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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some pictures of the boys at Disneyland this month.

Tyler went on that mountain in the back and loved it...what is it called again? He is my big boy now going on big boy rides. I love going to Disneyland at night!

We saw this furry friend waiting in line for the train ride. Could it be Mickey Mouse?

Brothers Forever! I actually made up this little song for them to sing when they hug each other. It goes, "Brothers forever, brothers forever, brother FOREVER!" haha, very creative, huh? It is so cute when Chase sings it. I will try to tape it and post it.

My little baby growing up!

Can you please smile for me?

A smile please!

The boys when we went during the day. Don't they look they are off to college? haha...


Blogger Christine said...

so cute that you dress chasey like a little golfer. i can't believe you saw that mouse...eek!

11:03 PM  

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