Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Friday, December 25, 2009

We ended up going to the mountains yesterday. Didn't drink enough water so I'm feeling a bit dizzy today. Why, oh why, didn't I take my magical water bottle with me?

The boys had a fun Christmas morning. Tyler is asking too many questions this morning- "How does Santa fit down the chimney? How did he get this big box down the chimney? Does Santa BUY his toys because this toy has a price on it?" And making comments like, "Oh, Santa has the same wrapping paper as us!" Would it be mean to tell a boy to stop asking so many questions?! haha.

Speaking of mean, would it be mean of me to RETURN Christmas presents? I mean, we bought it for the boys, wrapped them up and the boys like everything but I feel like they don't NEED it and it's only going to be one more thing to add to the mess! Actually, their favorite toy this morning is a bucket of animals I bought at Target for only $10. They've been ignoring the more expensive toys so those are the ones that I am thinking of returning. It just shows tht kids don't need the newest and most expensive toys. Sometimes, the classic toys are best and I guess kids just like animal figures.

Anyways, off to Claudia's house for a morning brunch! Merry Christmas, everyone! Can't believe it's almost 2010!! wow....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some random thoughts:

1. Jason has some grand idea to take the boys to see snow today. We were planning on doing this sometime this season but I really don't want it to be today! I had plans for the day! I was looking forward to a quiet day of cleaning up, playing "school" with the boys, and of course, a trip to Costco to finish off a great day! Now, I have to pack and get the boys ready..for what? So I can sit in the snow and freeze my ass off and remind myself not to complain?! I'm totally not looking forward to it!

2. In the beginning of December, I LOVE Christmas decorations. I always tell myself that Christmas decorations are so pretty and fun, they should stay up ALL year long. And then the days turn into weeks, and by Christmas Day, I can't wait to get rid of everything. It just becomes clutter...stockings land on the floor, needles everywhere, presents need to be handed out. I'm so over it. I want everything Christmas out of this house!

3. Don't know why, but I've gained so much weight since we moved into this new house. Maybe because it's bigger and I think my butt should match my house?! Don't know.... but something has to change. I have so many excuses as to why I've gained a pound a week! Excuses...excuses...all excuses! (I'll write out all my excuses at a later time....that should be an enlightening read!)

4. I watched Annie with Tyler the other day while Chase slept and I think he liked it! He told me he likes musicals.(Sound of Music singalong time, Susan?)It's fun to relive your childhood with your own children. I remember watching Annie when I was four and now I was watching it with Tyler!

5. Gotta much to do! This mommy job I signed up for is never ending, I tell ya!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of my favorite CDs is Enrique Iglesias Hero. It totally takes me back to 2001-2002. I was so young. Only my second year teaching. Reminds me of the World Trade Center and the shock of it. Takes me back to when Jason and I were dating. Free nights on the town with girlfriends. Waking up in the afternoon. Living with Jen and Weikuo in Palms. Running on the beach. Doing what I wanted when I wanted to do it. Isn't it amazing how a certain song can take you back in time?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I was online right now when a former student sent me a message via yahoo chat. (I always give every former student of mine a personal letter from me and my email address on the last day of school. I tell them that when they are older and doing great things with their lives, I want to hear all about it. I occasionally will get emails from former students and it always puts a smile on my face to hear how they think high school is hard and how they remember a certain event or lesson they learned in my class.) So anyways, this boy who started chatting with me was a very difficult student. Always tested low. Always had bad behavior. But, he was very smart- street smart, that is. He had so much personality and charisma and he could make anyone smile. He was such a jokster and I would sometimes have to hide my laughter from the other students because I seriously thought his remarks and comments were funny! He told me that he was currently suspended from school and all the other bad things that have happened in his life the last three years. I tried to hear him out and encourage him. I recall his mother being a single mom and working hard to make end's meet so we chatted about that. I told him how I honestly felt. I told him that he was smart, that even at the young age of nine, he knew exactly what to say to any adult and that many other children could not do that at that age. I told him that I thought he was really funny and that he used to make me laugh in class. I told him some other stuff too...I tried to be encouraging and motivating. It didn't seem like he was getting any of that the last three years. Anyways, I had to go, but his last message said, "Thank you, Mrs. Kim. I will always remember you and everything you said to me. You are really nice."

And, I don't know, it made me tear up a bit. You know, I love being a teacher. I love being able to show a kid that he is special in his own way. I don't expect all the students in my class to be book smart. God didn't make everyone the same. I do know that God gave EVERYONE a special talent or gift. It could very well music or art or even the gift to be a good friend or to understand other people. I know that EVERYONE is given at least one gift. As a teacher, I love finding out about my students and figuring out the gift that God has given them as the year goes on and I get to know them better. I love commenting about their gift and letting them know that I recognize it in them. I love seeing their faces when they start to realize that maybe they do have a gift in them. I don't only commend those who test well or read well or write well. It is my job as a teacher to make sure every student feels like they shine, and in my eyes, they do. I just love making a child feel special...Nothing makes me feel like I've accomplished more.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Man, this song cracks me up everytime I hear it. It's so funny, right? I don't know why I'm so intrigued by this song. Maybe it's because:

1. I watch the Housewives show and it followed Kim trying to make this song.
2. I love a middle aged woman in spandex. Girl, work your stuff!
3. It gives me hope that I, too, can be a one hit wonder one day.
4. The lyrics are hilarious! "Forget about work and the stress of the week!"
5. The tune is actually catchy and it makes me want to shake my "money maker" when I hear it! (haha, claudia!)
6. I like saying "Don't be tardy for the party!"

I just like this song even though all parts of my brain tell me that I shouldn't!

Monday, December 07, 2009

What do I listen to when I am on Pandora? My favorite music of all time...anything by Jim Brickman. I love, love, love his music. I hope to go to one of his concerts one day. I think that I will most likely have tears in my eyes...that's how much I love his music! Anyways, for those of you who might not be familiar with Jim Brickman....

My favorite Disney song....

I trained for the marathon with this song. Don't know why it helped me run since it has a pretty slow beat for running. Anyways, I told someone that I liked this song once and she looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I knew what the song was about. No, but I still like it! :) I think Missy Elliott has some cool songs!

I happen to come across this video today on the internet and I thought to myself, "Songs, love songs in particular, are just better to listen to and music videos are much more fun to watch when you are single. It's not as fun after you are married." Maybe because so much of it is about love lost and broken hearts, which are things you experience before you get married?? Don't know why, but it's true in my book.

Some random thoughts for the morning:

1. It took me about 32 years to realize that my hair looks the best when I don't do anything to it! natural is best, ladies!

2. I need to drink tons of water if I want to feel my best. If I don't, I feel sluggish and tired. It took me about 30 years to figure this one out!

3. My mom recently gave me my huge crate full of my old cake decorating tools that I accumulated before I got married. I am so excited to get back into making and decorating cakes!

4. Our home is slowly beginning to feel like OUR place.

5. I told Jason this is all i want for christmas this year. I'm not big on Christmas presents and I don't expect a huge present from Jason either. I don't believe in buying Tyler and Chase a whole bunch of junk for Christmas. They will both be getting one present from us and one from Santa, and other presents from family and friends.

6. Darn rain, wanted to go to Disneyland today!

7. Can't believe Amanda Knox was found guilty. I actually screamed when I heard the verdict.

8. We got a real tree this year and it smells so good. I will be sad the day this tree has to go to the curb.

9. I love Christmas decorations but I can't get myself to buy huge outdoor decorations because I don't want it taking up space in the garage 11 months of the year! What to do?!

10. Our Christmas lights look so sad. (I'll post a pic later) Our neighbor called our lights very "Charlie Brown Christmas." haha. We have a weird looking house and it's hard to put lights up. The only way is the put lights up on the roof and I told Jason it's not worth it because he could fall off and it's not worth paying someone to do it either. So this year we have the saddest looking lights on the block...oh wells!

11. My eye sight is geting so bad. Can you do lasik twice in one eye?

12. I love living so close to 85 Bakery, though my hips don't like it one bit! I recently had my first sea salt coffee. Sounds disgusting, but it lives up to the hype. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I was in good company! :)

13. I think this Thanksgiving was the best so far! We had so many family members around and it was so festive!

14. I need to find some nice looking folding tables and chairs. Why can't some company make these? I hate the ones on the market.

15. I'm giving myself a little break this December from the preschool (working only Tuesdays and Thursdays in December), but it's full force starting January.

16. I so need a new camera soon. A good, good camera. I just bought the one that I am using on a whim when I was at Costco without any research whatsoever. I want a good one, but it can't be too bulky and big. Any suggestions?

17. Happy Holidays everyone! Isn't it truly the best time of year?

Visiting Santa Claus. I was amazed at how "real" he looked! Even his beard was real!I told the workers that he is the best Santa that I have even seen and they said that everyone says that to them.

After visiting with Santa, we did some crafts that they had set out for kids to do.

After that we went on the train ride. Here is Tyler helping Chase with his seat belt.

Here they are on the train ride. I didn't get any of Chase looking my way!

Showing off the candy canes that Santa gave us.

One more picture with Santa.

We'll be back next year, Santa!

Some pics from this month...sorry out of order again!

Chase loves Thumper!

Neela and Tyler at our Thanksgiving feast at home. They reenacted the story of Thanksgiving using the baby tub in the background as the Mayflower.

Thanksgiving with Colbie Caillat! She was so sweet...and tall!

Jason's older sister. Can you believe she is in her mid 40s? I think we look the same age!

Chase gave Thumper all the attention at Thanksgiving dinner.

Cousin pic at Thanksgiving.

Tyler with grandma Jan, singer Colbie Caillat, and musician Justin Young.

Playing around with cousin Ethan.

With cousins at the hospital to visit Claudia and Sara.

The boys loved playing with Susan (and her iphone!)

Chase helping mommy make pumpkin came out horribly...don't know where we went wrong!

Pretty Kelly on the Merry Go Round.

This is what the boys do to their stuffed animals!

Man, that iphone is amazing!

Merry Go Round with Hunter.

Jen visited with baby Ethan! Can't wait to see them again in January!

Tyler in his jeep..he loves driving this around the neighborhood!

Grandpa visited us. He cut himself really bad while cutting some fruit and Jason had to give him four stitches!

With grandpa...all we did was eat, eat, eat while he was here!

Neela and Tyler doing Georgia o Keefe paintings.

Modeling our Georgetown T-shirts from Auntie Eileen...Thanks so much!

Maybe I will go to Georgetown one day like my smart Auntie!

On a ferris wheel.

Tyler and Chase on a ferris wheel. It was right after dinner. Maybe next time I should wipe their faces first before taking pictures of them!

Playing with corn husk dolls. Thought this would be fun for the boys to make at home and take to our Thanksgiving hostess.

Making cookies. Tyler is REALLY into Diego right now. Who knew that he would one day say that Thomas the Train is for babies?! He made his own Diego name tag and is wearing Diego's rescue pack! He tells us to call him Diego, calls me Alicia, Chase is Boots, and Daddy is Swiper...oh dear...wonder when this will end!

At chuck e cheese. I turned around and they both had their arms up on the kiddie roller coaster ride! Too cute!

Chuck e cheese.

Getting the Christmas tree. Chase keeps making this face every time I take pictures. It was funny in the beginning but now it's getting really annoying!

Chase in the jeep this time. He is wild with it and almost ran me over a couple of times!

Lastly and most importantly, Sara was born the night before Thanksgiving. She is so adorable! Congrats to Claud and David!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chase is so "out there" somtimes. Here he is at a restaurant a couple of days ago. He heard the music in the background and just started bouncing up and down to it. I just had to get out my camera and record it!

Friday, December 04, 2009

My dad is visiting right now from I'm not quite sure where. He travels quite a bit and I never know where he is coming from.

This morning, he sat me down and told me his thoughts on what I should do in the next phase of my life. He loves doing this. He thinks of himself as a man full of wisdom and loves telling us how to live our lives.

He always did this growing up- sit us down and talk and talk for hours and hours. We would always roll our eyes and pray silently that he would get tired and stop.

But for some reason, this morning, I was really thankful for his advice. I don't agree with all that he says, but I know that it comes from love for us. He doesn't want us to make the same mistakes he did, and he wants nothing more than a better life for us.

So it made me think of all that he has done for us. Yes, I've written a bit about how my mom on this blog, but, I wouldn't be who I am without my dad's passion to teach us and to make sure at all costs that we would live a full life without regrets.

He is the one that signed us up to piano lessons, ice-skating lessons, community classes, made sure Richard learned golf, moved the family to Cerritos so we could attend Whitney. It's a big joke friends who are close to me, but my dad even signed me and Claudia up to an etiquette/ modeling class. We were really young, about 10 and 12, and we thought our dad had truly gone off the deep end. At that time, we didn't know WHY my dad would even care to sign us up for something like that. It was only years later that I realized that it had made an impression on me at a young age. It finally made sense and I understood why my dad went through the trouble.

Can't say he was always encouraging, but I thank him for making sure that we had as many experiences as we could growing up because it made us who we are.

He tells me things straight, as only family members can tell each other. He is brutally honest. He is as funny as hell and no one, I mean, no one, makes me laugh more than him. He is a smart man. He is a survivor. He is a doer. He is a mover and a shaker. He is never at rest and he is always thinking...mostly of us.

Thank you to my crazy, eccentric dad.