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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I was online right now when a former student sent me a message via yahoo chat. (I always give every former student of mine a personal letter from me and my email address on the last day of school. I tell them that when they are older and doing great things with their lives, I want to hear all about it. I occasionally will get emails from former students and it always puts a smile on my face to hear how they think high school is hard and how they remember a certain event or lesson they learned in my class.) So anyways, this boy who started chatting with me was a very difficult student. Always tested low. Always had bad behavior. But, he was very smart- street smart, that is. He had so much personality and charisma and he could make anyone smile. He was such a jokster and I would sometimes have to hide my laughter from the other students because I seriously thought his remarks and comments were funny! He told me that he was currently suspended from school and all the other bad things that have happened in his life the last three years. I tried to hear him out and encourage him. I recall his mother being a single mom and working hard to make end's meet so we chatted about that. I told him how I honestly felt. I told him that he was smart, that even at the young age of nine, he knew exactly what to say to any adult and that many other children could not do that at that age. I told him that I thought he was really funny and that he used to make me laugh in class. I told him some other stuff too...I tried to be encouraging and motivating. It didn't seem like he was getting any of that the last three years. Anyways, I had to go, but his last message said, "Thank you, Mrs. Kim. I will always remember you and everything you said to me. You are really nice."

And, I don't know, it made me tear up a bit. You know, I love being a teacher. I love being able to show a kid that he is special in his own way. I don't expect all the students in my class to be book smart. God didn't make everyone the same. I do know that God gave EVERYONE a special talent or gift. It could very well music or art or even the gift to be a good friend or to understand other people. I know that EVERYONE is given at least one gift. As a teacher, I love finding out about my students and figuring out the gift that God has given them as the year goes on and I get to know them better. I love commenting about their gift and letting them know that I recognize it in them. I love seeing their faces when they start to realize that maybe they do have a gift in them. I don't only commend those who test well or read well or write well. It is my job as a teacher to make sure every student feels like they shine, and in my eyes, they do. I just love making a child feel special...Nothing makes me feel like I've accomplished more.


Blogger Christine said...

that is awesome that you can touch lives like that and a lot of your students will definitely remember you and know you made a positive impact in their lives. i totally teared up just reading this! what a great gift he gave you right before the holidays!

1:44 PM  

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