference with daddy!"

We do this thing called a "burrito" on Tyler. We wrap him up like a tight burrito and sing him the burrito song. He often requests "burrito" so I think he likes it!

Picture with Christine and Brady. I can't believe that Christine and I are mothers!

My Spring Break is over. (sad face) I can't believe I have to go to school tomorrow. I'll be having nightmares tonight for sure. Where did the time go? I had a great break and got a lot of stuff done. I enjoy being near and around my house so that is exactly where I stayed! Three more months and then it's summer!

Can't believe that I'm going to have another baby in four short months. Crazy! This pregnancy is just flying by. It's totally different than my first pregnancy, not only the symptoms but also how we're acting towards it. With Tyler, every little thing was so monumental, every kick and jab recorded, and ohhed and ahhed over. With this one, I haven't read one pregnancy book and time just seemed to have flown by.

Lately, Tyler has become a little parrot and mimics everything we say. It's been fun telling him things to say to Jason. For example, when Jason said he was going to go work out to lose a few pounds, Tyler said to him, with a little coaching from me, "Dream on." When Jason doesn't do what I want him to do and I feel inclined to do the "u-g-l-y, you don't got no alibi. you ugly. you ugly" cheer, I have Tyler join in and say, "You ugly." I know I shouldn't be teaching him things like that, but it's really funny!

Have a great week!

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