Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A picture for my uncle! Congratulations for passing your test, Uncle Rich! I was rooting for you at home!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This post is for my Uncle Richard who is in New York right now. We miss you very much!

Here are some things that I've been doing.

This is my favorite toy at Mommy and Me class. I could stay here the whole hour but my mom makes me get off so I could try other things.

This is what the room looks like, but....

I always come back to my boat!

My dad has been teaching me a few things about riding a motorcycle.

I met a new friend at Sea World. Funny, this is the only picture my parents took of me at Seat World. It was a very hot day so they didn't even bother with the camera. I'm wearing a Ronaldino soccer uniform. My dad bought it for me when he was at a conference in Taiwan. My mom has no idea who that is!

I love trains! This is me at Kids Concepts in Santa Monica.

I went swimming a couple of times. I'm really excited about wearing my Speedos as you can tell here!

My mom told me that it is very important to apply sunscreen.

It feels like I spent most of the summer in the carseat driving from here to there! As you can see, I'm not very happy about that.

My mom takes me to the market and I get to push my cart around. I especially like going to the market on hot days to cool off!

We went to the beach. Please excuse the blurry picture. It's the only one my mommy took that day. Once again, too hot to think about taking pictures!

We visited my cousin Kate a couple of times. Here she is with Carol.

My mom always takes me to Toddler reading time at Barnes and Noble. I think I'm too young and I don't care too much about the story. I do care about this Curious favorite character. In this picture, my mom told me to smile. This is what my "smile" looks like.

I got this picnic beach from Ikea. It's my favorite! I love to sit on it and flip through my board books.

We went to eat lunch with Auntie Susan.

Here she is feeding me and telling me to open wide. I also saw Auntie Jenn but my mom forgot her camera!

On another hot day, we went to the California Science Center. Here we are in the earthquake simulator.

That's it for now. I'm having a fun time with my mom and dad. I love the summer!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's good to know that some of you are still checking this site! :)

I feel so bad right now. I woke up and Jason had already gone to work. I hate when that happens. I feel like such a bad wife. I think I should always get up and at least say good bye at the door! That is the least I can do for him before he goes to work! NOO...all he saw before he left was my lazy ass still sleeping! I vaguely remember him talking to me but I couldn't muster enough energy to stir from the bed. What a bad wife I am!

One thing about Jason is that he has not once said to me, "You have to do this or that." Not once. About anything. I love that about him.

But, I think a wife should do certain things: make sure her husband is fed (if not by a homecooked meal, at least have something on the table), make sure he has clean clothes to wear, the house is somewhat clean, etc. I'm really old school like that and think that certain things are the women's job in the house.

Oh, and also, I should be able to get my fat self out of bed in the mornings and say bye while Jason leaves for a hard day's work!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm sure that I've lost all my readers since I don't post often enough. I've lost all motivation and interest in writing. My mind is occupied with: Did Tyler get enough to eat? Does Tyler drink too much milk? Why am I so fat? Did I finish my homework? (I'm taking an online class.) Lately, I just wish I could be a student again!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I love summer break! I'm having so much fun! Tyler was very cranky all last week and we finally figured out why...his molars are coming out. Poor thing, it must hurt a lot.

I want to start planning for next year, but I don't know what grade I'll be teaching! It will either be 1st grade, 1st/2nd combo class, or 3rg grade again. The administration knows that I'm very flexible so I think they're taking their sweet time to tell me for certain. But, it would be awesome to know so I could start planning when I have free time at home.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi! I know, I suck at posting lately. Hope everyone is having a great summer!