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Monday, December 07, 2009

Some pics from this month...sorry out of order again!

Chase loves Thumper!

Neela and Tyler at our Thanksgiving feast at home. They reenacted the story of Thanksgiving using the baby tub in the background as the Mayflower.

Thanksgiving with Colbie Caillat! She was so sweet...and tall!

Jason's older sister. Can you believe she is in her mid 40s? I think we look the same age!

Chase gave Thumper all the attention at Thanksgiving dinner.

Cousin pic at Thanksgiving.

Tyler with grandma Jan, singer Colbie Caillat, and musician Justin Young.

Playing around with cousin Ethan.

With cousins at the hospital to visit Claudia and Sara.

The boys loved playing with Susan (and her iphone!)

Chase helping mommy make pumpkin came out horribly...don't know where we went wrong!

Pretty Kelly on the Merry Go Round.

This is what the boys do to their stuffed animals!

Man, that iphone is amazing!

Merry Go Round with Hunter.

Jen visited with baby Ethan! Can't wait to see them again in January!

Tyler in his jeep..he loves driving this around the neighborhood!

Grandpa visited us. He cut himself really bad while cutting some fruit and Jason had to give him four stitches!

With grandpa...all we did was eat, eat, eat while he was here!

Neela and Tyler doing Georgia o Keefe paintings.

Modeling our Georgetown T-shirts from Auntie Eileen...Thanks so much!

Maybe I will go to Georgetown one day like my smart Auntie!

On a ferris wheel.

Tyler and Chase on a ferris wheel. It was right after dinner. Maybe next time I should wipe their faces first before taking pictures of them!

Playing with corn husk dolls. Thought this would be fun for the boys to make at home and take to our Thanksgiving hostess.

Making cookies. Tyler is REALLY into Diego right now. Who knew that he would one day say that Thomas the Train is for babies?! He made his own Diego name tag and is wearing Diego's rescue pack! He tells us to call him Diego, calls me Alicia, Chase is Boots, and Daddy is Swiper...oh dear...wonder when this will end!

At chuck e cheese. I turned around and they both had their arms up on the kiddie roller coaster ride! Too cute!

Chuck e cheese.

Getting the Christmas tree. Chase keeps making this face every time I take pictures. It was funny in the beginning but now it's getting really annoying!

Chase in the jeep this time. He is wild with it and almost ran me over a couple of times!

Lastly and most importantly, Sara was born the night before Thanksgiving. She is so adorable! Congrats to Claud and David!


Anonymous susan said...

i finally looked up colbie c and do recognize her song! so random that you had thanksgiving with her. that jeep car "toy" thing is huge! how crazy that they can just drive that thing around. wow, your dad has aged. does that mean we've aged? i'm sure he was happy that jason could stitch him up right there in your kitchen! i can't believe jenn is a mommy. congrats jenn! and sara is so cute! post more pictures of her please.

10:49 AM  
Blogger alice said...

what!! how do you know colbie callait? love her voice! and i love your pictures! i miss youuuuu

1:21 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

Susan, we are old!!! dude, my hand's finger was such an ordeal! the boys were going crazy seeing so much blood!

Aice, my brother-in-law's brother is dating her and brought her over for Thanksgiving dinner....we almost had it at our house too! That would have been cool. She is seriously so sweet! I just found out that she is nominated for three Grammy's! I miss you too!! OMG, it's been way too long. I wish we lived near each other!

3:08 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

conrad loves colbie...right up there with jim brickman. hehe. i had to pick his jaw up off the floor when he saw the pics. he wants your family over for thanksgiving at our house next year. lol. love all the pics!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Cristina said...

i'm hoping they get married! haha....

7:44 AM  
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