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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The boys just fell asleep. I should be really happy cause it is only 7:00 but I feel horrible. We had a play date from 1:30-4:00, right after my daycare kids left so the boys missed their naps today. Seriously, I feel so wiped out right now. I'm exhausted. After today, I'm thinking that I can't really plan any play dates in the future. I just have to think that the 8:30-1:00 "school" time is enough "play date" time for them....well, for me! I don't think I can go from 8:30-4:00 with a group of kids here. It's too much for me. I didn't have energy to cook so we got gross take out, making me feel fat on top of tired. I wish I could just go to sleep too but I have to clean up and get ready for tomorrow. Wha...wha...wha.... sorry to vent! Jason's not here so I have no one to cry to! :)


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