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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey everyone! We survived the move! :) I'll write more once we have our computer set up. I'm still not used to writing on the iPad! We're living in Roseville, about 20 minutes away from Sacramento. It looks very much like Irvine- minus the Asians! Yesterday, we went to an AYSO meeting for Tyler's soccer, and out of about 60 families, we were the only Asians! Not that that is a problem at all, but I can't believe it! I thought we were everywhere! I'm still trying to get used to the neighborhood and have ventured out quite a bit this past week. Since I have all the time in the world now, my goal now is to be Susie Homemaker. Fresh meals, clean house is part of the "new" me! (we'll see how long THAT lasts!) Tyler will be starting 2nd grade on August 24th and I signed Chase up for a preschool Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 to 11:30. Moving is cool in that it makes you reevaluate what you have in your life- from friends to even all the crap that has been collected through the years. It's been good to "clean house" and get rid of things that just make not only physical clutter, but mind clutter as well. Anyways, I will write more when our desktop is set fingers will never get used to typing on this thing! Hope you are enjoying your summer and ttyl!

Monday, July 18, 2011

a little late (sorry!) but welcome ryan hong! you are super adorable!

can't believe you were nearly 9 pounds, ryan!

chase and ethan playing in the backyard.

a picture of the family! i can't believe we won't grow old in irvine together. :(

hey there! a quick update.

a family pic at chase's party.

one picture of the house that i found. halloween 2010. we will miss you, house!

1. packing today and tomorrow, loading up the truck on wednesday and leaving our house on thursday. :(  oh, not too much to pack because the movers will be doing most of it tomorrow! yay!!!

2. heidi and phillip's wedding was beautiful! too bad i didn't take one picture because i didn't bring my camera! i thought SOMEONE in the family would have a camera and would be taking pictures! claudia? nope! rich? nope! jess? nope! jason? nope! no one!!!! i realize that if i ever want any pictures of any events, I'M going to have to take them!

3. hitting up the nordstrom sale with cousin minseo today!

4. tomorrow will be hectic here. :( can't believe we are really moving!! waaahhhhh!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

when i think about packing and moving, i feel knots in my stomach. we haven't even started packing at all- not ONE box. we find out tomorrow if our moving company can pack as well. i am hoping and praying they will be able to because i don't know if i can do all this in two days (one day without jason here). seriously, thinking about it is giving me an ulcer. please, please, please moving have to come through for us!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

random thoughts:

1. started watching the korean drama "my love by my side" at night once the boys go to sleep. it's not the best drama out there, but seriously, what is it about korean dramas? they just suck you in and you want more, more, more! i can watch hours and not even realize that hours have passed.  it is THAT good (even when it's not!).

2. movers will be here packing on monday, loading up the truck on tuesday. since we will be in sierra madre this weekend for heidi and phillip's wedding, that doesn't leave too much time to see people from now until then.  :( glad i got to see most people at the going away party!

3. going over to susan's house today to learn the ART of couponing. i am really excited! i actually tried to get into this awhile back and even bought a coupon holder, but gave up after a week or so. now that i'll have more time on my hands in sac, maybe this will become my new hobby! hey, a penny saved is a penny earned, right? that would be cool if susan and i lived closer and i didn't have to move...we would just hit the stores every day with our coupons in hand. fun! we are such old ajumas now! ;)

4. one thing that is great about being a mom? when one of the boys says spontaneously, "i love you, mommy.". ahh, melts my heart.

5. tyler is a self professed "momma's boy." he will write a letter to me and sign it "momma's boy." better stay like that forever!

6. time is going so quickly.  i'm just giving myself until thursday to kind of relax and play, then wedding friday-sunday, then moving monday-tuesday. heaven help me! it's a little bit nervewracking and exciting at the same time. once we get there, my days will be SOOOO quiet and lonely, i am sure to get depressed!

7. oooh, totally looking forward to thursday. it's my final day having my in laws watch the boys while i get some "me" time! :) it sounds so selfish-"me" time! but all mommies need to have it to recharge!

8. speaking of mommies....mommies out there, don't you feel like you're always cleaning?!! so much of my time is washing dishes, doing laudry, putting things's a whole job in itself!

9. oh, and we found renters. we were in a time crunch and didn't give ourselves enough time to find renters for our house so, basically, we lowered the price hundreds of dollars for this one couple. damn, they better know they are getting one hell of a deal and keep the house nice and clean!! we really liked this couple so i hope they have fun living here!

ok. better clean up and get ready for the day! have a great tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

random thoughts:

1. i am so out of it. i thought today was tuesday and put on the trash for trash day. just realized that is is monday!

2. i think kate middleton makes such a perfect princess. don't know too much about her, but she definitely looks the part.

3. love the vita mix blender. just got it like last week but have already used it so many times. goes down as one of two great purchases of this past year (that and the clarisonic). just made the boys a smoothie. so far, the base of the smoothie has always been the same: banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, orange juice. then i get creative. this time i added brocolli, spinach, grapes, and carrots. the boys loved it and drank it all up! maybe they will get sick of this and i will have to find a new "recipe" soon. love it! it's raw goodness that i'm happy to give to my boys! oh and the clean up couldn't be easier! i basically put water and soap in the thing and "blend" it easy!

4. i'm so bad at throwing parties. this saturday, we had chase's 4th birthday party/ our going away party and so many things went wrong! first of all, i didn't have enough favors! i kind of knew this would be a problem a couple of day prior to the day of the party so i had to get different favors last minute. this happened because people rsvped really late after i had ordered the favors online and i didn't have have time to order more. i guess i should have taken that into account and ordered extra favors when i did. :(  all the kids got favors, but some were just different. hope all the kids were ok with their favors. also, during the magic show, i was suppose to get all the stuff ready for the ice cream, like get all the toppings out of the bags, but i was totally oblivious to the time and was chatting away with people and didn't even have things ready when the magic show was over. i thought the ice cream part was really chaotic. oh wells. i hope everyone who wanted ice cream got some. :( plus, after we sang happy birthday, i had to help out with the ice cream and didn't have time to cut the cake right away. i looked over and saw a guest cutting and passing out the cake. maybe i should have assigned someone to do that ahead of time. :( well, i've learned for next time! have plenty of extra favors, watch the time, and assign someone to cut the cake if i can't do it. lessons learned.

5. i'm trying to cut coffee out of my system for good, but it is sooo hard. i love coffee, milk tea boba...all of it. it's sooo bad for me and i take in so much sugar by drinking these things.

6. ok, off to run some errands. have a great week!!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

a day in solvang. in a clog?

in front of a horse drawn bus. we went on for a city tour!

in front of a wind mill.

yummy, look at them danish pastries!

ok, this is kind of getting sad...there are no pics of mommy!!! not one! i will try to be in  more pics in the future!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

random thoughts:

1. that is just wild. i just found out someone from my past married someone that i hung out with at yonsei when i was there for a summer. out of about 50 classes, the girl and i were in the same class so we actually hung out quite a bit! (this is before people exchanged email addresses or had facebook so we never kept in touch, but i've thought about her often through the years) they have been married for years but i had NO idea until now! when i saw the pic, i almost gasped! that is just wild...small freakin' world!

2. tyler woke up early this morning and is watching romeo and juilet (the old version). wonders if he understands any of it! i'm going to ask him some questions about it when he is done. haha....

3. chase's 4th birthday party/ our going away party is this saturday. i really don't enjoy planning parties all that much so don't expect much! haha... there is so much to do (and i'm not even doing much!!) a couple of  things i'm worried about... 1. think it is going to be a hot day so i have to go around and borrow umbrellas (and those are not the lightest things to carry!) 2. the bathroom situation. sorry folks, if you are coming to the party, be prepared for a trek to the bathroom! 3. worried that the vendors won't show up! that is my biggest fear! what if the food or the entertainment doesn't show up? i'll  be ordering pizza at the last minute and doing a show for y'all! 4 there is construction going on right near the park and i'm not sure if they build on saturdays. damn, i hope not! too much to think about!

4. bought a vita mix blender the other day. i'm totally excited! i've been thinking about this purchase for a whole year and finally buckled and got one! yay..smoothies every day! :)

5. open house for our house is this friday. anyone interested?! would love to rent to a friend... you get a deal if i know you!

6. we will most likely be packing up the moving truck on july 21 and 22, staying in a hotel and unpacking the truck to move into our new place saturday, july 23rd.  ahhh!!!!

7. can't wait for heidi's wedding on the 16th. chase is going to be the ring bearer! super excited to see heidi and phillip on their special day!

8. chase loves making necklaces. he will sit and string yarn with little beads for hours on end. for many reasons, this surprises me!

9. i guess tyler understood some part of romeo and juilet...he just came into the room and said, "mommy, come and watch the movie with me. it is so sad." maybe because people are crying all over the place in the movie?!

10. saw mommy kris the other day. thompson is sooo cute, kris! can't wait to see you guys again. tyler and chase were super sad they left their new toy by the pool. :( thanks for everything yesterday!

have a great wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

some random pics. here is a picture taken from our car. we've put a lot of miles on the car this month, driving here and there. do you see the rainbow in the background? the boys wanted a picture of it.

the boys made pizza for us one night. chase has been doing this with his hands every time i take a picture. he thinks he is so funny.

working hard on their pizza.

chase with his "hands" again.

gosh, they wanted these angry birds sooooo bad. tyler begged and begged me for them!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

i've seen parts of rainbows before but this is the first time i saw the full arch. it was so clear that i thought we could actually drive and see the end of it. the boys thought it was so cool and begged jason to go "look for the leprechaun!" anyways, we were driving around sacramento at the time and it seemed like a good sign so i took a picture of it!

catalina trip with grandma and grandpa kim. here is a pic of tyler and grandma on the boat there. both the boys got seasick so it wasn't a fun ride at all!

a pic of chase at the hotel. i really need to learn how to flip these pics right side up!

chase chilling out right before dinner.

on a bus tour. it was nice to just sit and enjoy the scenary.

the boys being silly after dinner.

on the glass bottom boat. saw lots of fishes and kelp!

i told tyler to look cool and this is was his cool pose.

here is my sweet chase on the way back. bye, catalina!
i really need to make more of an effort to be IN some pictures, not only take them! :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

what is up with people who don't rsvp to parties?!! either way, it just helps to know if you can or can't make it! grrr.....