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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Written last Wednesday.)

Tyler cracks me up. He is growing up so fast and becoming my little helper. He still loves trains and loves making "sheds" for his train with his wooden blocks. He loves reading and loves being read to. He loves going to the park with daddy after dinner.

This morning, I sent Tyler to preschool for the first time in over two months. Monday was suppose to be his first day back after summer break but I was too sick to drive him to school. Anyways, I've given the school notice that he won't be coming back but we still had to pay a month so I'm just sending him. Anyways, this morning, while Tyler was in the other room, I asked Chase, "Since Tyler is going to school today, what should we do?" Tyler heard me and yelled, "Just don't do anything fun without me!" I thought that was such a "sibling" thing to say and it made me laugh.

Chase is a little rascal. I always want to remember:
1. When he makes his "mean" eyes. He squints his eyes when he is upset or mad and it just cracks us up!
2. When I give him something he doesn't like, he says, "I don't want it!"
3. When I take him somewhere without Tyler, he will yell and cry, "Tyler! Tyler!" It's the sweetest thing.
4. The way he says "pokey head" when he doesn't get his way. Don't know where Tyler and Chase picked this up, but they say it to us and to each other when they are unhappy.
5. The way he yells, "Mommy! Mommy!" when he wakes up from his naps.
6. Our "special" day that we had today. We went to the bookstore where he picked out two books and then we had pho together for lunch. Today was a very boring, mundane day, but I want to remember it forever. I haven't had many one on one days with Chase in the last two months so today was one of those special days for me.
7. Chase's favorite song is "Hush Little Baby." He loves being held like a baby and requests that I sing this song. I like to change the words and say silly things like, "Momma's gonna buy you a pizza. If Tyler eats your pizza, momma going to buy you a book. If you accidentally rip it, mommy gonna buy you a piece of corn." He loves it!" :)
8. How he says, "Trouble maker" to people.

Something about Tyler is very special. He was our first and every corner we took with him was awesome and amazing. With Chase, it's a different special. Knowing that he will forever be the youngest, I cherish every little thing he says and does. Every little baby giggle, baby word, and baby cry from Chase is adorable in my eyes. I want to keep him little forever!


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