Spaz Attack

Thoughts from a big spaz who has lots to spaz about.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We have lots to be thankful for. As for me, I am thankful that I became an aunt again! Claudia gave birth to a beautiful little girl last night!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gosh, I had my first really hard day since starting my daycare. I can't get into it here but all I can say is: weird, weird, psycho, psycho, and good riddance!

I'm just really looking forward to the holidays! I'm looking forward to sipping hot chocolate with the fireplace going. Maybe I'll be up in the mountains and be surrounded by snow....wouldn't that be nice?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

what a long, hard, weird day. I hope I don't have another one of these days for a long, long, long time!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I've started taking pics with the boys myself since no one else around here is taking pics of me! :)


"Look what we made, ma!"

Tyler is getting more into writing. Here is his letter to Chase.

Another letter to Chase.

Uncle Rich came to visit and play with us right before he moved to SF. We will miss him!

Playing store with Eli.

The kiddos at the school made their own pizzas for lunch. They look ugly but they were yummy!

The kids working on their pizzas.

Here is another mommy pic. So sad that I have to take pics of myself!

Jen and Wan visited us! see you in December!

After Halloween, what does a teacher do with an old pumpkin? We don't throw it away? We let kids hammer nails in it with toy hammers! Boys love to do this!

Tyler and Neela. Thomas and Ariel.

Halloween party. Hey, is Tyler dressed as James the Train? Where is his Thomas costume?

Tyler messing around with his bff!

Some pictures of Chase this month...

"At Disneyland with my Daddy."

"I love Abigail!"

"Why did my mom buy this at the 99 cents only store and make me wear it?"

"Time for bed, mommy. Let's go!"

"I need sunscreen on my face!"

Pretend City this month!

Some pictures of the boys at Disneyland this month.

Tyler went on that mountain in the back and loved it...what is it called again? He is my big boy now going on big boy rides. I love going to Disneyland at night!

We saw this furry friend waiting in line for the train ride. Could it be Mickey Mouse?

Brothers Forever! I actually made up this little song for them to sing when they hug each other. It goes, "Brothers forever, brothers forever, brother FOREVER!" haha, very creative, huh? It is so cute when Chase sings it. I will try to tape it and post it.

My little baby growing up!

Can you please smile for me?

A smile please!

The boys when we went during the day. Don't they look they are off to college? haha...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here is Chase doing jumping jacks. What is cuter than a 2 year old attempting to do jumping jacks? Not much in my book!

I didn't know posting videos on blogspot was this easy! I'll try to post more in the future!

Note about what I wrote yesterday: I am not saying that we are rich. Far from it. That is such a misconception about doctors. If you could see how much Jason still owes on school loans you would have a mini heart attack, just like I do every month when I see the monthly statment!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When I was taking Chase to Gymboree, I met another mom and we started talking. As we got to know each other better, she asked me what Jason does. I told her and her response was, " mom is going to be so happy to meet you." (cause I was going over to her house for a function) Then she said, "Man, my mom wanted me to marry a doctor so bad, and I went and married a policeman! She always told me to marry rich. Your mom must be really happy. Did she tell you to marry a doctor too when you were little?" I was like, "No, never." And she seemed shocked and then that made ME shocked, like, why didn't my mom tell me that when I was younger? OK, I know this is going to shock most of you who read this but my mom has NEVER brought that up with Claudia or me when we were growing up... NEVER, EVER told us to marry someone with money or someone who comes from family with money. Nope. Never brought it up. Even I think that is weird. I think that if I had a daughter, I wouldn't tell her to marry someone with a certain occupation, but I would tell her that her life would be easier if she marries someone with money, cause isn't that the truth? I mean, I wouldn't want to see my daughter struggling what parent would? I don't know... I just respect my mom so much. She always told us to marry someone we love (well, asian...she's not perfect!). And when Jason and I were going through fights and break ups before we got married, my mom NEVER once said, "Well, he IS a doctor, Cristina..." Instead, she would say, "Pray about it. Go with your heart." And she would never belittle me. If we broke up, she would say that he is so stupid for letting me go and that I would find someone better! Just something I was thinking about today and thinking that I'm really glad that my mom never put such pressure and stupid ideas in our heads.