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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have so much to do around the house! When I feel like this, I pray that my mommy will come and help me or that Jason will take the boys somewhere for at least three hours! I wish I could be a busy ALL times. There are times when I am energized, productive and get so much done. I really wish I could be like that ALL the time!

I am so in the mood for some greasy Korean pizza and chicken. So much so that I texted Jason to eat a light lunch and get ready for dinner!

I told two moms at Tyler's school that he won't be coming to school after September. Of course, then they wanted to know why and I told them that I have a daycare/preschool at my house. Then, whenever they saw me, they would ask me questions about it and stuff. The other day I told one mom that she is welcome to visit my place and see what is really going on. Then she said very honestly, "I would love to but I would feel so bad if we ended up not sending_____." Very honest answer, right? OMG!!! I told her that she SHOULD NEVER FEEL BAD!!! I told her that parents have a whole ton of specific things they are looking for when they look for childcare. Priorities are different for every family! For one family, a trustworthy caretaker is absolutely number one on their list. For another family, it's the physical space and the newest materials/equipment/bells & whistles they see when they first walk in. For another, it's the academic part of it while others don't care too much about the educational part just as long as they feel their child is safe and loved. Some parents want a smaller group while others prefer a larger group. And of course, cost, hours, days are factors as well. Every childcare is different and every parent is looking for what they think is important. I just felt kind of bad about what she said. I never want anyone to feel obligated to send their child to me! I would feel horrible if a relationship suffered because the other person felt bad! Dude, I just wanted to shake her and tell her I'm not that kind of person! :)


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